【Haul】 Japan Expo 2017 ❤ Sailor Moon merchandising

This year, Marina and I decided to go
to Japan Expo together There was a particular reason for this And it was the Toei and Bandai booth
because of the Sailor Moon merch The first thing I bought was this If I remember correctly, it was 6€ So I had to use all my strenght to not
buy them all I didn’t do it tho, I only
got the Moon Stick That’s the Moon Stick right ? … I only bought the Moon Stick because it’s my favorite and they were
all here and I was ready to buy them all Opening it … here Here it is ! It’s not much, and maybe for 6€
it might even seem expensive but it really wasn’t expensive at all Because it’s normally way more
expensive than this However the good thing is they gave us
the little stand to … … Go ahead, stop in the middle of the sentence
no problem … To put it on display in the romm
… here ! And this is now part of my collection of pink
Sailor Moon plastic shit Along with the blush I bought last year So … here … I’m back, I’m a
bit mad, my phone had no batteries and it died in the middle
of the video It’s ok, I can refilm, but I’m mad
because there are some things I won’t be able to open in front of you
when I had not unboxed them specifically so I could open them in front
of the camera, the salt is real I was saing I was a bit mad … well “mad” … a bit disappointed that I didn’t buy the
face powder and the highlighter because that would have been a
cute collection of transformation brooches On the same booth I also bought this … These are straps you can put on your bag
and you can open them like this and you can put candy (or
antidepressants) inside this opens and you can put stuff inside here on the packaging
that I won’t be opening on video we can see we are supposed to put candy in
and we can also read that the candy IS NOT included Then I also bought ANOTHER Sailor Moon eyeliner because this eyeliner is so cool, it’s so rad honestly it’s amazing, so I bought a second one this one is one year old
and it’s getting tired so I bought a new one but it’s super nice and very black
and stays on for long and the tip is super fine and precise
and it’s really easy to make a very fine eyeliner with this
so last year I had this one and this year I picked that one and as you see
you can take off the cap and put it back
and normally you can buy the liners separately from the caps bu this
year they didn’t have just the refills so I was a bit disappointed because I know
there’s a brown version of this liner that I would have loved but I loved this one so I bought it again and on the Sailor Moon booth
there was a free gift after 50€ from a glass brand called Lulu renchie
that comes from Lyon apparently and it was these sunglasses So I’m not very convinced by the green
yellowish color of the glasses but why not after all ? these are real sunglasses and according to
what’s writen inside … it says UV protection 400 … I never tried them on
so I’m gonna do it now Eh … I fell a bit stupid actually … and yes once again I DID buy the minimum amount
just in order to get the free gift I even bought an eyeliner for Marina
so I could have the 50€ They’re cute but I don’t know
if I’ll wear them it was really just so I could get free stuff
however the real thing I I wanted to show and in this video
AND unbox it but now I CAN’T
I’m gonna show you the box because it’s really pretty, it’s the Rainbow Moon Chalice
as a fragrance diffuser it was hard to identify the perfume during
the Japan Expo but it smelled good And it wa only 30€ which is nothing for Sailor Moon merch
so I jumped on it took it and bought it, this was
for me necessarily And it looks like this
and it’s not plastic, it’s metal and it’s quite sturdy and well-made it’es not like this where it’s actually
empty plastic and you can feel it So this is a fragrance diffuser you can open it this way and inside you have
this thing which is a sort of scented cream, you put it in there and when you open it … your room
smells nice What I like about this diffuser
is that compared to the anime it’s practically real sized so it’s almost
like you have a real Moon Chalice in your room, and I think
it’s amazing, because this is really nice but it’s clearly not the real size
While this really is, and for this … I’m very very happy about it apart from this I really
didn’ buy much because I wanted to keep my money a little buy
so I could buy Angelic Pretty but we still wen to the
Hello Kitty japanese garden booth and we got a few things for free
we had this thing which is a kind of hat, I don’t know if it has
a particular name I never liked Gudetama, I don’t really
understand the appeal of a fried egg but it was free
and we also had a sample of the Hello Kitty Call Me Princess perfume
which contains scents of leetchi, rose water, peony, raspberry,
white wood … and musk Here you have a picture of the full
size packaging I’m not really sure … but it looks
like a kid’s perfume … I’m not sure but when you put Hello Kitty’s
face onto something … … it immediately seems a bit … childish
Maybe it’s actually for adults but eeeh …
WellI’m saying this but I’m wearing these clothes, and everyone thinks I’m a dressing up as a
12 year-old and it’s a pedo fetish so I’m not going to start with this … but it doesn’t smell bad at all
… we went to the NHK booth
and I really wanted to see Domo-kun and this year again, just as last year, I couldn’t
see him, I stil haven’t had my picture with Domo-Kun
I’m extremely disappointed We saw Kumamon I didn’t have a pic with Kumamon
but we didn’t see Domo-kun but they had a raffle system
when you showed them you liked their Facebook page and you could play
with the thing they turn and a ball falls down and they ring a bell
and they give you a price last year I had a small notebook
with Domo-kun’s face on the cover and this year I got this thing
which is a lavender scented sheet mask to moisturize the face and the
particular thing about this is it had Domo-kun’s face on it and
it glows in the dark (actually not) but this looks necely done (no no no)
We also went to Marie Yulia’s booth, Kawaii Style and I’ve been liking a lot of things even though
Liz Lisa isn’t really my style Actually it’s not that it’s not my style but most of their dresses tend to be
on the short side and it makes me feel awkward
but she had a really good selection of bags and accessories and she didn’t just
have lolita gyaru stuff, she also had
beware this is a surprise … … Sailor Moon shirts !
I hesitated between this one ans the one that said “Moon Prism Power Make Up!” But in the end I picked this one because
… well there’s the Moon Stick on it and the illustration is really good
I almost took both but I decided to keep my money once again Go buy stuff on Kawaii Style … go ahead buy ! buy ! buy buy buy! !
And then the last thing I bought is On the Bonbon Maléfique booth
and it was this boater hat I love boater hats and … if you’re not stupid you
probably saw I have almost the same one on my head and that’s because I had already
bought a boater hat from her last year and it was this one This time I picked an ivory one because
I wanted something more neutral because this one has many colors
on the flowers and this time I got something solid
and I wore this hat to the Angelic Pretty Tea Party because in the end, my coordination was made at the last minute, I made it with
The special set from the shop, the tights from the shop,
the choker from the shop, and the Bonbon Maléfique hat
so in the end it was just completely improvised
I actually only bought good things this year well, this is the end of this video,
thank you for watching, have a nice day … or a good night … I don’t know what time it is
where you are but see you next time in the next video
and … well goodbye

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