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Risk Warning: Your invested capital may be at risk.
This video is not an investment advice. Okay, hi traders is your video first of all risk warning invested capital may be a quiz don’t wait with money You cannot afford to lose and this video is not investment advice. So this video is another live trading Explanation video of those things which I have explained in my evil get this evil It’s for free or finds a link in the description this ebook contains the most important candlestick pattern shot button and Binary Option trading concepts not a conditional – Identification objective training segments and a lot of more concepts which can be applied to any kind of time frame and any kind of financial Instruments, so get this evil. It’s good for your fighter link in the description So, let me see if I can show you now some trades based of those things, which I explained in this ebook So we got here a nice uptrend. So I will prefer to do a call. Yes I want to a call now because I’m expecting that price will go up further you see here The 20ma is going up we got here. We are here with some rocket rendered above them Above the 50 EMA and now I’m expecting that. We are continuing this uptrend in direction Also 100 EMA like I had explained so often in one of my own in so many other videos from me in My previous videos. So let’s see what’s going on here if this will be unfold like I’m expecting Yeah, you see it price is going up what do we have there around number Yes, but it looks not the price would care about it. So and you see it’s a contour up trend will continue So this candlestick is tricky. Yes, because it could be also a reversal yes, or retracement, so let me see if Price is able to go ahead apart. Yes, the price will Get Tuesday, but yes, if I get a higher and lower entry point, I will do a put a call So, let’s see Mrs. So I didn’t and also because this kind of candle is mostly tricky Yes
If you get some kind of candle In such a situation it mostly is a sign that price will do a retracement or something and that’s the reason why I was not sure yes to enter here into this trade and That’s the reason so let’s see what’s happening. Now who sees coming down? Yes, and to see it scaling red like I have expected. So now I wanna do a call a little bit I entered a little bit late. Yes, because of the leg. Yes I want to end time here but nevertheless I understood that that was only a retracement yes, and you see how tricky those kind of chemists expires I Was not expecting that this candlestick would do a call recall as that is what I mean when you have to understand the situation the location Yes And also all those kind of things together because the candlesticks can’t be tricky They try to trick and who do the market is that is what market is Is the intention of the market is to trade crap and fool. You too and When I’m talking about the market that are mostly is a big players Yes, not the market at all because the market is giving you all the informations. So let me see So 100 EMA is still clear not flat enough. Yes, and To see how erratic the market is moving here. Yes, so I’m expecting here that Christ will Retrace now, but I will not enter into a call because the price could cook order further down because it looks like we get here some kind of People naughty level. Let me see here people not she but People not just telling me here so I’ll meet here some other one maybe this I Don’t understand here Fibonacci is not valid here Okay, like she is not helping but this candlestick is helping me Yes This cherry sticks like an engulfing Candle and the Hema in combination with a hammer and that’s the reason why I will do a put here I’m expecting that price will go down yes, because this Was first looks like a guru thinking but this Hema here after an uptrend Is telling me that we get now here into a reversal the steep? 100ma is confirming me this Yes
And that’s the reason why I’m doing a put here so I have hope I have given you much more insights about how I trade how to trade this and I’m happy that I can show you in the last trade and I will do much more lifes where the explanation videos because I see there are so many different situations and I want to Explain them all and also show you why I didn’t interfere in this kind of trade Because I was not sure Yes the TF for example the chemist ik would continue to going up after this one he is and that’s a reason why I waited and I understood after I saw this kind of bearish Hema yes, a bearish inverted hammer that this is also a tricky one because a lot of wood trapped and get got this as a shooting star yes, because but I understood that the up trend would continue And that was the reason why to the car, okay, so that was it already You see the payout is at the moment really low I can do only those kind of videos of a solo layout because maybe I have to do my own sessions and and so you see it’s maybe because of low water because somebody asked me in the comment section of the YouTube channel and I don’t know why it’s so low. I I think it’s me cause there’s low volume in general. Yes, because Only professional are allowed to drink anymore Yes, so in Europe So there will be less traders and that’s a reason why we have here this kind of low volume And low payout. So okay, that was it and the other thing if you liked this video like it would be the subscribe subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say Drop me a line in the comment section Yes, don’t miss it and join the Facebook group, so I would say stay safe and bye. Bye

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