2017/03/17: Chaos (and Order) at McMaster University

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  1. "Transphobic piece of shit" ?? This is awful… walking freak shows and wimps who suddenly get brave because they are with a group…real cowardice and ignorance at its highest

  2. The assholes in the university admin should remove these assholes and expell them from the university if they are repeated offenders. Then these idiot assholes will be out in the real world knocking doors for a job and carry their student debt to their grave!

  3. If I ever see this and am sitting in the crowd. I'm getting up. Fuck these fools! Lets all get up! Push these sticks out! Rip their signs down! We know we are stronger!

  4. The control you have of your human machine is very motivating. Your journey has been very inspiring to follow.

  5. The 'protesters' sound like unsocialized, low intelligence stupid people. Likely the products of single mother families, no morals, no socializing, no boundaries. Beneath contempt. Why didn't Security people remove them from the venue ? You DEFINITELY need a Security contingent traveling with you, particularly if you plan on delving into the barbaric and deadly world of Islam. I am NOT joking. Anne x

  6. JP isn't even FOR the things that he is being accused of. And the kids are acting like he is 'pressing where it hurts them most', how about they engage him in a civil debate instead of ambushing a man who is essentially a force for good?

  7. I feel a sort of pain for that small cluster of awakened people that are actually eager to listen to what Dr. Peterson has to say.

    Though they are the bright lights of awareness and critical thinking in that dismal sea of dullard darkness, I fear their light might soon be snuffed by the huff and puff of the far greater swathes of inept and intellectually bankrupt.

  8. Well, the people with the highest suicide rate have spoken. LOL. Manchester University staff should be ashamed of themselves for tolerating this. These people did not protest. They completely disrupted. That was a mob and how many steps away from violence? Shame on these idiots. This is a demonstration of utter disrespect and disregard of every person there that would like to hear this.
    These people are reprehensible and they do not represent me.
    Thank you Jordan Peterson. For the sanity. Somebody's got to do it.
    You know they kill people for this? Jesus. M. L. K. J. It's ugly but it's true. I feel silly giving you advice but, be careful my dear helper, be very careful.
    I am sexually, something. But not them. What is finding 3 or 4 out of 100 of the same sex attractive? Specially when you have almost no chance of expressing it with someone because of the possibility of being entangled socially and privately with people of this reprehensible lack of character. I choose character before everything but food and shelter I believe LOL. These people are trading whatever character they could have for a sexual identity. Really cheap trade-off. I don't care to have any dialogue with people who don't want to have free open dialogue. And shoving someones sexuality down someone's throat is utterly reprehensible and pitifully whiny and immature. Jes, it's overwhelming.
    Thank you so much for braving this storm. There is a line in the novel Dune that repeats over and over.
    " For the good of the tribe."
    You sir know what is good for the tribe. The biggest tribe. Mankind herself. 😂

  9. This behaviour makes the average person think to themselves "Fuck these motherfuckers" aaaaand thats why the Left is dying a very vibrant and entertaining death

  10. 33:32 – > Is everything you need to know about how to properly and effectively exist counter SJWs' vicious worldview. It's long suffering, but it's worth it. You will be made stronger, and they, thereafter, will be made to look sillier and sillier and evermore a slave to the powers that want to keep them from critical thinking.

  11. It IS OK to physically remove them and with extreme prejudice, they are the true enemy of all that is good and useful in the world. The problem, or hesitation, among GOOD people like us is that we hesitate to begin what we know will be the next CIVIL WAR. However, some of us are ready for it, I would volunteer to fight these priviledged spoiled brats, and defend our freedom just as has been done throughout human history when an evil presented itself, such as Hitler, and would gladly give my life, but not without taking a few of them with me! They need to die, they give us no choice. It is them or us, they have made that clear. I think 99.999% of them would shit their pants when faced with a real threat to their sad little lives.

  12. The irony here is insane. Are the protesters against equal rights and free speech? I just don't get it. Thank god i live in Norway.

  13. "Hey Peterson! Hate speech is not free speech. Fuck you, you transphobic son of a bitch". This is so sad……. Im on the far left (yes im destructive and insane), but these people are representing everything that they are against. It hurts so bad.

  14. Well, I think I understand more of the concepts "Chaos and order" now……….

  15. "In Berlin, under the leadership of Goebbels, so-called Rollkommandos were organized for the purpose of disrupting political meetings of all non-Nazi groups. These Roll kommandos were charged with interrupting, making noise, and unnerving the speaker."

  16. I think Jordan should criminally charge that ugly obese woman who tried to deafened him with that annoying air horn . Also if he was there talk the disgusting lefties should by law be removed .

  17. That is not a University, is a zoo…Poor boys and girls depressed and offended playing to be victims…Who lives as a victim, die as a victim

  18. Did these people even listen to what he said? This whole situation is incredibly stupid. Do they have brains? Really hard to tell. And the fact that most of these protesters are women drowning in hysteria tells me that one element is the "sour grapes" phenomenon. I just can't account for their violent, aggressive behavior otherwise: They desperately want a guy like Jordan Peterson but they won't admit it. So, the guys want to be Jordan Peterson, and the women want Jordan Peterson. Very basic, very messed up. And it's 2018.

  19. It is indeed ok to remove thos idiots, cause this room has way more persons inside then allowed by fire regulations. Thats why they HAVE to remove the idiots aka protesters. And if some of them are still at the sitting audience ….. then they are removed cause they are disturbing an scheduled event. That happens at universities all the time.

    If they hate freedom of speech and simply are such cowards to avoid a simple discussions then they have to be removed. Without any doubt at all. Democracy always just survives when we stand up against dumb radicals. Weve seen what happens when we negotiate with them, when Chamberlain stated "Peace in our time". Facists understand only one language. And thos iditos are as fascist as possible.

