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  2. HELLO trader, have you ever tried other platform than IQ??? If not, what's the reason?

  3. Nice trade bro . But i have a question . Why u dont trade in real account again ?

  4. Ben, 2:24 how do you tell the difference between price giving you a better entry point vs a rejection that will push the price in the other direction? I guess it's not the easiest thing to answer in the comments but any thoughts would be very helpful!
    Thank you!

  5. I wonder whose that one hater to dislike such good content. May god give him good senses.
    Thanks Benjamin for this video

  6. Perfect market understanding after double top initiated downtrend at 2 dev. BB.
    At 1:14 – PUT – double top and last kiss already happened and there is enough space between all EMAs so price has enough space to go down further. 50EMA did not respond to running candle – no rejection – in that case 50EMA will be broken easily. Follow the trend.
    At 2:25 – PUT – candle closed below extreme level on the left, moved up and down fast – so wait for a better entry point to do continuation trades. Don't try to go against a running train. 100EMA is near and active – price reacted with lower wick.
    At 4:13 – PUT – price broke 200EMA with determination and closed below 161.8% Fibo level, but after such a long downtrend there should come up a retracement, BUT not in that szenario, cause prior candle closes below Fibo level. So price will push down further, prior candle is also continuation candle and distance to 261.8% Fibo level is great. Don't try to stop running trains.

    Thanks for the perfect explanations and your trading knowledge.

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