๐Ÿ’น PROFESSIONAL Trading COURSE Online ๐Ÿ’น ( Lesson #1 Part 1 )

good morning everybody it is 7:30 on the
dot on this 12th day of March 2018 it is Monday happy happy happy Monday Monday
Monday all right so we’re gonna start reviewing our markets for a while now
based solely off of the echuca indicator now I’m gonna go back and reference my
my own setup using my Gann style analysis because it’ll complement what
we’re doing but you don’t need to do that oh we need to focus on is is the
Ichimoku system so what we’re gonna do and again this will be recorded is we’re
going to open up a brand new chart let’s start brand new and fresh ok oz atomic
pulls up that’s fine and what I’m gonna want to do is you want to be on the
hourly so go to what make sure you’re on the one-hour chart up here you just
click on whatever time frame it is and hit one hour okay and then we want to
add a team logo so just type in i CH I in the indicators and then click each in
Google Cloud okay now if you don’t remember what all these are that’s fine
okay don’t worry about that but for right now this is what we want but we’re
gonna add two more okay so you know you can click on it until you get three of
these up here okay and so then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click on
the COG of the second one okay so we’re gonna click on the COG of the second
alright and then we are going to go to inputs we’re sorry we’re gonna go to
style and we’re going to unclick everything except the plots background
and we’re going to change the plots background to the color orange or as
close to oranges you can get some type of orange company okay and now in the
inputs we’re going to take all these values and multiply them by four right
so nine times four 36 and then 26 whoops 26 times four 104 times here and then the legging span
we’re gonna take that times 4 is 2 as well Tuohy okay and then when you so
once you’ve done that hit OK and then you should see it look like this on your
screen if you’re looking at the Aussie dollar you should just see this orange
blob alright now the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take the
third one alright and we’re gonna do the same thing we did with the other we’re
going to uncheck everything except the plots background and then we’re gonna
change the background of this one into like a blue or you can do whatever color
you want really that’s just up to you just so you know and you can remember
just looking at the chart that what those times those are and so here we’re
going to take all these values by 8 okay so you know 9 times 8 is 72 26 times 8 is 208 and then 52 all right
you just double the previous either one okay cool cool cool and then then you
know you click OK and then you should see your chart look like this okay so
you’re always gonna do this off of the hourly okay now once we have that done
go back to your first Ichi muku well here the night that the hourly one two
nine twenty six fifty to twenty six and let’s turn off lead one lead to we don’t
need those extra lines I’d like to change the legging span to call it black
and I like to turn these lines a little thicker so the conversion line is blue
and the base line is red so the conversion lines the faster moving
average and the bit and the base line is the slow moving average all right now
when we’re looking at our time frame okay I’m just gonna I’m just gonna do a
quick review of what Ichi Magoo is okay and let’s bring it over to the dollar
yen so remember that the rule is is when prices in the cloud we don’t trade it
okay you know we’re not looking to trade if it’s inside the cloud we only want to
trade if it’s above or below so price is below the cloud we only want to go short
if it’s above the cloud we only want to go long
but just because price exits the cloud that doesn’t mean we take a trade right
away we wait for this line the legging span to exit the clouds as well and if
you’ll you’ll notice that the legging span is the current price action just
moved back 52 periods so if we again if we were to take the
change it from candlesticks to a line then you can see that this green line of
price is the same as this black line in the lighting span okay can you see that
all right and so what we’re going to want to do is we want to wait to go long
until we exit the cloud or a lecture let’s do it let’s do a little replay on
this here just to get a good example going okay so if I’m doing a market
replay you know and we’re plotting these candlesticks okay so you know we don’t
go short well we couldn’t have gone short actually we probably would have
gone short there but then we probably would have not wanted to do since we’re
anyways okay so now it looks like we’re painting to be inside the cloud look at
how the legging span moves according to price so we’ve moved outside the cloud
but okay so we’re we kind of touched outside the club we don’t want to go
long yet all right this has not broken up above the cloud yet sort so we’re
gonna want to wait so we’re gonna keep going it did not break above the cloud
that was trading below and so we’re still inside of the cloud on the lagging
span the black line keep an eye on that okay now this is where we want to be
looking to go long again okay this would be an entry point on going long why we
