10 Controversial Disney Movies That Caused Serious Problems

It is impossible for a Disney film to be released
without garnering attention, whether it be from the massive ticket sales, the indelible
mark on pop culture, or the continued dedication by children and adults who become entranced
by the characters and music featured in the films. Even with Disney’s most beloved films, controversy
often looms. Here are 10 Famous Disney Movies that Caused
Serious Controversy. Zootopia
Zootopia is the 2016 film that endeared itself to children and adults with its lovable characters
and its meaningful tale of two unlikely animals solving a case, forging a friendship, and
reaching for what they want despite their limitations. Judy Hopps is the bunny with the determination
to become a police officer for the big city of Zootopia. Zootopia raised controversy for its attempts
to speak about sexism, racism and the war on drugs through the lens of a family friendly
film. Judy is considered weak, the predator animals
considered violent and prone to crime, and the growing of plants that only aggravate
an aggressive response, are all included in Zootopia. While some critics and viewers found the film
desperate to comment on too many societal issues, the box-office persevered. Mulan
1998’s Mulan follows the story of real life Chinese legend, Hua Mulan. Mulan is a young woman who disguises herself
as a man to take the place of her father in battle. Some critics found the gender roles to be
troubling but the primary controversy revolved around the way Asian culture was portrayed. Some of the Asian stereotypes depicted in
the film bothered viewers especially once it was released in China. Most recently a new controversy over the upcoming
live action version of Mulan has sprouted. An online petition has been conceived asking
Disney to not “whitewash” the character by casting a white actress when there are
so many underrepresented minority actors who would be better suited for the role. 101 Dalmatians
In 1996 Disney gave their 1961 classic film, 101 Dalmatians a live action update. It was a much different time with a whole
new set of expectations and controversy that came along with it. While animal rights groups were troubled with
the dog snatching Cruella De Vil, most were already familiar with her villainous motivations
in the decades since the original film’s release. The real problem came from the audience’s
perception of the adorable Dalmatian puppies featured in the film. After the release, Dalmatian puppies became
the must-have Christmas gift for children. However, the new dog owners failed to realize
that those pups grow to be much bigger and the breed of Dalmatians may not have the most
ideal temperament for small children. The Humane Society was overwhelmed with the
breed months after the release of the film. It became even more of an issue when the animated
series debuted not long after. Alice in Wonderland
The 1951 animated film, Alice in Wonderland, based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice Books, is
one of the most surreal films and features many instances of drug use by most of the
characters in the film. While there wasn’t much discussion of Alice’s
use of Mushrooms, Caterpillars constant Hookah usage, or the trippy images in the film after
its initial release, controversy arose in the late 60s when drug culture became common. After 1968’s Yellow Submarine was released,
there was a surge of interest in Alice in Wonderland as it was considered ahead of its
time. Parents to an entire new generation of Wonderland
watchers became concerned that the loopy imagery and prevalent drug suggestions throughout
the film were harmful to young viewers. Toy Story 2
Sometimes there are controversies that arise within the confines of Disney studios but
through the power of the internet, become public. This was the case with Toy Story 2. After the success of the first film, Disney
and Pixar began working on a sequel. The film was expected to be a straight-to-video
but when executives were impressed with the footage, they pushed for a theatrical release. The animators were not fond of the footage
that had been completed causing tension between the creatives and executives. Things became even more complicated when a
Pixar employee accidentally erased the Toy Story data. Millions of dollars and years of work deleted
in a moment. What the studio didn’t know was that the
film’s supervising technical director had a copy with her as she had recently had a
baby and was working from home. With the relief of the saved footage, the
continued arguments between the suits and animators dissipated. Tangled
In the 20th century Disney films have been filled with Princesses who need the help of
a Prince to save them from whatever or whomever they need to be saved from. Ariel only desired to walk among the humans
in exchange for her voice, Snow White tended to seven small strangers until she was poisoned
and had to be revived by the kiss of a prince. The list goes on. The 21st century appeared to be making strides
toward feminism. 2010’s Tangled was expected to turn things
around but Disney still managed to miss the mark. Female and Male viewers alike were dumbfounded
by the perpetuation of the patriarchy as Rapunzel still needed to be saved by the male lead,
Flynn Rider. He wasn’t a prince but just a capable man
who seemed to be the only one who could save the damsel in distress from her castle. Even with the question of gender roles, many
observers noted that Tangled was at least a step in the right direction. Pocahontas
Disney has a history of using existing material and giving it a lighthearted makeover that
will appeal to a mass audience. 1995’s Pocahontas is a film guilty of taking
a real person and completely overhauling her story. In the film, Pocahontas is shown as a young
Native American woman who saves and then falls in love with Colonist John Smith, but in real
life she was only a ten year-old child when Smith arrived and there was no romance between
the two. The real Pocahontas was abducted by colonists
not long after and married off to a tobacco magnate. Disney dismissing the actual events of her
life disappointed and angered historians who found the film to be a way to tie a family-friendly
and romantic bow on historical events that did not end with a happily ever after. Finding Dory
Finding Dory, the sequel to 2003’s massively successful Finding Nemo, was another hit for
Disney with the story centering on the forgetful fish who goes on her own adventure. Prior to the film’s release, there was buzz
that a same-sex couple would make an appearance, a first for Disney. There was controversy with the appearance
alone, but once the film was released, there was another reason the film raised a few eyebrows. The so-called same sex couples characters
were simply a brief moment in which two women who may or may not be a couple, make a blink-and-you’ll
miss-it appearance. The Controversy of Finding Dory came from
two opposing groups concerning the same issue but with Disney’s lack of committing to
either side, ended up angering both. Aladdin
1992’s Aladdin has provided a wealth of controversy due to its Arabian stereotypes
and the questionable skin color and features of its two leads. The controversy that concluded with Disney
making an alteration is the song “Arabian Nights”. The original release of film included the
lyrics “Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face”. The American-Arab anti-Defamation league rightly
took issue with this offensive line resulting in Disney changing it for the home video release. While the lyrics were changed to “Where
it’s flat and immense and the heat is intense” a scene in which Jasmine nearly gets her hand
chopped off for stealing an apple and the line “It’s barbaric, but, hey, it’s
home” remain in the film. Moana
Disney is known for raking in money from not only movie tickets but from the merchandise
inspired by their popular movies. Even before a film’s release, fans are able
to purchase items at the company’s store and other retailers. The upcoming film Moana, about a teenage girl
who goes on a daring adventure to save her people, is the subject of Disney’s most
recent controversy for a Halloween costume based on the character Maui. The costume features a brown bodysuit adorned
with Polynesian tattoos to better resemble the character who is a Polynesian Demigod,
This angered many on social media, calling it cultural appropriation. Disney was quick to react to the complaints
and immediately removed the costume from the stores. While issues of race insensitivity are not
new for the house of mouse, it is less common in recent years and the company has used social
media as a way to fix their missteps. There’s our list. What do you think? What Disney controversies did we forget? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget
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100 thoughts on “10 Controversial Disney Movies That Caused Serious Problems

