10 Movie Merchandise Items You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Weirdest Movie Merchandise Ever Made It’s no secret that the world of movie merch
is a lucrative one for Hollywood, offering fans items or toys to take them right back
to their favorite movies. But some products on the market are a little more questionable
than others. Keep these in mind the next time the next time you need gift inspiration for
the movie buff in your life. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Weirdest Movie Merchandise Ever
Made. R2D2 Aquarium Star Wars is a merchandise juggernaut, spanning
the saga’s nearly 40 year legacy. But when New York-based retailer Hammacher Schlemmer
got involved, fans weren’t sure about their contribution to the merchandise canon. Known
for supplying an eclectic array of gadgetry, the company prides itself on its weirdness.
For only $79.95, collectors could own the R2D2 Aquarium, which has since been removed
from their catalogue. The droid housed an almost two-gallon tank, and included a built-in
periscope for a different angle on the aquatic action. With all the color-changing lights,
themed backdrops, and voice-activated sound effects, the aesthetic of this aquarium was
designed with humans in mind, not fish – which kind of defeats the purpose. James Bond Candles The suits, booze, and cars all add to the
glamorous persona of James Bond, but one product goes a step further. In an attempt to capitalize
on all aspects of 007, clothing and lifestyle brand TOCCA created the James Bond Candle.
For only $38, buyers can make their homes smell just like Bond’s! Inspired by his
signature car and drink, the candle’s marketed as having “rich, leathery smell” reflective
of Bond’s environment. Some fans may question just what the product has to do with the star
spy, but considering how bankable the character has become, it’s not surprising. Harry Potter Vibrating Nimbus 2000 Toy manufacturer Mattel made quite a fuss
when they released a replica Nimbus 2000 from the Harry Potter franchise. Excited fans flocked
to buy them, eager to practice for Quidditch tryouts themselves. Marketed as a kids toy,
the battery-operated broomstick had a vibration feature, which normally wouldn’t be a big
deal. But because of the nature and placement of the broom, parents thought it was a little
too adult. The Nimbus was pulled from the shelves and has since been replaced with a
different, non-vibrating model made by another manufacturer. The original brooms are still
flying around on eBay, but because of their rarity, they can cost upwards of $100. Assembled The Avengers Cologne Set Marvel’s Avengers are known for many things,
but how they smell isn’t one of them – until NOW. The makers of The Avengers Cologne Set
want you to smell like your favorite superhero, with fragrances inspired by Thor, Captain
America, Iron Man, and the Hulk sold individually or as a set. The idea comes from Jads International,
who released a similar line for Star Trek, but this version makes even less sense. It
seems counter-intuitive to intentionally smell like the inside of a sweaty suit of Iron Man
armor, but according to the reviews, Tony Stark’s scent is the fan favorite. We can’t
say we’re surprised. The “Dark Vador” Burger Almost every fast food chain has paired up
with Hollywood marketing at some point, from commercials to toys, and everything in between.
When a french chain named Quick was promoting the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom
Menace 3D, they didn’t bother with toys, and just got creative with the food itself.
When Star Wars-themed burgers hit the menu, diners were shocked to see that one of them
came on a black burger bun. The “Dark Vador” burger was a double-pattied behemoth, leaving
customers split on almost every aspect. But the loudest critics questioned the logic of
a burger dedicated to a character who technically isn’t even seen in the movie being promoted. The Matrix Reloaded Cell Phone The Matrix showed audiences a darker side
of technology, but an impressively advanced one, all the same. It comes as no surprise
that the theme continued with the marketing plans for The Matrix Reloaded. The movie characters
preferred to use Samsung’s SPH-n270, and replicas were released in a limited number
to the public in 2003. But it didn’t stop with the snap-sliding phone: they came pre-loaded
with Matrix propaganda, making it a Matrix-lover’s dream from the ringtones to the menu design.
Considering how fast the phones themselves became dated and obsolete, you’d think they’d
be affordable by now. But they’re not for the budget-conscious shopper, and can run
up to $2,500 on eBay. A high price to pay considering it only displays 8 lines of text. Rocky Action Figures: The Meat, Wheelchair
Rocky Sealed action figures can be a high-value
collectors item, especially if they’re part of a limited release. Toy company Jakks Pacific
has released many Rocky knickknacks, but two of them stand out for all the wrong reasons.
The Meat figurine is an homage to the infamous meat locker scene from the original film,
with Rocky II getting a post-fight figure of Rocky in a wheelchair. It even comes complete
with bruises for extra authenticity! There’s a lot to love about Rocky Balboa, but his
merchandise isn’t one of them. 300 Leather Briefs Zack Snyder’s graphic novel action film
300 chronicles the topless battle at Thermopylae between the Spartans and Persians, and singlehandedly
motivated thousands of people to start hitting the gym like never before. And, naturally,
licensed replicas of Spartan leather briefs hit the market to capitalize on the trend.
Ranging from $79 to $95, it seems a small price to pay to make a movie fan feel like
one of the chiseled soldiers – even if they don’t look like one. Spartan briefs can
be bought, but the matching washboard abs can only be earned. C3PO Tape Dispenser As we’ve mentioned earlier, Star Wars has
some of the weirdest themed merchandise on the market. Modifying everyday items like
toasters, beds, and guitars in the brand’s image has proven a no-brainer, but finally,
the old “boring tape dispenser” problem has been solved by Sigma, the group responsible
for the ceramic C3PO tape dispenser. If its mere existence isn’t crazy enough, consider
that one in mint condition sold for $200 on eBay in 2014. Some fans have commented on
the dispenser’s awkward facial features, while others ask the more important question:
why is the roll of tape coming from between C3PO’s legs?
another person. Letters to E.T Ever since its release in 1982, E.T. has been
widely beloved by audiences. Too bad the same can’t be said about it’s merchandise.
The 1983 book “Letters to E.T.” is exactly what it sounds like: a series of letters written
to the friendly extraterrestrial. Penned by people from all walks of life, the letters
praise both the alien and director Steven Spielberg, with a few explaining how badly
the senders hope to meet E.T. someday. The book was probably intended to capture the
nostalgia among fans, but was critically panned as nothing more than a published case of ego-stroking
on Spielberg’s part. Hey Screen Ranters! This is Kati from TheRichest!
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  6. Movie colognes aren't supposed to smell like the stars/actors they are just for money mostly. If boy bands can have perfume with no problem then there is no problem with this stuff

  7. There are way way way way way way way way way way WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY weirder merchandise products than these. Want to know what I'm talking aobut?

    Twilight sparkle spray
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  8. The only Avengers fragrance I'm baffled by is The Hulk. Who wants to smell like him? I imagine he smells very… sweaty.

  9. Also, in Japan they have an Attack on Titan candle as well, but it smells disgusting and musty, I never owned one, I hate that anime XD but people who own it says it smells that way. I think they tried to go for a forest-y smell like how sometimes in the wilderness things are outdoor and smell strangely because we are used to the smells around us at home. Moss sometimes can smell like this until you get used to it, then it smells fantastic XD

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