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Risk Warning: Your invested capital may be at risk.
This video is not an investment advice. Okay, I trade us he’s in the video first of all the risk one Investor typically maybe a twist or traitorous money you can afford to lose and this video is not a basket of life So this video is another like trading explanation video of those things, which I have explained in my ebook get this evil It’s for free or finds a link in the description This evil contains the most important cleansing pattern chart pattern binary option total trading concepts metacognition trend and education objection terrific meds And a lot of more concepts which can be applied to any kind of time frame in any kind of furniture So and so gets its eBook It’s for your finds a link in the description And in the description will find also the link to the Facebook group join the Facebook group. Don’t miss it So what do we have here? Yes, it’s looking that we are getting through this 100ma so let’s see. What’s happening here with me this a close in the money or a draw It was a draw so I will do a put now but not in this condition. What’s that? It was too fast So, let’s see if price comes back to a higher level above the 100 ma and then I will enter into a put And it’s too risky with this week’s here. Almost all weeks. Yes. Okay. I will do a corner Yes, I’m going to a call because I’m expecting that price will which race Above the one hung in a and you see it’s doing this already. Yes So on the next Kendall I will probably do in the foot after this candle will Close below the 100 ma. If it’s not going to close below below the 100 ma I will probably not doing any kind of foot because we are here in a conservation area Between the 50 ma and the 100 ma alone it fits looking nice Now that’s looking to get a foot now. Yes. I attend to a put together Into this higher entry point. Yes, and now I’m expecting that price will break sources area again Yes in closing We those are 100 ma because the scandal via closed Below this and so I’m expecting now the price will come down to this level He says but now but with the end of the expiration time, yes, it will see it’s already coming down Yes but maybe market the students still some kind of panic and After this, I will probably doing another put if this candid will not touch the lower Bollinger Bands Yes, so see how flat sampling events are this is ranging market. Yes, and maybe we are getting now some kind of grayed out and and if there will be a break out and will be the first to enter into a put and Just looking like a pin body is it looks like a pin bar and it would be probably put yes so I waited price will go above the Closing price of the previous candle and after okay, I think the downtrend is strong so I wait. Oh no That was too fast Yes, it was too fast and I could do not stir the put yes But I will try to get a higher at the point. Yes Okay four three five Yes, okay, I will enter now because we are on the halfway and I’m not expecting that twice will replace more I’m expecting that twice will push down more much more Indirection often 200ma because the 200ma is still far enough and we didn’t touched it or get close to it So there is no reason to do a reverse the retracement for this Yes, and that’s the reason why I’m doing a put here so That is this one Yes And now we are too close to this level And I will do a call here because I’m expecting that twice will reject from the 50 ma And from the two hundred be ma and to do a number versus yeah Yes and that’s the reason why I’m doing a call here this Malibu the Candlestick as for me of caution candid and just showing me only one thing That price will which ways or reverse from this level because we didn’t touched it. Yes It closed here below above this level and that’s the reason why I’m expecting that price will go up further So, let’s see. Yes looking good And also if the market is doing some kind of panic, I’m expecting that Christ will go up At least on the last few seconds of the exploration time. So, let’s see Yes Yeah Yes So that water then now I will do a put the gas because this movement was a clear retracement yes and And that’s the reason why I did the put now because now I’m expecting that twice will go down further and to have seen That was so tricky. And also I lost the Hope yes, I was confident till the last second Yes, but on the last second also, I have lost confidence Yes, because it doesn’t look like this but my analyzes were right Yes, and I understood that. This was an exhaustion candle and that was the reason why I did the call and I had this reason and that was also What gives me those confidence? Yes, okay, so that was it already? Yes that this will be a for sure in the money because I understood that this for Trey Smith So I would say that would be enough if you like us me you do like if you didn’t subscribe Subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say drop me a line in the comment section So I would say stay safe and bye. Bye

19 thoughts on “💱 Online Trading: live trading, cheapest online trading, how to trade currency, live accounts

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  2. Absolutely sensational, you're a champion at turbo trading and the rightful King of binary options.

  3. Benjamin ,how's uh?
    My exam r going on so i don't able to watch ur video….. Now i see much more confident in ur trading style…just a small question how many hours a day do you seat for trading in frontof candle??

  4. Sir in d 5th min u did a put after green hammer which closed above 200ema ,how did you know that it won't go up but go down.
    Requesting you to do a deep explanation to identify such retracement and reversal.

  5. Awesome live price action trading video with so much emotions and tension to the last seconds of expiration time.
    At 0:08 – PUT – after 100EMA got touch already 4 time it is likely that it will be broken. Running candle closed with huge rejection.
    At 1:16 – CALL – expect that price will retrace above 100EMA, cause in history wicks are all over the chart. If price will close above 100EMA it will be a consolidation area coming up. BUT price closed below 100EMA so downtrend will continue.
    At 1:51 – PUT – BB are flat a long time and there will be a breakout coming soon. Expect that breakout will be below. After rejection from 100EMA enter into a PUT. Surfing trend.
    At 3:17 – PUT – we are on the half way between 100EMA and 200EMA, running candle retraced back to half way – so retracement already happened an seller can now push price down till 200EMA cause there is enough space. Confidence was all over you, cause 200EMA was not touched – so it will be ITM.
    At 3:51 – CALL – marubozu candlestick go too close to 200EMA and price will reject from it 200EMA. It is exhaution candle cause this candle is at least 2-3 time greater than mean of last 10-15 candles. In the last few seconds of expiration time you already lost hop, but it went ITM in the last few milli seconds. Candlestick analysis saved your bet.
    At 4:54 – PUT – prior candle was only retracement of strong downtrend – 200EMA will be broken so the entry point after down movement wasn't ever risky.

    Thank you for that perfect market analysis. You showed me how to believe in your price action trading knowledge even more. I will try to improve until I'm in consistant profit. Thank you so much.

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