2.5% in 1 Year or These Results?

4 thoughts on “2.5% in 1 Year or These Results?

  1. i like the OAS stock price action, support re-tested held, move stop to support, possibly break even, re-test resistance mitigate and or tighten, breach tighten and move only when higher low's formed if not close position capture more profits, higher low formed, move below, gap up possibly all out.

  2. Clay these performance reports are quite lacking you can't present a position gain as a total gain because some losing opportunities and winning ones happen at the same time also if they occur sequentially they will impact the cumulative calculation in a nonlinear way. I think you shouldn't shy away from displaying your total monthly performance in day trading instead of just uploading videos about $300 in 10 min or whatever I mean no disrespect by the way but these kind of videos are not conclusive and appeal to newbies maybe but look suspect to the sophomore traders if u will. Take care

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