10 Iconic Food Commercials That Made Brands More Popular

Advertising is something that is constantly
circling around in our heads and we don’t even realize it. Marketing is so genius sometimes, we are buying
products while humming the jingle that goes along with the commercial. These ads show the ups and downs of commercials
and just how memorable they can be. Here are the top 10 memorable food commercials
of all time. Kendall Jenner and Pepsi This massive soft drink company hired reality
star and model Kendall Jenner, half sister of the famous Kim Kardashian, to star in their
2017 ad “Live for Now”. The ad ended up being pulled from the air
just one day after it’s release due to high criticism and scandal. The ad features a ton of youths protesting
and showing peace symbols and signs saying “join the conversation”. As the protest continues, Kendall is portrayed
modelling and becoming interested in the protest she sees passing in front of her. She then decides to run from the photo-shoot
she’s part of, and join the protest and hand a patrolling policeman a Pepsi. The public did not respond well to this ad
at all, especially because it was at the height of police brutality being publicized and the
Black Lives Matter movement. After the ad was pulled, the commercial began
to be parodied everywhere including Saturday Night Live. Pepsi released a statement, apologizing, saying
they were trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. They acknowledged that they missed the mark,
and didn’t intend to make light of the serious issue. They removed the content, and apologized to
Kendall Jenner, too. Better luck next time! If you haven’t joined our notification squad
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button and ring that bell. Oh Yeah, Kool-Aid The Kool Aid ads featuring the pitcher man
busting through a wall yelling “Oh Yeah!” seem to define the 1990’s as the ad of the
decade – but this caricature has actually been around since the 1950’s! Kool Aid Man was created by Marvin Potts and
has been accepted and used by General Foods ever since. Naturally the look of the original character
has evolved over time but is nonetheless the same, generally speaking. The ads always featured kids in a playful
state becoming parched for a drink and searching for the perfect, thirst quenching beverage. Kool Aid Man would appear and save the day
with his drink leaving the children satisfied and happy. Kool Aid Man was so well received that he
actually had a brief comic book series about his life. The Adventures of Kool Aid Man ran from 1983
to 1985 – although it was short lived, it was still a major accomplishment considering
he originated as a character for advertising! One of the most memorable accreditations of
Kool Aid Man was actually by Time magazine, in which they included him in the list of
Top 10 Creepiest Product Mascots saying, “Our biggest gripe with Kool-Aid Man: Why did he
have to cause such a mess every time he entered the scene?” Mentos, The Freshmaker A Mentos advertisement was featured in the
background of the hugely popular 90’s flick “Clueless”, starring Alicia Silverstone. The Mentos ads were widely received in the
USA and Canada. It consistently kept the same type of theme,
showcasing the mint as being a problem solver. The ads usually depicted something going wrong
throughout the actor’s day and popping a Mentos results in the issue getting resolved. The ads were really upbeat and wholesome and
really caught on publicly. The ads became so popular that they were actually
parodied, increasing their popularity even more. Mentos is available in other countries besides
Canada and the US like Egypt and Morocco, but the size of the mint actually is a lot
smaller than the version that is sold in North America. Either way, the public still manages to love
the minty and refreshing taste of a candy that has great marketing strategies! The Simpson’s Butterfinger You may remember the popular commercial catch
phrase spoken by the famous Bart Simpson: “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger”. Well this phrase was born for the advertisements
for the peanut butter chocolate bar who featured the most popular cartoon characters from a
series of all time; The Simpsons. There have been over 100 different commercials
for the chocolate bar featuring the popular cartoon characters. The ads would air on the same networks that
aired The Simpsons show, naturally. The main theme of most of the commercials
depicted Bart’s father Homer trying to get the Butterfinger bar but failing. Bart would end up with the candy bar and declare
that famous line. Homer is known as being overweight and addicted
to food, so this fit nicely with the not so healthy food choice, The Butterfinger. Bart always seems to frustrate Homer in The
Simpsons series so the ads really reflected the way the world already recognized the characters
as being. The Simpson’s Butterfinger ads first aired
in 1988 and continued until February 19th, 2007. Butterfinger’s marketing did an excellent
job in securing a widely loved cartoon family to advertise with, and ensure popularity and
exposure for the candy. Grey Poupon You would never think that a bottle of mustard
would become so popular in culture based on the creative commercial for it, but Grey Poupon
managed to do so! The advertisement first appeared on television
in the 1980’s and is still remembered today. It correlates the mustard with economic status
and wealth. The ad depicts two very expensive Rolls Royce
cars rolling up next to each other and the windows roll down. The gentleman says: “Pardon me, would you
have any Grey Poupon?” The other responds, “But of course!” They exchange the mustard. The overall theme of the ad was that you do
not need to be rich to enjoy high quality mustard. The scene was also spoofed in the hugely popular
movie Wayne’s World. Since 1992, Grey Poupon has been referenced
in Hip Hop songs for exquisite status and taste. Some famous rappers that mention the mustard
in some of their songs include: Kanye West, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and T-Pain. The mustard has expanded over the years and
has grown, featuring different tastes including: coarse grain mustard, spicy brown mustard
as well as honey mustard. It genuinely is a delicious product and continues
to be purchased on a regular basis, especially thanks to great advertising. King of Pop The year was 1983 and Michael Jackson had
cemented his crown as the King of Pop. On the heels of Thriller, which sold an astronomical
66 million copies and produced 7 top 10 singles, Pepsi signed MJ to what was at the time a
very lucrative endorsement deal. At 5 million dollars the deal included sponsorship
