1. Hi PP great video, helps me alot because i want to be a pilot when i am older. What is the longest flight you have ever flown? Keep up the good work!!

  2. Wenn du zu einer Flugschule gegangen bist, die zur Lufthansa gehört/ mit der Lufthansa verbunden ist, wie du gesagt hast, hättest du dann nicht auch direkt bei der LufthansaGroup eingestellt werden können oder gab es da keine Garantie, dass die dich einstellen? Also warum musstest du dich selbst noch nach einem Job umschauen?

  3. i want to be a pilot but i am a commercial student im good in maths but never sad for only physics but science instead,i will love u tp guide me to my success,am in the gambia

  4. Hello pilot Patrick I which your videos wonderful messages I you pilot Patrick bcs some body use your videos

  5. Excellent ….your dis vid is very very informative 😊😘👌👍you are a good teacher also 👌😊….keep it up .thanks 😘😘😘

  6. Good day,,, I'm sorry sire, I just wanna know if studying aviation part- time (from PPL TO ATPL) is it effective as much as studying it full time????????…….

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  8. Please sir give any idea for those who are not able to afford the flight training please give any idea.

  9. Hello patric please make a video on pilot personality please please please ☺☺☺😄😐😄😶🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏🙎😿😿😿😻😻💏💏👴👴👴👐

  10. Well I wanna be a pilot too but am in Ghana Africa and am Jeffery can I get ur number so we can talk

  11. I’m from Iraq and there’s no loans here , I remember when I was 12 years old started to watch videos about planes and everything about it , I watched all movies about planes , I really really wanted to be a pilot
    Unfortunately I don’t have money and when I finished my high school they told me it’s not allowed for women… I just realized that my dream will not be never true ! Now I’ll graduate from accounting college and of course that’s not what I wanted … after I watched your videos and tears on my eyes! I said ok Marien you don’t have money but you can be flight attendant, I know it’s not what I wanted but at least maybe I Can save money to study pilot before I become 30 years old

  12. Sir please suggest me that which type of school or college I join in INDIA after completing my 12th class . After seeing your list I'm confused. That what I join flight school or aviation college.
    And am near to INDIRA GHANDI INTERNATIONAL RASTRIYA UDAN ACADEMY does it is good option for me ?? Sir plz reply me

  13. Great inside tips for future pilots.✈️ That's a very beautiful quote by Leonardo Da Vinci. Wait, you wear glasses?! But you look so cute in them.☺

  14. You r awesome.. That's all I can say! And yah… Thanks a bunch for ur tips.. As I was actually in a dilemma whether or not complete my bachelor first… So now I know I'm gna finish the bachelors in English then voila! Straight to my Dream! ✈

  15. I reckon you let the female doctor give you a blowjob, hence the reason why you have glasses.

  16. Please tell if pilots do make a lot of money or not! Patrik please answer.

  17. I'm wearing glasses .. my ambition is pilot .. but can I become a pilot wearing glasses?

  18. Hi Patrick! Tolles und informatives Video, das mich in meiner Einstellung bestärkt hat. Ich habe mich sicherheitshalber dafür entschieden vor der Ausbildung einen Bachelor zu machen, und beende dieses Jahr mein duales Studium bei einem Konzern. Anschließend werde ich auch weiter dort arbeiten und während dessen die Zeit nutzen, deine Tipps umzusetzen und mich in Ruhe auf die Sache drauf vorzubereiten.
    Danke für deine tollen Videos und deine offene, sympathische Persönlichkeit!

  19. 😍😍😍Great dear Patrick please tell me a question that no body tell me the answer
    Completely how much did you spend to become the first officer please tell me please😍😍😍

  20. Hii..Patrick..how are u Patrick..how u make Vidio YouTube new?with u day one day it's very good see?Happy valentine day Patrick❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💐💐💐

  21. Hello Patrick
    Hope you are doing well.I didn't take physics during my IGCSE exam, but know I really want to become a commercial pilot. So please can you suggest me something what should I do to get some proper knowledge about physics, which actually a flying school wants.

    Best regards

  22. How much did you spend for tuition fees for a flight school?


  23. Do i get a choice of choosing what kind of plane I want to fly , after my schooling is done.??

  24. Do i Get to choose how long i fly ?can i choose between thede two ?fly long flights or short flights

  25. For Chile and south America I recommend Clearway Aviation Center. www.clearway.cl

  26. Welche private Flugschule für ATPL empfiehlst du in Berlin ? LG 🙂

  27. what do you mean by plan B ?

    study diploma/bachelor degree before taking flight school OR study while doing flight training ?

    and does the course have to be related to Aviation ?

  28. Very good tips u gave on u r profession which will be helpful for us to share with people who intend to do so .very proud of u r charity work

  29. It has been my nearly decade long personal experience that there is so much discrimination out there in the aviation sector!

    For example, I had been trying to take piloting lessons in rural Le Mars, Iowa, where i have lived for 11 years, for 7 years and I kept being told by our local airport staff that our local airport didn't have a plane that was heavy enough to carry myself (who weighs about 350 pounds these days) and another individual for recreational flights as a passenger or as a student pilot who was interested in flight training and gaining the several thousand hours that one legally has to log to become a commercial pilot.

    Then, in a totally sadistic twist of fate, 4 local people died in an aircraft that flew right out of that same Le Mars, Iowa airport and the the guy who was flying the plane was flying with one of his students and two passengers on a hunting trip when the plane crashed because the pilot in command of the aircraft had a heart attack during the fatal flight, however, I later found out that the aircraft was leaking carbon monoxide and all 4 passengers were found to have carbon monoxide in their system during their autopsy.

    It just made me think that, these people who were operating this aircraft could have made enough money to properly maintain the aircraft and those 4 people would be alive today if they had been more willing to make a profit from recreational aircraft flights and flight training than they were willing to lie to and discriminate against a local individual who was already a 30+ year veteran of the transportation industry who had been recommended to take recreational flights and flight training from that facility by members of the facility's staff's own family members.

  30. I want to be a pilot like you.. But we i cant afford the whole course😢

  31. By plan B, you mean getting a bachelor's degree unrelated to aviation, for example: A business degree.

  32. If you don't do physics but u did geography will u get the job plz tell me

  33. i have a small eye problem. its so small that i can even see without glasses, can i still become pilot???

  34. Sehr interessant ! Er hat die supertolle Tipps für alle 👍😊👍
    Aber echt ein teurer Ausbildungskosten 😲🙈
    Zahlt das Finanzamt die Erstattung ( wegen teurer Kosten ) zurück oder ? 🤔❓

  35. hello sir can i ask how can i become a pilot what course should i take in college because right now im graduating from highschool and next year i will take up college what course should i take to become a pilot

  36. Hi Sir Can I Ask How Can I Become A Captain What Course Should I Take In Chollage Because Right Now In Granduting From HighShcool And The Next I Wiill…😊Take Up Collage What Course should i take to Become A Captain Patrick 😇😇

    I Love You Captain 😘

  37. do I enter the military to be an airline pilot after high school? what do I do to be an airline pilot
    please advice me what should I do .do pilot go to college or what
    how much do they pay pilot

  38. I'm going to use my birthday money to test flight (simulator) soon.I'm only 14 (turning 15 less than a month) and I've already decided what line and flight school I want to attend to. Watching your videos gives me so much motivation like wow i really love your videos! And am i the only one that noticed he's glow up, like fr? (I've already prepard a litle from playing airline commandor so I can't wait :D)

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