  1. trying very hard to be a police officer, fills Judy with DETERMATION (obvious undertale reference in this coment)

  2. To be honest I find all these ranting from parents and historians to be over exaggerated and hypocritical. The reason I'm saying the is because Pocahontas and Moana or Mulan these are historical or cultural animations but for Pocahontas they numbed it down for children viewers the real story is really grimy and dark most Disney movies are. But Mulan it doesn't matter who plays the leading role it's just the best actor gets the role or best fitted. Moanas Costume crap I found Hilarious it's just a costume put it under adults or older teens lol! But for Zootopia the problems in the movie are real In our world and kids need to know that we have those existing issues, if they don't know they will ever so become Arrogant children that bully and beat other kids or start conflicts on a dime. Or kids that can't merge into society. These issues need to be presented in front of kids and let them decide for them selves as parents and be understanding for them to learn and make better judgment.

  3. Why is it that people can't just shut the fuck up sit back and go "oh it's just a cartoon" ITS FICTION !!! This is the problem with the world today to many adults that need there opinions voiced. But find it funny that children don't see race, religion, or many other issues with the movies until they become adults and another adult points their opinions out. For fuck sake just at least try and remember what it was like when you were a kid and watch Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, and other cartoons that surprise surprise are now flagged as "to violent" so lets dumb everything and make shitty cartoons and put shows on like "your pretty face is going to hell" "China. IL" and "Assy McGee" or the "walking dead" really wtf!?

  4. I think if these are the biggest problems you see in life your living in a happy fun time bubble.

  5. there is nothing wrong about any of these. I've never heard anybody complaining about Tangled and she saves him 3 times so where did that discourse come from? Disney doesn't portray anything accurately so it's stupid to complain about that. Aladdin takes place in the middle east which have the sharia laws that say that if a person steals they need to have their hand cut off (also there is nothing wrong with their skin colour). and I bet it's only white people complaining about the costume since they're the only ones who give a shit about this kind of stuff

  6. Because Saudi Arabia isn't a barbarous place that murders and mutilates even children. I think people took offense at the wrong thing, the song was accurate, arabian countries are culture is fucked up.