are above the cloud we are above this conversion line but what’s most
important is that the legging span has moved out of it okay so let’s just watch
this here let’s keep watching you move back in still above it there we go now you can
see what’s happening here all good signs then the question is will where do you
buy and pullbacks you buy and pullbacks to the conversion of the base as long as
the conversion line is still above the base you can buy pullbacks
when they come back to the conversion line okay yes
okay now where’s another place that you can find support in here and that is the
club itself so the cloud itself will act as support and the thicker the body of
the club the thicker the cloud the stronger the probability that price is
going to that price will find support there okay and I’d like to use like to
use an indicator the composite index I like to add that one into my trading
this helps me you know gauge whether this bounce is going to be effective or
not and so far it looks like it should be a healthy support area we’ll see
though we shall see so looking at this on the daily with and then and then as
we add in our other clouds we get a better idea of what’s happening here so
remember the orange is the for our cloud and the blue is the is the in our cloud
all right now as I’m looking at this I’m looking
at okay I know I’m above the cloud on the daily and looks like I’m finding
support on the clutter on the hourly it looks like I’m finding support on the
hourly cloud where else my finding support it looks like looks like I’m
finding some support on the top of the cloud of the 4-hour as well so this
seems to be a good strong supportive area for now well not not like a good
and strong one but it is a it is a good bias for having a supportive by entry
why because the cloud of the four hours thick and so is the cloud of the
one-hour however I am below the eight and look what happened to price when it
got into the cloud of the eight it got rejected but as I’m looking at the
future price action here you know we are within this value area of the eight hour
all right so I’m comfortable taking a long at this area I have a good
probability I have a good probability of a positive
trade going up from here why wouldn’t I have a positive trade outlook well there
is a reason why I wouldn’t have one and that’s because the conversion line
crossed below the baseline and as we’ve traded below it we found resistance here
okay so this signifies that this trend is weakening when you start to see price
touch below the baseline you said then you start to see some weak
that-that’s-that’s some observable weakness within the trend okay I forgot
to mention that the cloud the cloud is the is the converging line of the
baseline thrust forward 26 periods on the hourly and then the inside of it is
colored into the what we call the cloud the kuhmo and and really it’s colored
green when the conversion line is above the base and red when the when the base
is below the convert one of the bases when the conversion line is below the
base okay so that is our that’s what we’re looking at here you know the the
lagging span on the hourly is above the one-hour cloud still so that is bullish
but right now we are sitting in a in a an area with that we would consider
buying a support it’s not the best on the oscillator best buying zone on the
oscillator because we’re above both moving averages here however we’re not
in this super overbought conditions so this to me is a valid rate and question
is where do you put your stops you put your stops below the cloud so if my
entries 161 my stop is going to be below the cloud so you you some
if you want to you can manually move your stop up but you never move your
stop down you can loot along with the cloud as price adjusts all right now
let’s look at the euro we had a euro short last Friday at 123
133 even and that’s you know we’re kind of sitting within that memory area right
now now looking at our euro trade
I like being short here look what happened is we fell short we fell below
the hourly legging spans below it and we started to trade where we but we got
price couldn’t go any higher it got stopped below the cloud of the eighth
hour and the one hour and now it’s finding a tiny bit of support maybe on
the on the four-hour this whole action look at the clouds here this is very
consolidated this is like a Bollinger Band squeeze ok so we don’t like to
trade on prices inside the cloud but for the time being because we found
rejection at the 8 and the 1 and we’d like to trade off the hourly ok so this
is a good shorting area so this is a good short and because we
found we found resistance up here especially you know when you see the
oscillator in overbought conditions and it’s right up against the cloud you have
good chances of it of it of it finding resistance thence and then good good
opportunity short so it would have been nice to short right there additionally if we don’t want to sharp
there a short edit pullback we could short edit pullback to 120 315 that is
an option as well okay ah gold we had a gold trade now this is looking pretty
bearish to me this is looking like a nice setup so we have we’re below the
