Hello everyone
I hope you are well Here we are again with a new video
On the 4edecouverture channel So at the beginning of October
I decided to make a book haul / package received from September I received 3 fabulous novels / books I will introduce you
And that I have not read yet Because if you have not seen anything yet My last video related to the Bloody Marshmallow Challenge I’m in a hurry to do that
Until the end of October So I try not to interfere with other books The books that I will present to you that I received Are on my PAL
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The links will be in the information bar So let’s stop this introduction
And let’s go with my book haul! So the first book I received
That’s what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas D’Amélie Dubois Publishers gathered
So this is the Virgolia Communication box Who sent it to me, so we thank them
For those who do not know this type of novel Amélie Dubois has created several volumes What’s happening in Mexico, stays in Mexico
What’s happening in Cuba, stays in Cuba So, we understand a little the principle
So it’s 3 girls Follow each other in different adventures.And honestly it’s really very funny I read the other books and I really loved This one looks like very thick
Compared to others So in my opinion, a lot of things happened in Vegas So if I read you the back cover
Caroline, Katia and Vicky fly to Las Vegas, accompanied by their lover, to make the most of the long Easter weekend. All explore the extravagances of the city of a thousand temptations in the greatest marital harmony
until they decide spontaneously to emphasize the bachelor party of one of the couples, who will be married in the fall. Question of respecting the authentic tradition of this ritual, the group separates to live in intimacy. this evening promises to be memorable. But in the early morning, nothing goes:
the girls witnessed incriminating events that they will never be able to forgive their spouse. In return, the men return the ball to their sweet. But what has happened so terrible
for a simple festive parenthesis supposed to celebrate love is transformed into an epic process? Who will confess ALL the truth about the woes of the day before: the guys or the girls?
Place your bets ! OUHHHH OK! It looks very good
Honestly it looks really cool A little in the same theme as the others
It will be very interesting Then if we look at the pages
It’s really big letters So it’ll be good to read
It’s really fun stories We can really tell the story
So it’s really very funny There are 444 pages
It’s a beautiful little novel that I can not wait to read So the second book I received It’s not a chicane in my cabin
From Rachida Azdouz Edito editions
Sent by Relationniste Mireille So we thank her too
So it’s an essay Honestly I do not read a lot of essay in life Not that I’m not attracted to that at the base It’s just that it’s a bit heavier reading It’s less light
So I really need to be ready for that But I like to push my reading further And have reflections on current topics
And that looks very good for that So if I read the back cover
No bickering in my cabin … This formula evokes a peaceful Quebec which would be held as far away as possible from conflicts and contradictory debates. Yet for over 10 years, Quebec society is shaken by polarizing subjects, Sex education in school, cultural appropriation and secularism. In this dynamic and biting essay,
Rachida Azdouz simulates conversations between opposing sides Thus highlighting Their rhetoric, reasoning, strategies To push the other in a retrenchment
But, also their legitimate and rational argument Too often served by a sharp and acrimonious tone. The essayist illustrates the difficulty, almost insoluble,
to overcome the controversy to engage on the demanding but necessary path of debate. So that looks very good
We will know a little I imagine
Rachida’s point of view in there. On topics that are a bit taboo sometimes
And we dare not talk too much It’s very interesting
It’s a book of 243 pages So it’ll be good to read
And it’s still big letters It looks interesting
When we leaf through it We see that there are small themes
Then there are conversations between People
So maybe to allow us To better understand topics and topics
It looks very good So we add that to my PAL. The third and last book I received Again by Relationniste Mireille. Restore your life, the art of solving your problems From Fabrice Midal Edito editions
Again a second try So for the moment my end of year will be towards the tests It’s really interesting
To open up his horizons towards other types of reading So if we read behind this and marked How to find courage,
the strength and confidence we all need? How to transform our difficulties? How to overcome our fears?
How to say no? How to take care without lying?
In this new book, Fabrice Midal guides us to help us cope with everyday problems and to create opportunities to realize ourselves,
to go beyond ourselves and reinvent ourselves. It invites us to recover the resources and forces that we have often forgotten or neglected,
and yet we have it at our disposal. This book is full of simple and effective solutions
never to give up. It looks very good
I love to read introspection and personal development books It looks a bit like that He is a philosopher and writer
Who wrote this It looks very good
There are 178 pages A little reading
Sometimes it’s just enough to understand The idea in mind of the author
And see his approach to his reasoning Once again this book looks very interesting And I think he’ll finish my year in style That concludes my parcels received from September I expect others in October
So maybe I’ll make another video If I ever have enough books at the end of October If not, I’ll wait for more I find it really exciting to receive books like that It allows me to talk about it
And to make you discover New horizons and things you will not have Maybe not dare to read
So I can not wait to get through those books I thank again The two companies that contacted me for Send me those books. We love it! Again, do not forget to subscribe to my channel And to my book tube if it’s not done yet The links are in the information bar
Make a thumbs up video Tell me if you made any purchases in September What is your stack to read right now? In the comments
It would be nice to talk to you Otherwise we’ll meet again soon In a new video
I wish you a good reading Bye!

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