  7. Pocahontas was forced to marry a man that was at least three times older than she was and forced to change her name (to Rebecca) and accept a religion that wasn't her own and her true name was Matoaka. (she died at ages 21). I don't really think that is really appropriate for children. But I do feel that changing parts of the poor child's tragic life would be infuriating to someone who spent years studying what her life was like to have Disney tell everyone the wrong facts.

  8. On Alice In Wonderland, I watched it as a child and always just wrote it off as Alice having one long dream that went into the weird zone right off the bat. It helped that if I remember right she woke up in a tree at the end.

  9. I didn't know that about Toy Story 2, god that must have been terrifying O,O I probably would have had a mental breakdown if I'd been working on it

  10. When I watched zootopia all I could think was dang this is a political movie

  11. I hope Disney stops listening to social media and just makes good wholesome movies.

  12. honestly I feel like it would be more "offensive" if Disney produced the costume but made it have a white skin tone. Also, who freaking cares?! It is sad that people will get more upset about "misleading" products about a character that doesn't even physically exist instead of finding a real problem in the world that they can help to put an end to.

  13. Disney makes movies about white races…
    People: Make movies about other races!!!!
    Disney Makes movies about other races…
    People: this is cultural appropriation!

  14. In 101 dalamations one of the puppy's lived in my village closet to a film star I will ever get😂 rip Poppy ( that's her make she died a couple of years ago)

  15. wow, people get way too offended nowadays. stop reading so deeply into things. you're turning things into stuff they aren't meant to be. chill.

  16. I want to get tattoos because of moana I am going to sue disney

  17. Cultural appropriation is bullshit. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA AND COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. America is one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

    Why are you going to complain about someone stealing from your culture if that's what everyone did in ancient times when they traveled on foot?

  18. What about that part in Moana
    Moana: SON OF A
    Maoe: (can't spell his name lol) your welcome

  19. bitch weinnin bout drug in anime. nope animations isnt reserve to kid

  20. Why cant ppl make a movie and other ppl enjoy it instead of rambling on about mistakes and how it effected ppl?

  21. God people keep TALKING about Zootopia Is it that hard to not talk about?

  22. People nowadays are too darn sensitive… this is getting ridiculous!

  23. The costume of the guy in Moana was not retired because of the skin color but because of the tattoos on it. These tattoos are part the Maori culture and are very personal, that's what they got offended about.

  24. you mean " Top 10 Disney Movies That Made Whiny Bitches Cry"

    and Pocahontas

  25. A live action Mulan?
    Will McDonald's capitalize?
    Will this mean a return of the Szechuan dipping sauce?

  26. "Cultural appropriation?"
    Cultures grow and spread. Deal.
    Do I bitch when I see non-Americans wearing blue jeans and baseball caps?

  27. Didn't they add a concentration camp where the grandma had "01730" or something like that on her arm?

  28. Jeez do people have nothing better to do. People are way to Sensitive about NOTHING!!

  29. rapunzel doesn't need Flynn she tricks him in to helping her see the Lanterns showing how strong she is so stop acting like she's weak so she has a guy who cares she's stong

  30. I complain about Hercules
    It has very incorrect version of Greek Mythology what the movie was BASED OFF OF

  31. more like disney triggered a bunch of sjw femi-nazis with tangled and proved that people will cry about anything, i've seen tangled and she works with the guy to get back to her family. the two work together and she even saves his life at one point

  32. A body suit would be easier than putting on all those tattoos. Since when is Tangled anti woman? Hello, this girl is kept in a tower her whole life, she rebelled, made a deal with a criminal, fought with her hair and a frying pan and you're saying this is a damsel in distress? Some of us are ok with a woman being rescued and not dubbed a weakling.

  33. So your telling me that…

    people got mad for selling a bunch of Dalmatian puppies??

  34. People are so sensitive, it's like their brains are marshmallows.

  35. these 'controversies' are just whining about even the smallest things. All I heard was "might influence my child to do something bad!" "historically inaccurate!" "not serious enough!" "too serious!" "If ANY man saves a SINGLE woman, it's patriarchy!"

    ffs, can you make anything these days without having even the tiniest pixel be considered a 'controversy?'

  36. Free gold half news farmer venture lab source remarkable matter.

  37. Why are people complaining about Tangled?! It's a Disney movie, not a feminist movement or something. Also, Rapunzel saves Eugene like 3 times!