eight hour we’re below the four and we are below the one all right now as we’re
looking at this so last last Friday we had a short at 1325 hold short from 1325
on Thursday or add on a pullback to that zone so that 1325 trade is working out
pretty nicely here and we’re looking at you know what is our what does that
trade opportunity say well we want a short on a pullback it’s really this 13
1847 what I say 13x like 1319 or yeah that’s what really or you know or
just you know whenever price gets back to the conversion line the base line or
the cloud here that’s where we would want to go short we do have a little bit
of support of buying structure here we might we may be looking at a pullback of
some sort you probably to this one our for our cloud but for the time being we
can still look at the short moving along here and then we had a trade the other
trailer Friday was the New Zealand dollar we wanted to go short on the New
Zealand dollar and that did not pan out we just caught a lot of buying over the
over last night but where did we find resistance we found resistance in the
eight-hour cloud here got into it hit it and now we’re going below it so we’re
not looking to go long because I got rejected and we haven’t found support on
this area work I’m kind of holding now we could consider buying along if we get
a bounce here we’ll have to see so there’s really and because we’re inside
the clouds here were inside the eight the floor or above the floor in there
and the one we’re price is trading inside this zone so this is not a place
that I’m looking to go long at all right now pound dollar okay so the pound dollar
we’re inside the four-hour cloud we have not yet the legging span has not yet
broken out so we don’t have a trade yet we don’t have a trade here euro pound
ooh nice fall over in price there so on the Euro Pound we’re gonna want to
look for a pullback you know to the conversion and the baselines you know or
the cloud so we’re looking at trading pullback to the eight eight seven seven
zone okay and we’re gonna more than like and here’s the deal about clouds that
are very thin do not have a lot of strength so and when prices break
through thick clouds that is a strong indication of a strong move when you
look at clouds especially this is the eight hour Club look how thin this cloud
is that is not a strong supportive area that is not a strong supportive area at
all okay US dollar Canadian dollar so where we at
here we are we are above the one-hour here but then we’ve consolidated and now
we started to trade below where did we find some support we found some support
within the for our cloud here okay found some support that’s telling that’s
that’s telling us something and we want to look at how to trade it but because
we are below the one-hour cloud all right and we are you know we cross up
above the conversion but we can look to short the 128 48 area but then if we start to trade inside the
cloud we don’t want to participate and you know because we have such a strong
moving trend here I’m like if we’re looking at the a tower we should look at
if we fall below the cloud here the for our cloud we should look at price to
continue to fall until we get to the a tower before we find support okay but
the one hour on the 4:00 hour they’re all kind of sitting inside of one
another here right now but on the one hour we do have a short opportunity
where you get pulled back up there Aussie dollar yen where did we find
resistance at the eight hour Club bottom of the eighth hour club and we are
looking a little toffee here and we’re not getting a supportive buy signal and
art well if we do I guess kind of have a supported by Sigma so we have a couple
buy opportunities there long at the present value of 83 82 or pull back to
0.8 367 480 367 or pull back to the cloud here which you know we could
really say that this is going to be in the value range of the 83 64 or sorry
83 39 okay conversion light or the the legging
span the dark line is well above the 1-hour so let’s look to see and and
trade this opportunity because we’ve got a supportive buy signal down here the US
dollar Swiss the Swiss II looking at this trade in their oscillator we are
looking at we’re kind of extended above our averages here but and and we are you
know this isn’t a very great entry area the only time I’m going to want to go
along here is if we trade and cross above cuz they’re gonna be answering to
the cloud here maybe so we’re only going to want to look to go long now when we
cross above the base so we’re looking at 95 11 okay but again there is strong
supportive area here just based on our cloud looking at our cloud looking at
reaching Lucas system there is a strong supportive buying area here how’s the
dollar Canadian dollar let’s kind of take a peek at all these okay so we may
have a good trade on this guy we want to look to make sure the legging span so we
want to see if we’re gonna get the leg expand to break above the one hour cloud
so when will that happen we’re looking probably at 110 or sorry 1.01 101 that’s what we want to see the lagging
span do okay probably not gonna get out oh well we
might the euros a dollar will want to go short on a pullback
there’s a couple pullback areas we could short on pullbacks 2-1 56 56 and then
