What’s up everybody my name is Mikel
and welcome to a new trick video yeah I’m gonna die jumping off this thing
get ready three two that’s why great guys I’ve just arrived
at the same spot that I filmed the last video but before we start with the video
I want to show you one thing come with me guys are you ready it’s the fucking River
okay guys Truong clips so keep an eye out for that
and I’m gonna wear gloves because the last day I fucked up all my hands after
that many tries so let’s go okay that was my first cut but it works
or sketchy I don’t know this is gonna work but I reckon if I push with my
pocket I give it more speed so with that moment okay okay guys I’m sorry but I’m
not feeling about it today so I’ve made this here and I think you can see but
this one is a deep cut and it hurts too much so I’m not feeling it today
okay crank see it’s been a week since I last ride it so I have lost all my
skills with it and yeah that means I have to start from Syria now well it’s
not from Syria at all but you know what I mean
I’ve got some seen putts for not making the same as the other day and yeah
without more speaking let’s start again guys we’re anything but it’s a really
really good idea oh my god it’s been around 20 tries ok
guys I’m feeling so good with this trick today so I think it’s time for sending
it and the first thing I have to get is the child’s way plantain which is
copying on the back wheel and then sending the crank lip so yeah oh that was a hard one to get okay so
now it’s time for the Bonnie hope I didn’t want to do this but I make it for
you I planted it with a front foot but I
have to learn it well so let’s continue okay nice I’m totally wasted now and I
let you here this is cry button in here the last
video I made and yes I hope you subscribe and like this video and see
you in the next video goodbye

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