    And just saying, but a guy saving a girl doesn't make her look "weak." It's sometimes pretty romantic. Also, why can't you let a guy save a girl sometimes? It's not like a person can always handle everything by themselves.

  38. The change of years is pretty stark;

    Snow White: The man is strong and brave and saves the day? Of course he does, that's what men are for.

    Tangled: The man is actually competent? Sexism!


  40. So… are we just going to forget about MERIDA FROM BRAVE WHO DIDN'T NEED A MAN!?!?!?

  41. Tangled was not a "Flynn saved Rapunzel" situation; they saved each other, which is why it was so refershing to see a man and a women be working together as equals

  42. Zootopia raised my question whether or not theyd consider interspecies sex to make fox bunnys

  43. If Disney watched this, they would realize that every movie is a problem. THANKS A LOT.

  44. People really want Disney to be "truer to the stories"? Wasn't Pocahontas raped? Didn't Pinocchio get hanged? Flynn Rider walked around for years with SHARP THORNS IN HIS EYES!

  45. This channel is filled with bull. Seriously? You get offended by Disney movies just like that?! This is nonsense. This is monstrosity.

  46. Screen rant your cool keep on working on these theories so I we people can watch

  47. So, did my teacher get us to watch Pocahontas even though it wasn’t even like the real story

  48. The problem with modern Disney movies in general, is that they overly politicize their movies! There has always been a "good vs. evil" approach to Disney movies, but, that trend is blurred today. The Capitalism and the Right are nearly always demonized while Socialism and the Left are angelized. As if that's not bad enough, Disney is ever increasingly sliding homofaggory and homodikery into their movies! Disney promotes Evolution (Evil-ution), and that morality is subjective! Walt Disney would definitely not approve of the direction his dream and brain-child have taken in the past few decades, with emphasis on the last dacade! Kids (nor adults) need to be conditioned to accept and tolerate the immorality that they are slowly introducing! There is an egenda here! That egenda is to raise a generation of kids who openly embrace the LGBTQ lifestyle! While you're at it, Disney, y'all arta go ahead and start promoting child molestation, rape, and murder as if those are okay too! Why not? If morality is subjective and in a constant state of flux, then that has to include all moralities, not just the ones people cherry-pick based on societal popularity! Most people don't want to see homosexuality in movies, especially when those movies are geared towards kids! Disney needs to make movies like Old Walt envisioned, and cease trying to convert society into a nation of Libtardia!

  49. screw movies putting their political views and sexual orientation with it, that’s why Star Wars is ruined. Keep movies actually enjoyable without shoving political crap and other crap down our throat.

  50. did we forget that when there is no females in a group of clown fish one male becomes female to reproduce…that makes you look at finding nemo a little differently.

  51. KIDS DON'T GET THE DRUG REFERENCES. Honestly watching through this, some of these movies I haven't watched since I was 6. Over a decade ago. It was only watching this video that I was like "oh yeah" because when I first saw them I didn't know and I haven't thought about them since I was a kid.

  52. On Zootopia, you also missed the message that SJWs can and do go too far, becoming the bad guy.

  53. The outrage that comes from the ''damsel in distress being saved by the heroic prince'' is odd to me… its just a genre trope. I understand that it doesn't do much good for the representation of women on screen, but the genre has many many many conventions that shape them- that is just one of them

  54. Sooooo, Disney has changed stories of the original story before (Pocahontas) causing outrage, but there's outrage when a story is not changed from the original (Tangled)… make up your goddamn mind, or better yet, shut up and watch it, or stop watching movies altogether if it hurts your feelings

  55. Actually, Rapunzel don't need a man. She just needs Eugene because she doesn't know the world outside, she don't know how to get to the kingdom. She saves him so many times and she's not saved by him, he just tried to do it, but she ends up saving his life. Eugene's role could be played by a female, but Disney wanted Rapunzel to have a love interest, so Eugene's role was played by a male.

    Sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil .-.

  56. While you snowflakes are whining about 'cultural appropriation' you can turn off the anime and put down the Pocky and stop with the Wapanese. And stop making these bullshit youtube videos about Nintendo games and shows you weren't around for.

  57. Actually cutting off hand is accurate but obviously you forgot that.

  58. People are 2 dang sensative to say the moana costume was like black face had me offened how can u compare a costume to a racial injustice its like if a little girl wanted to be jasmine no one bats and eye but this happens and all he'll breaks lose and its not like the kids are making fun of it theyre dressing up as a character they like kids don't think like that I'm sorry so stop being so sensative

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