✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Shower

HOW TO MAKE A WORKING SHOWER Today I’ll build a simple, but working shower! :] First we need to build a little demo-room for it. The dimensions I’m working with will be shown in a minute. The main square is 6×6. If you’ve seen my things to do with pistons video, you have already watched most of this tutorial… However, I will be showing an alternative shower and a bit of a bathroom design. Now the demo-room is complete and we can move on to the shower itself. For this first design, I’m using a piston. Due to how the mechanical part works, you’ll need some extra space above your shower. Now we just need to be able to control the piston. Oops, you can see through the top.. Let’s fix that. If you have the resources, you can use a sticky piston with a quartz block to block the water… That way, you won’t see the piston head. This is the working piston version! It fits perfectly with the rest of your bathroom. Add a banner nearby, it looks like a towel! I’ll quickly show you how to make a dispenser do the same thing. You probably also want to swap the lever out for a button, since dispensers act differently. Your dispenser shower is now finished! There you go, that’s the two designs! You can also use wood, stone or whatever material you can imagine for your shower. However, quartz is definitely the best choice if you’re going for a modern look. feel free to click
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