11.09.2019: USD trades higher while EUR lacks momentum (USDX, USD/CAD)

The American currency advanced moderately against other major currencies. Most of all, it has strengthened against the euro. These days, traders are paying little attention to the ongoing situation, particularly, trade relations between the United States and China. The monetary policy meetings of two major central banks are under the spotlight. Remarkably, the weekly expected volatility in the EUR/USD pair surged to this year’s highest level. This indicator factors in the decisions of both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. The American President continues to pressure the country’s financial regulator into easing the monetary policy. Today Trump criticized Fed Chair Jerome Powell for a refusal to follow his recommendations on reducing the interest rate to a zero level. The market reaction is neutral as the regulator is famous for its independence. However, the worrisome factor is that Trump can bypass the Fed and unleash a currency war if the trade conflict with China escalates. The US dollar has remained the stronger currency in the pair with the euro for the second session in a row. At the same time, the pair has been trading in a tight range. During the American session, euro bears took control, thus pushing the pair below the level of 1.09. The US dollar index was trading near 98.64 at the session’s opening. Traders ignored the publication of the US PPI report that showed a moderate growth in August. Trades on USD/CAD are muted. The quotes are stuck near 1.31. They fell to this level after the Canadian labor market report had been published. Unlike the US jobs data, it became the second strongest report this year and was in the top 3 for the past five years. However, the Bank of Canada still sees increasing risks to the economic growth and does not rule out a rate cut.

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