looking at this value right here 156 81 and now yeah those are the good ones
we’ll keep those they’re looking at some at some pairs we have not looked at we
always want to look for different trade oh geez euro Canadian dollar so now it
looks like it’s finding some support on the four-hour cloud okay looks like it
might be finding some support on the four-hour cloud gonna kind of want to
keep an eye on this okay let’s go over these let’s let’s
look at these trades real quick actually we’ll come back to them let’s look at
what happened to our Kryptos over the weekend you know what we’ll do that with
we’ll do that with the Bitcoin Bitcoin that quintic coin Oh Bitcoin now Bitcoin
had a little bit of a sell-off over the weekend here and last week – I mean we
like you know ever since the fifth you know we’ve had you know about we had
seven days of down pressure all right now I’m looking at the cloud I’m looking
at what’s happening with our trading pattern here so we are above the
one-hour we’re approaching the floor in the
eight-hour value area but you know we’re struggling to get to this 10,000 area
that’s gonna be the hard point to get to you know we are looking at a little bit
of divergence a little bit of divergence here with our oscillator and our price
you know when we have lower high we have a lower high in our oscillator and we
have a higher high in price that is regular bearish divergence we’ll see how
much that holds litecoin you know litecoin is is finding some pressure up
against this for our cloud still above the one-hour lightning span is above the
one-hour that’s healthy aetherium oh gosh this is such a boring trader but I
mean it’s got it’s still long biased on the pullback to the conversion of the
base you know we’re obviously entering like a bit of a consolidated range here
again now let’s take a peek at our trades that we were looking at earlier
so the gold trade we want to short at it pull back to 13 19 we’re probably maybe
gonna see that play out get a pullback to 1319 this this zone is
where we will want to enter short again Eurodollar you know as we’re getting to
the close of 8 o’clock here euro dollar we want to short it 122 94 where we were
just at down here or pull back to 120 315 so we’re looking in this value area
to go short dollar yen we are really sitting right on this on this zone and
have that moved far from it you know the closes candlesticks is
gonna close in 3 seconds and and I’m giving a alert you CAD to short it one
second I know we had that as a short
opportunity so what are we looking at here well yes we want to short on a
pullback to 128 48 we’re not quite there so I’m looking to wait to see you know
what happens as we get up to these zones your work is short when price crosses
below the conversion line on you can’t so so that’s like at 128 10 okay going
back so we did the gold Euro Pound what are we looking at here we want to go
shorter to pull back to 88 77 around this area what might have to wait to see
that play out ad JPY AJ we were we’re looking to go long again at 83 82 or
pull back to 83 67 so we’re down then this area or even floor on the on the
base of the at the top of the one-hour Club okay so that’s what we’re taking a
peek at okay so those are traits for the day
that should be fairly fairly useful you know this is nice thing about each in
buco is you don’t have to think about it a lot you do have to think but it’s not
like a whole lot because we got a lot of various ways to look at the market a lot
of various ways to observe how to trade it and you know we can just get a lot of
great trades out of a out of a strong type of trading system like the Ichimoku
system now the pound we did not do the pound dollar yeah yeah we didn’t want to
do it because we were when did that thing shoot up was that like literally
within the past few minutes yep okay I will sometimes I mean then we end
up having a lot of crap on our screens but do it daily and you take all these
inputs times 24 yup so we’re right inside that daily and
you can always hide these you know if I want to know well where am I at in
relation to the daily and just click it hide it alright okay so that is our
trading opportunities for the day and you know let’s see how they play out
let’s observe how they trade going into tomorrow and again is your trading
throughout the day remember this one thing don’t trade them prices sitting
inside the cloud and we only want to leave if price is inside the cloud we’re
looking for a breakout we’d only want to take those trades when the lagging span
breaks above or below the cloud okay that is how we want to trade this and
actually on the usd/jpy the other pullback zone is in the cloud here at
like 106 4 ok so those are some other opportunities let’s see if it wants to
hold that at all ok cool cool guys have a great start to
your trade week have a great you know beginning of the of the week let’s get
some good trades in let’s keep our heads on straight and not get frustrated when
we have losing trades because losing trades are just part of a that’s just
part of the job this is a career this is your job it’s your money so don’t waste
it on emotion ok you guys have a great day and we’ll talk with you all tomorrow
morning bye bye

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