10 Garage Sale Items That Sold For MILLIONS

(mysterious music) – [Voiceover] Rummaging through
a garage sale in Tennessee, Michael Sparks purchased
salt and pepper shakers and a copy of the
Declaration of Independence for a total of $2.48. After going home and
examining his purchase, Sparks began to think
that this document was more than a cheap reprint. While what Michael found was not the Declaration of Independence, it was a Congress-ordered
copy from 1820. In that year,
Congress commissioned William J. Stone to
create 200 reproductions of the Declaration
of Independence. It was believed that only
35 of these reproductions were still in existence. Luckily for Sparks, he
purchased the 36th reproduction for less than $3
at a garage sale. After being validated, the
document sold at auction for $477,650. As the last item
illustrated, when something once thought to be missing
or destroyed is found, it dramatically
increases in value. This was also the case
for our next item. Rick Norsigian bought
two small boxes of glass negatives from
a garage sale for $45. He’d even haggled the
price down from $75. After keeping the
65 glass negatives under his pool table
for four years, he decided to get
them appraised. To his delight, these negatives
belonged to Ansel Adams, the father of
American photography. The negatives were thought
to have been destroyed in a 1937 darkroom fire
that destroyed 5,000 plates. The negatives were
estimated to be worth at least $200 million. It’s likely that the
owner of that garage sale really wishes he
hadn’t let Norsigian negotiate him out of that
$25, and not to mention the additional $200
million they’re worth. Wanting a nice antique
table for her home, Claire Wiegand-Beckmann,
a retired teacher, purchased a table for $25
at a yard sale in 1998. The table sat in her
home for 30 years before she decided
to get it appraised on the PBS show
Antiques Roadshow. The card table was
from the 18th century and made by Boston
furniture maker, John Seymour and Son. The show appraised the
table to be worth $300,000. All in all, the table
sold for 21,660 times the original price of $25. After her appraisal,
Claire sold her table for $541,500. Our second item didn’t quite
reach into the millions, but it was still
a noteworthy sale. Frankenstein memorabilia
from the 1931 movie can be quite popular
with collectors, which is why the discovery
of an original movie poster was such a great find. Found in the projection
booth of a remodeled theater, this movie poster from
the original 1931 movie was valued at between
$100,000 to $200,000. However, when it sold,
the Heritage Auction House in Dallas, Texas, the
final bid was for $358,500. Not bad for an old movie poster. As unlikely a place
as any to find a $1.6 million
piece of furniture is outside the bathroom
of a pizza parlor, but that is exactly
where a long lost 17th century cabinet was found. The Roman Baroque furniture, featuring a picture of the
pope blessing the crowd in Rome was feared
to be lost forever. That is, until the head
of furniture at Sotheby’s found it in this highly
unlikely location after looking for it
for nearly 20 years. It’s a good thing
Tavella needed to run to the bathroom
while enjoying pizza or it could have been another
20 years of searching. Our next item was a
fairly expensive purchase compared to the
others on this list, but the investment was well
worth it for Ian Coulson. He purchased a four-post
bed on an online auction for about $3,000, but Coulson,
a four-post bed specialist, had a suspicion that the bed
had some greater significance. He approached the TV
historian Jonathan Foyle who confirmed that
this four-post bed was the only
surviving Tudor bed. DNA testing proved
that this bed belonged to King Henry VII back in 1486. This little fact turned
Coulson’s $3,000 investment into a $30 million return. While going garage
sale-ing in Las Vegas, British businessman
Andy Fields purchased what seemed to be a child’s
drawing for $5three . The drawing did end up
being sketched by a child. Luckily for Fields, however, that child happened to be
pop art pioneer Andy Warhol. Warhol apparently sketched
the drawing at age 10 while on bed rest
suffering from cholera. This depiction of 1930s
singer Rudy Vallee drawn by young Warhol
was later appraised at $2 million. Thinking they bought an
average small piece of China for $3 at a garage
sale, a New York family was surprised when they
had the bowl appraised six years later. The five and a half
inch bowl apparently was from China’s
Northern Song dynasty, which ruled China
from 960 to 1127 AD. The only other known bowl
of similar size and design has been in the collection
of the British Museum for over 60 years. This rare bowl was
valued between $200,000 and $300,000, but sold for
$2.2 million at an auction. A 17th century
Japanese lacquer box, known as the Mazarin Chest,
was a masterpiece in its time. The largest of the two
Mazarin golden chests was considered
lost for centuries and the Victoria and Albert
Museum searched for it in order to bring the
two chests together. Not knowing the chest’s
significance or worth, a French engineer bought
it for $160 in 1970 and used it as a TV
stand for 16 years. When he retired, he
brought it with him to his retirement community
and used it as a bar. After the engineer’s
passing, his family called a specialist
and had it appraised. It was then that the missing
Mazarin Chest was found and then sold for $9.5 million. Cleaning out their recently
deceased parent’s house, a brother and a sister in the UK found an old vase
that they thought might be worth a little money. Upon having it
appraised, they found out it was actually
worth a lot of money: $1.7 million to be exact. The 18th century Qianlong
dynasty porcelain piece was put up for auction,
and this is where things got crazy. Over the course of 30 minutes, Chinese buyers
pushed the bidding up to over $63 million, a world
record for that amount of time. Understandably, the
sister almost passed out from the seemingly never-ending
increase of the bids. By the end of the auction,
the final few bidders were increasing their bids
in $1.5 million increments. The piece is believed
to have drawn the highest price for
any Chinese artwork ever sold at auction for a
total price of $85 million. For more Top Lists
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100 thoughts on “10 Garage Sale Items That Sold For MILLIONS

