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This video is not an investment advice. Whereas is a new video for support the responding you’re invested Capuchin, maybe a twist don’t rate with money You cannot ever to lose if this video is not or death will abide So this video is a light cleaning explanation video of those things which I have explained in my ebook and emphatically those things which I have explained in the childcare mystic chart analysis video tears and in the last leap Explanation video where I want to show you how you will have to trade those kind of high Probably all to spot those kind of high probability traces and I will show you here We have a 20-year a pullback. I expect a replacement here on the next camera I would probably do any put on the rejection promise level I will do a put yes because this was only a retracement of this downtrend and that’s the reason why I’m doing a put Because I’m doing this what I have explained in the deep inspiration video. I wanna show you now in our life Example here. Why and why it’s working. Yes. So let me see we have here double bottom left It doesn’t look like a double fucking but this is a double bottom Versa neckline. It’s a 200 EMA easu season violet. The Purple Line is 208 and that was a double bottom then you got an abstract Z is what I have explained to us up all get My ebook, yes You can find this link to this ebook in the description this ebook contains the most important Consistent pattern binary options with the concepts not a permission to identification objection. Fantastic, man and a lot of more concepts which can be applied to forward individual options and any kind of financial instrument every kind of exploration type X and anytime of timeframe, so Those things which I have been but the last video I have explained you How to spot high probability trade so and we will do now here on this chart I will do now this kind of Explanation s of this thing what I have explained here. So it looks like a little bit complex yet But if you saw this video you understand that this are the entry kangas and I will show you now in the light reading yeah this Only liked reading when there will happen the trait there then I will do this But first of all, I try to show you this year So we this is the start of the twenty is we got here first bound trend then we got here Reverses that is what I’m showing you here. Yes. This is what the reversal is. Yes. I’m goofy catcher It can be everything. I have explained to you. It can’t be a double bottom. It can be a morning star It can’t be everything and visa-versa on the upper side. It can be a double top and so on Yes, and then the doubt the up trend started. So the first rate woodchip, which you could do would be this one here Yes because here the neckline was broken and this a start of the trend and the start of the trend is almost a good position to Enter into it, right? Yes. So this one would be this response then the uptrend continues that is what this kind of errors are showing you the up trend is continuing is and Then you wait for an evidence that the uptrend is still active and we have here a few candlestick But it could be much more. Yes It could be also a pin bar something like this All candlesticks will show you that there will be a continuation of the uptrend or if our long upper wicks Yes all long law because it does matter because at the end it’s the same thing if that is Important is that it shows you that the trend will continue Yes, so what we were where we have here something we have here this kind of inverted Bullish Hema this inverted. Bullish Hema is showing that the uptrend is most over then up trend will continue Yes, because price try to go back then there came in selling pressure Yes, and then you wait that price comes down again here to this level here And then you enter on the fifty level, which is the same like a round number here into a call. Yes. That’s it What I try to explain then you get here are some kind of pull neck Yes, and this kind of pullback is this what I have shown you he is you see it This is a pullback on the one deviation. What was here was also yes on the one deviation You see this kind of pullback and you see here. We have the same thing again Yes here on the middle boarding up and we get this point back again And so you can trade in an uptrend this kind of scenario, too So we didn’t touch here the upper body. The plant sources would be also a nice calm and cost This candlestick would tell you that we are heating up Yes, and that is the concept behind this exact are good trace. Yes, obviously you have to have a trend Yes without the track. It’s not possible and you see here There is a pull that could be traded also really nicely because of this engulfing candle here We have here engulfing candle and then you catch with This kind of scenario. Yes. This comes in I really but the trick was not solved so long Yes, so you could treat only this engulfing candle but important is it to understand then the trend when it starts? Yes Where is that it get? You wait for some kind of evidences that the trend will continue. So let me see what is going on here So that I can show you another trait so this candlestick is not telling me anything It’s looking more like written again and goofy can so. I will do a put now Because I’m pretty much sure that we have here strong. So this from selling pressure Yes, because this is not only a good in candle. This is also a shooting star So we have a shooting star and in the goofy candle and that’s a reason why I entered here into the strange Yes, because this is a comprehensive now. It’s going down And after this I would wait till I would get a another column Another evidence that this downtrend will continue and then I would enter into another trade Yes, but first of all I don’t wait till price Google Rose rose around chest as there will be a reversal and Then I enter into the string and now I’m touched on this down way of this kind of a reversal I wait for Evidences that’s about Trent will continue. So let’s see what will happen yet You see my visitors the effort was good And this is a sign for me that there will be most probably Not so a strong downtrend and that would be already the reason to not follow this. Yes That means I would now think that we are going up close up But because we have here some kind of paulina squeeze you have to wait till there will be some kind of break out or something to understand if there will come up again a break out or Tragic because here we have no train and then you cannot apply this kind of scenario Which I have shown you before but I could show you this via Yes, really nicely how you have to wait for evidences? for example, this was also evidence because this was a nice strong bullish candle which in Consolidation area here is in the ranging conservation area that means there should be come up and break out and that do good to address this kind of candle this type of cannon Then you could try just kind of a goofy cannon they pull back here from the turn one deviation boring a bit and that is what I have explained in the e-book in in the last in the last and Deep explanation will you watch this video about the deep excavation gets the e-book it’s will find can find a link in the description join The Facebook group and I will say that would be enough If you liked this video do a like if you didn’t subscribe subscribe, and if you have some comments or something else let me know this I will All join the Facebook group, so I would say stay safe and bye. Bye

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  5. Hello Bo Turbo Trader,
    Thank you for you create video to shared knowledge
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