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Risk Warning: Your invested capital may be at risk.
This video is not an investment advice. Okay, hi traders it’s a new video first of all the risk warning the invested capital may be a place Don’t try to as money. You cannot effort to lose and this video is not an investment advice So this video is another live trading explanation video of those things, which I have explained in my evil gets his evil It’s for ouya fights a link in the description this evil contains the most important because if I touch a pattern Binary Option to betray concepts matter condition 20 gratification objection 10 sickness and a lot of more content which can be applied to any kind of an experiment and any kind of Timeframe so gets is evil. It’s what were your finds a link in the description? So, let me see you’ll see it’s going down here This will be in the money so I can show you immediately how I applied It will actually let us see you on this forever. Look at this. This is how you have to apply the Fibonacci lever Then I do this one what I have shown you also in the people not Chilean video. Yes, I will turn it around but Ok, I will turn it on just so much time to do this so sees the 160 1.80 Bonacci level de Labarre and Then I will expand it into this way to understand. Okay now it’s going down So here we have the 200. Okay, I have to do a call here on The next camera I will do a call that you see Yes, I will do call I entered a little bit lately Yes, but I’m expecting that price will go up Rosa that here is not the complete stuff. Yes, that is here you have to imagine that this is the 260 1.8 Fibonacci level set means look at this That we have a lot of space and let me show you use this here we have a lot of space. Yes This is the one do you see – 260 1.8. And here is the next level. Yes that means we have a lot of space and Mostly here in between is some kind of other area which could be act as a resistance area But it’s far away and I told you in the video about so people are level and then such average worker says Exits level are holding be more than only one candle as okay in this case It will maybe no only one candle because it’s a huge. Can you yes, it’s already got above this level That is a lot. So let me see if I can do I could do another put here if I get the higher entry point But I have to understand first of all something adds. Yes So, let me see if I can draw them again, so I will draw this pole here To this, so I see what’s happening here Okay, it was a big break out of the twenty three point six Maybe it will trace now to this level but we have the protest time is wrong at the moment You see it’s retracing now. Yes, which shows me that we get here may be a good reversal now So the focus time was wrong as I would have done this But now it could be happening that the big scandal will be a red one Yeah Yes, I am expecting that price will go down. And that’s a reason why I did put here Yes, because we are still in the downtrend Yes and that looks like a fake break out of the twenty three point six people not sure level and that’s the reason why I’m doing It put yeah So and that is what I have explained also in the video a lot of people notch eleven there I have shown who’s exactly the same kind of traits Yes Based on those things and you’ll see how you can turn around the people not she like you want till it fits the chart Yes, that is important because there is no right drawings. There is no Drawing where you can say up down our down appears from below to above to from above to a look No, it’s free You have free because the ratios are universal and you can apply them to any kind of chart and any kind of swing high and swing low and you have only to fix that and you have seen how I use the Trick to get in between so that was enough – like this video do a lie if you didn’t subscribe subscribe, and if you have something to say about the alignment In the comment section or join the Facebook group or and join the Facebook group So I would say that was it and stay safe and bye. Bye

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  2. Bro , i have a question for you .
    I only trade 3-5 in one day . Is it reasonable ?
    Because too many trader can trade more than 10x .
    Please give me some advice

  3. I'm really Thankful to you. My accuracy went to far now after following your tutorials. Thank's a lot Sir.

  4. 0:08 ben,why did you enter so late ben?It was after a doji.Please explain me

  5. also what are your thoughts on MT5,such as focusing on mt5 and trade on iq,is it reliable?Do you use it?since you can see the patterns more clear in away,Please give me your insights..much apprecciated.

  6. Hello Bo Turbo Trader,
    Thank you for you create video to shared knowledge
    Question ?
    0:10 you put cuz next is forming concept without rejection after double top right ? i can put after this without rejection?. best regards.

  7. At 4.27, could i use your strategy named encierro or supernova by placing CALL after the red candle was formed, for 4 minutes expiry?

  8. Thanks for another nice price action trading video.
    At 2:22 – prior candle was fake breakout of 261.8% Fibo level – expect for at least 2 reversal candles, BUT reversal candle was a huge bullish one – so there will not be another bullish candle that size.
    At 3:24 – candle retraced back above 23.6% Fibo level. If it would be a stronger candle there reversal would continue for at least one candle, but Candle closed as weak bullish candle and could not clear HH – you know that there will be a bearish candle following and entered into a PUT.

  9. hello ben , i have a question here

    what makes you sure about the fake breakout of 23.6 fibo level at 3:27? thankyou anyways

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