  1. I have the premonition that i will find a Chinese antique vase worth 100 million dollars in a shop soon.

  2. just for info …. The dialog mentioned Rudy Vallee …. The CORRECT way to say his name is — say it as if it was the landscape feature "Valley" … which is the way it was pronounced … NOT as if it was french or similar to Valet ,,, thx

  3. This is click bait all over.

    Firstly, half of these things aren't in the millions (no. 4 he says, after no. 3 not being in millions either, that it wasn't quite in the millions 😤)

    Secondly the desc. says it all. 15 garage sale finds??? It says 10 on the vid, make your mind up. Also he says that the Declaration of Independence sold for 2 million but it didn't, in the video it says 450k. Again, make your mind up!

    Thirdly, in the description he says the vase being over 85 million…. WTF M8 GET YOUR SH*T RIGHT, IT SAYS 63 MILLION ON THE VID, YOU TRYING TO GET SUBS BY MAKING YOUR INFORMATION MORE UNBELIEVABLE, I'm sorry, but I can't believe how much wrong information there is in this vid.

  4. You said she purchased a table in 1998 then it sat in her house for 30 years which would make it the future c'mon guys get a fucking editor

  5. The biggest thing I learned while watching this video was that there are some people out there who have WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!! LOL!!!

  6. On the end of videoclip I see the romanian word text integral "deschis" as open 😊😊😊

  7. The best thing I found at a garage sale was a stack of greenlee electrician's tools that I bought for $120. Took it to a tool specialty store and they told me in total to buy that stuff new was upwards of $4000…whats your greatest find?

  8. How can you buy a table in 1998 and own it for 30 years when it’s not quite 20 years ago as of today!?!?!

  9. I had like this most ugly poster of a certain concert and I had no real idea what it was but when I putted it for sale the first bid was right away 500 € , I was like that dude probably means like a 50 euro but no no , it got bigger ! happened to be I had the ONLY original invitation poster from before the second wwar ! that thing has been inspected by a museum because I started getting questions in my head due the high bidding , when I got there they bought it from me for atleast a 5.000€ , I was amazed and I got something like wow for such ugly thing that much money ? selling ? SURE GO AHEAD , gimme that amount and TAKE IT hahaha ! so really folks check out what u have BEFORE selling it !!!!

