2 Amazing Swing Trading Patterns

– So in this video we’re
going to talk about 2 specific patterns
that you should use for Swing Trading. (upbeat techno music) – What’s up, Tim Sykes, millionaire, mentor, and trader here giving you tips, giving you lessons that I’ve learned over the past 20 years. Some people like Day Trading, some people like Swing Trading. Leave a comment just below, let me know which you prefer. I’m curious, you know, there’s no one right answer, we’re all different, but do you prefer Day Trading or Swing trading? I go, you know, both ways. I just want to make money, for me, when there is a good opportunity. I will tell you I personally have patience problems, so I’m leaning more towards the Day Trading. Swing Trading is where you’re holding the stock for several days, sometimes even several weeks, because you know, maybe the news takes a little while to play out, maybe the move is a little slower than a lot of the volatile stocks that I do for Day Trading. Day Trading doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re holding the stock just for a minute or an hour, you know sometimes I still hold the stock overnight, but you know, within 24 hours
I guess it’s considered you know, one day. This is not an exact science, okay? When some people say,
oh Day Trading is this, Swing Trading is this, I don’t know. You need to find your
optimal holding time. Some people do like holding for just a few minutes. Some people like a few hours. Some people like a few days, weeks, months, years. It’s totally up to you. Try everything. I encourage that, okay? You need to think of yourself as a scientist. But 2 specific patterns that I have personally used, and my top students have personally used, for Swing Trading. Number 1. Buying an earnings winner, or a billionaire investor kind of play, where a billionaire had now just invested in this small penny stock, thus giving their penny stock massive credibility. I’ve seen these plays not necessarily spike all on day one,
because billionaires, a lot of them just frankly,
aren’t that famous. But they spike on day
2, day 3, day 5, day 7, day 10, when you know,
when the mainstream press sometimes writes about it. I’ll give you an example,
Carl Icahn, he is actually a very famous billionaire, but he invested in this one
ticker a few years ago, a VLTC, and the stock was up roughly 100% from the ones to the twos
on the news that this billionaire invested in
this low price stock. I bought it in the twos
after it was already up 100%. A lot of my students
and doubters were like, why would you buy a stock up 100%? But I sold it I think either, I sold some like later that day and some like the next day, and I made my
20% 30% as it kept going. Two weeks later that $2
stock was over $20, okay? 1,000% increase because
a lot of the press and a lot of the analysts that
wrote about Carl Icahn and this company did
not see it right away. Most of the press and most investors don’t care about low price
stocks, so you actually should employ Swing
Trading on news that will take days or weeks to disseminate amongst all of Wall Street. And the same thing with earnings winners when a company in whatever industry had better than expected earnings, or maybe the CEO says something positive about the future. It takes a little time
for the analysts and the hedge funds and
everyone to write about it and, you know, make their moves. It takes time, and that’s what Swing Trading is all about. It takes a little longer than everyone seeing breaking news in a day or in an hour or in a few minutes. One other pattern that I would use for Swing Trading is
shorting pump and dumps. If a stock has gone up 500%, 1,000%, or 2,000%, 5,000% you know, from let’s say 10 cents to like $4, and it has the first red day, that is very important, where the volume has faded, the
stock has maybe crashed, maybe they’re not sending
any more promotional emails. That often times is a
good place to hold your short for several days or
several weeks if you can. My student Tim Lento,
I know I have a lot of Tims, I’m sorry we have
Tim Bohen and Tim Grittani, Tim Sykes, and Tim Lento. Tim Lento is kind of the odd man out that most people don’t know about, because he doesn’t Day Trade a lot. He actually holds these pump and dumps short for several weeks. But he’s made roughly
a quarter of a million dollars trading at
interactive brokers, sometimes they borrow, sometimes
they don’t, but when he does short he holds it for several weeks. And he makes 50, 60, 80, 90% sometimes on his shorts, because as a pump and dump collapses, it’s not like the FBI always raids their offices all in one day. Sometimes it takes time for all of the insiders to start selling their shares off gradually. They don’t want to crash the stock all in one day, so that would create like an FCC investigation, so
the insiders, and whoever paid the pumpers, are selling their shares gradually. So sometimes these stocks
take a week, 2 weeks, a month, 2 months, 6
months to really drop down, and yes, as a short seller
you are paying some fees. The longer you hold your short you have to pay like a per day fee,
but it’s negligible if you’re using interactive brokers from what I hear. I don’t have the patience, okay? I want to be very clear with you. I make my 10, 20, 30% like on a billionaire play, or if I’m shorting a pump and dump I’m in and out the next day. I’m always scared the pumpers are going to re pump, so there are risks with that, but it makes sense. If these pump and dumps
are going to collapse, if these pump and dumps
are going to go to zero, you theoretically could
just hold for a lot longer, and I know Tim Lento does
a fantastic job of that. So these are just 2
patterns, there are profit opportunities if you
want to hold several days or several weeks, if
you’re like a full time student or have a full
time job, you can still utilize the low price stock market to make money by having patience. (upbeat music) Hey, Tim Sykes millionaire,
mentor and trader, thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you, I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos. Get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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