for the Jacksons Victory tour as well as doing 2 Pepsi television commercials. After the release of the first commercial
Pepsi saw an upswing in sales and began planning the second ad. The ad was to involve scenes of the Jacksons
playing onstage and things could not have gone worse. In January 1984, after filming several takes
of the stage performance footage for the new commercial a pyrotechnic accident turned the
set into chaos. As Michael was performing and coming down
a set of stairs, sparks from one of the stage effects caught Michaels hair on fire. We’re not talking just a little singeing,
this was a full blown fireball. Perhaps the gel used in MJ’s hair had an
impact on the severity of this accident? An ambulance was called and Michael had to
be treated for severe burns to his scalp, face and body. This is said to be the beginning of Michaels
over indulgence in plastic surgeries and the use of regular pain medication. Even after such a traumatic event Michael
Jackson continued to work with Pepsi until the early nineties, paving the way for the
huge Pepsi celebrity endorsements of today. Yo quiero Taco Bell This has been one of the best ads to ever
appear on television. The “Mexican” fast food restaurant came
out with a marketing campaign featuring a chihuahua declaring: “Yo quiero Taco Bell”
meaning I want Taco Bell. The dog was actually named Gidget and lived
for 15 years from 1994 to 2009. This breed of dog fit perfectly with the restaurant
as Chihuahua’s are commonly associated with the country of Mexico. There were mixed emotions when it came to
the public’s reception of the mascot. Some people were offended, thinking that the
dog was portraying a massive stereotype, so he was not well received. For the most part, many people were amused
by the dog and embraced this type of advertising. The dog became a huge part of popular culture,
was depicted in comedic movies and even toy figures of the dog began to be made and sold. The dog advertisements did not last forever. The end came on October 23, 2004 and those
commercials have never been used again. Many people thought the ads stopped because
the dog died, but dear Gidget didn’t pass away until July 21, 2009, due to a stroke,
at his trainer’s home. He will forever be remembered, rest in peace
Gidget. Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. burger commercial There’s no doubt that most companies grab
the most popular celebrity of the moment to endorse and advertise their product. When blonde Paris Hilton held the number one
spot for being a famous celebrity, the fast food company Carl’s Jr. chose her to be in
their new jalapeno hamburger ad. The commercial was really risqué and shocked
viewers. She is shown in a barely there swimsuit, washing
a car and spraying a hose all over herself. Let us remind you this is a hamburger that
is trying to be sold. Her catchphrase “That’s Hot” went hand in
hand with the spicy burger. The public was not so responsive to this ad
as it came out totally raunchy and tasteless. New Zealand television even banned the commercial
from being aired in their country because it was so tacky. The executive vice president of the hamburger
company tried to explain the ad’s logic by saying: “The ad plays more like a music video
than a typical television commercial. And the message is very simple: Paris, the
situation, and the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger are ‘hot.’ She fascinates Carl’s Jr.’s most loyal customers,
‘young, hungry guys,’ as well as ‘young hungry gals.” The ad did one thing aside from selling burgers:
it got some tongues wagging. Domino’s The Noid Sometimes it is all about cartoon characters
that help sell products best. Domino’s latched on to this fabulous idea
when they decided to introduce The Noid to the scene and it has yet to be forgotten. The Noid was a character the pizza company
made up to recognize the annoyance felt when a pizza takes forever to be delivered. The 1980’s cartoon represented how frustrated
and angry people got at late delivery and it helped to emphasize that their pizza was
delivered in 30 minutes or less. The company decided to guarantee customers
of a delivery within 30 minutes or the order would be free once the pizza arrived. As this is not a great money making scenario
for a company, this idea was kept but reduced to just taking $3 off of the original order
price if a late delivery happened. There were consequences to this crazy sales
idea though and they were not necessarily good ones. The delivery drivers began to drive recklessly
and in panic thinking that their order would be late. The advertisements then had to be aired in
more suburban environments and not jam packed cities where it is increasingly difficult
to get around. Another horrendous impact of The Noid was
in 1989 when a mentally ill man thought that The Noid represented him, and decided to get
revenge. He entered a Domino’s in Georgia with a gun
and held employees hostage for over 5 hours. Thankfully the hostages were able to escape. Britney Spears with Pepsi Britney Spears, the pop sensation of the world,
starred in more than 1 Pepsi commercial and they were all complete perfection. She looked absolutely amazing, her hit songs
were playing, she did remixes, included a Pepsi jingle, and even did a little dance
number for us. She has also teamed up with other hit popstars
like Beyoncé and Pink, and they absolutely crushed another ad for Pepsi together as a
trio. Britney Spears is one of the most famous pop
stars of all time and it was a no brainer that one of the leading soft drink companies
around the world would quickly sink their advertising teeth into this money maker. In 2002 Britney helped make a commercial that
had the idea of “Now and Then” – it recreated ads throughout time and ended with Britney’s
style circa 2002 when it aired. Spears has reflected on her long career with
Pepsi and her overall emotions are happiness and pride. She really did do a great job for sales and
for the company in general. It’s no question that Pepsi signed over
some hefty checks for the singing sensation of the time. What’s your favorite food commercial? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to click on another one of our
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  8. My favorite Butterfinger commercial:

    Bart teases Lisa with the last Butterfinger: "Behold, the last Butterfinger in the house, and I have it!"

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  9. That Kendall Jenner commercial is kinda stupid, but people who are offended by this are idiots. If Pepsi hired Naomi Campbell, everyone wouldn't be upset because she's a kween smh

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