  10. All I ever found is $260 in the tail light compartment of an old car I bought when I was changing the bulb, and helping my brother move a wealthy antique dealer from nj to ny, as I was tipping this 1700s grandfather clock over to my brother, There was a bag under it with 3 rolls of $100 dollar bills the size of coffee cans being a kid I gave it to my older brother later on he told me he gave it back to her and she gave him $ 500 dollars , But I don't know? I busted my ass and made a $100 bucks

  11. Too bad most Americans have no idea what the Declaration of Independence is
    They’ve allowed the country to be taken over by con artists and communists…all those people who died for no reason

  12. OMG!!!,The only thing I found was 1000 lbs of Colombian Gold in Jacksonville Fla in the 1970s on the beach Jax beach,Atlantic beach am the Pondo Vedra Kid!….

  13. Purchased a table in a yard sale in 1998, sat in her home for 30 years… Helloooo 2028! You came so EARLY!

  14. Antiques are sold for a percentage of someone's worth rather than the percentage of somethings age.

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  16. Ansel Adams glass plates 200 million, only if someone pays it.

  17. $2.48 ?
    no one sells anything at garage sales for $0.48. Maybe $2 or 2.50. NOT $2.48

  18. Who else kinda feels bad for the garage sealers they had no idea about that and hey still probbly don't know still

    CEL.ME.U.S.. CALTER.CEL. ME. MY.CEL.9705477614.INDIA.Y.E.

  20. I wish that I would've found that ancient Chinese vase!! Wow!! $85 million dollars….. 🙂

  21. 1930's singer Rudy Va-lay??? It's pronounced "valley" – as in "down in the valley."

  22. A great guide on how to source items at your local thrift store that will net you HUGE profits on Amazon or eBay!

  23. 10 years old and signing it with his name…mhm.. That it self is way way more unusual then the actual find of the pic..

  24. If I got that much money for those plates I DEFINETLY would go back and give that guy 2 million after taxes so maybe 4 million or whatever it took to make the guy end up with 2 million after taxes, it's the least I could do for the guy. If you get too greedy in this world Karma will eat you alive.

  25. I live just down the road from where that bed was found, builders put it outside the hotel they were doing up. That fella bought it for roughly £2000 and it was worth £13M , lucky fucker. The hotel is on Hough Green in Chester.

  26. Me goes to the attic hoping to find something worth 10 bucks ….


    It is ALL a lie! He makes up stories which are not true, what a prick!

  28. if you find something in a garage sale that turns out expensive, it's only honest to split what you get with the garage saler

  29. Facts are all wrong, from the first story. You probably shouldnt make stories up just to fit your title, when they can be easily researched. I heard the story when it first happened and double checked, the guy found the Declaration of Independence at a Nashville thrift store. (Goodwill)

  30. The buyer of the Ansel Adams negatives didn't "negotiate (the buyer) out of that $25"… $75-$45=$30… you mathematicians.

  31. This narration has a few errors. Mrs. Wiegand-Beckmann didn't purchase the table in 1998, she purchased it around 1968 – once again, solid checking for accuracy in post-production "Top Lists"…

  32. It seems its a good time to sell some unique items from my collection if people are paying such numbers now a days

  33. I found my virginity at a yard sale. No one wanted. Bought it back for 51 cents.

  34. And I though the 4 truck rims I paid 5 each and got 125, each, was doing good. I gotta up my game someday!

  35. Some valuable things just aren't recognized by people. It's hard to be knowledgeable on everything. I'm sure there are lots of yet undiscovered treasures out there…

  36. Somebody anonymously donated a small briefcase to my local charity pet shop containing an estimated R900,000 or $73,500 in 1oz Krugerrands . One of my mates daughter was the volunteer that received the case. Dumb bitch actually gave it in.

  37. Maybe i will upraise the antique i have found in mu grand father’s farm it’s from 1930 thats is a really heavey metal like a glasswine from japanesse world war 1 or 2 I cannot remember and i just didn’t mind it actually so now i might take a look at it..

  38. …..on a Saturday auction and sale, I was called by a friend to get up @ 6:00 a.m. one spring morning. I was a bit too hungover seeing I got off work at 4:00 a.m.. So I told her I was toast and for her and her friend to go without me.
    On one net sale table at the auction, she picked up a walnut box that when she opened it, thought I would like it and she was going to buy it. However, she thought it was only a toy, and put it down, When a person said, "you gonna buy that little lady"? And she decided not to when the man picked it up and immediately paid and left.
    The owner of all the auction goods said, "I was really hoping you were gonna buy it", but she said back, "I thought it was too pricey and I wasn't sure it was real". ($50.00) "Well", he said, Winchester didn't make many pistols and most people never heard about 'em".
    Naturally, I was a bit pissed at myself for too much "fun" earlier in the morning.

  39. 1:29 his math is wrong. 45 to 25 equal 70 not the actual price of 75 that the seller wanted.

  40. I invested 75p in coca cola and within 5 minutes , it turned into 330mil, they didn't have the one liter bottles, so had to get a 330mil can

  41. I found a dollar in the pocket of my jeans after they had been through the wash once.

  42. I inherited some of my sister’s ancient Chinese collection. Who,should I contact? My brother who owned some sold to Sotheby’s, but didn’t get good prices for them in the 70’s. I have the green version of this featured bowl with the lotus flower decor.

  43. Not Rudy Vallay! He was too famous for anyone to mispronounce his name without generating cringes.

  44. The table wasn't purchased in 1998.
    Here's the table being appraised:

  45. The title would lead you to believe all the items were purchased at garage sales. They were not.

  46. I found Martha Washingtons used tapon at the white house sold it for ten million lol

  47. I found some old toe nail clipings under the bed ill sell them for 10 bucks . keep them for a couple years and youll be rich . dumb asses believe this shit .

  48. DNA testing cannot prove the age and ownership of a bed. Dendrochronology can establish age of the bed but not ownership and there is no way they could prove ownership except through documentation

  49. Did it bother anyone else that someone paid $2.48 at a garage sale? Why not $2.50 or $2.75? Pennies should be illegal.

  50. If a woman buys a table in 1998 and keeps it for 30 years the appraisal hasn't happened yet. Time travel perhaps?

  51. If I would have bought those ansel Adams plates and sold for 200,000,000 that garage sale seller would have got an anonymous gift of 5,000,000 for sure.

  52. It's Rudy Vallee , not valet. Will you please learn how to pronounce people's names.

  53. Rudy "valet" "valay" Try VALLEY this is the problem with robotic AI's they cant pronounce proper words that are not of daily use

  54. All the worthless junk I bought at garage sales turned out to be my own worthless junk.

  55. I don't believe the pizza table outside the bathroom Story one damn bit. Somebody's just having a little bit too much fun on that one. Who goes to a pizza place and walks by that kind of a table to the bathroom, and doesn't wonder about it? Anybody who knows anything about nice antiques, would probably offer to buy the table. 20 years it was there?
    I call bullshit

  56. I have been going for 48 years to car boot sales ,jumble sales . I have never made one penny from my purchases. Now my home full of rubbish.
    I newer won nothing or have found anything wort money.😩

  57. Those Ansel Adam negatives are priceless, dude gave it up for a princes ransom whereas it's worth the entire kingdom.

  58. I bought a photo just for the frame as I was an amateur photograher and was looking for frames to frame my photos that I had developed in photo class. This one framed photo which a yard sale lady was selling for 2 dollars. I asked if she would sell me just the frame to my surprise she said yeah give me a buck take the photo what do I want with it. Long story short I found out by accedent that the photo was a Don Haug original print worth $1,500.00 and I had it in my stack of throw away stuff. Took it to my photography teacher who bought it off me for $1,000 bucks yeah he rip me off $500.00 but I got an A in class.😁

  59. I don't have any $aving$ of which to speak…However, I am banking my future retirement on the value of all the great pieces of IKEA furniture…….Pieces, is the best word to use in this sentence….. Because, I was not able to assemble most of the CRAP💩💩💩KEIA furniture plus some of the assembled pieces PROMPTLY dettached and now rest in a large cardboard box..Yeah😮

  60. Who ever paid 85 million dollars for a vase, is definitely in a criminal enterprise.

  61. “She bought the table in 1998 then let it sit for 30 years” HOW!! Can you tell the future or something. That would 2028. Damn the things people say for veiws

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