    And BTW If security is just a bunch of cowards, then they simply could call police. Removing thos idiots isnt a problem at all.

  20. "If you can keep your head when those about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you …," you must be Jordan Peterson.

  21. Childish and noisy , brutish, and mean spirited because they will not allow Peterson his right to think and speak the truth of their illness. He has a right to speak where ever he wishes, and we have the right to hear him speak but they want to take that freedom away. I for one, don't care what these sick people think their gender is and won't play their game. I just avoid them when I see them and will not talk to one of them. You cannot miss them right, they dress part male and part female . They're not fooling anyone but themselves.

  22. You’d think that a university is a place where young people go to
    get intellectually challenged, in an effort to grow socially and intellectually.
    May be try to listen to an accomplished individual with 30 plus years
    of life experience ahead of them……oops, my fault.

  23. If my child ever behaved that way, I would be the last person he or she would see on this planet.
    I'd rather have my child dead and buried than to see him/her defending evil liberalism and its agenda. Period.
    Case closed.

  24. JP's rhetoric is amazing, even under such conditions. He's way above the average and I believe very few people understand how intelligent he is.

  25. ALWAYS keep a bullhorn on your person when speaking with an SJW.

  26. If I had been there i would have slapped they megaphone out of that evil brsinwashed clown hand…. IGNORANT MARXIST SPEECH IS BRAINWASHED SPEECH..

  27. These savages are afraid of hearing him speack because he speaks the truth because and exposes thier demonic ideology.

    These mentally insane and demoniclly evil humans are the same horrendous monsters that the Nazi in Germany and the murderous Marxist of the Soviet Union produced.

    Just listen to the insane, manic ravings of this human garbage. They are reprehensible, dispicable, hatdilled fanatics. Can you imagine of these peoole were in power. They almost were.

    Thank God for Donald Trump.

    LIFT HIM UP…..

  28. it's so funny watching this now. All those simpletons that were just spouting slogans that didn't even pertain to Dr. Peterson must be looking at his rise to international fame and acclaim and wonder what the hell happened. They are still stuck in the shadows with nobody giving a shit about their victim status and virtue signaling. The tide is turning and they are losing. I wonder how that feels?

  29. To watch this for me is to witness one of the biggest injustice in the world. Those screaming beings don’t deserve to breathe the same air with Peterson, let alone silence him

  30. its hard to keep an understandI g mindset in the face of such abrasive ignorance, like Peterson I'm all for humanity and I want the best for every individual, genuinely. I even use to think I should go protest things I thought as unjust. I understand now how that's not where any change is made, change can come in the form of an understanding dialogue between humans. I'm thankful all this happen to illuminate what you should not do when trying to invoke change in the world. What's crazier then anything in this whole situation is if everyone dropped they're guard and actually listen to what he is saying Non-biasly (like he speaks) they would clearly see Jordan Peterson is just saying what is true, some of those things are hard to swallow but it's only through accepting the truth, where people can solve those "problems" and move pass them, or even notice there's nothing to solve. He is such a loving caring individual, who inspires me through his strength and intelligent open mindedness.

  31. I wonder if they are aware of how hypocritical their actions are

  32. How weird is it to hear the best (intellectual discourse based of research and openness to discuss) and the worst (adults screaming non-sense like toddlers because they don't like someone) of humanity at the same time.

  33. Let's remember why and whom we are!;
    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
  The torch; be yours to hold it high.
  If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
      In Flanders fields.

  34. Hello. I'd like to ask a question related to a few things Mr. Peterson says in this video, starting from around 25:00, about language regulation in the legislature. My question is: When it comes to impeding free speech, what is the relevant difference between legislation that governs "what you can't say" and legislation that "requires people to use a particular set of words", and where should one draw the line beyond which such legislation becomes objectionable?

  35. You know, the activists made some compelling points. I think I'll change my mind now…

  36. Peterson for PM. Or the power hungry Stalinists will take over.

  37. Thankfully, They only made him stronger. If you oppose someone, this is the last thing you should do.

  38. I'm kinda surprised that these protesters haven't gotten hurt en-mass by now. Shows such restraint on the right.

  39. What deplorable stupid young brainless rude students. Just bring in the fire brigade and hose them down with high powerhouses. I'd even pay to see that.thenthey can sit there all soaking wet and listen,,,,, maybe?

  40. I totally respect Jordan B Peterson… Even though he would not see some things the way I do, he certainly sees the human mind and how it is so easily influenced the way I do… and for that, I salute him…… RESPET……

  41. Dr. Peterson I have nothing but the most admiration for your courage – The World needs more people like you.

  42. THEY scream if they think their rights are being infringed on but they can walk all over the rights of others to a peaceful assemble and they seem very immature in their thinking and behavior.

  43. I want to know how many of these "Protesters" actually bother to watch any of the hundreds of hours of content on Dr. Peterson's channel

  44. What a truly great… and dignified man. Such a great example to follow. Thank you Sir.

  45. Is that Cindy Lauper on the megaphone, after 8 packs of marlboro reds.

  46. I have never seen so many punchable faces in one place…..i mean…how else do you shut them up?

  47. These are the same clowns who, rather than change the channel and not watch what will trigger them, will make noise to have the content or program cancelled.

  48. LOLLLLLL the image of his face at the end of the video. Stay classy Jordan

  49. I really dislike these vague pronouns like Trans, it is ambiguous and can be about transcending anything. I swear the internet has it's pros, but the cons is that it has given voice and awareness to the mass of morons who have no fundamental understanding of morals and ethics but decry for such things as liberties and justice when they feel or think they've been wrong even though they have not been directly wronged.

    For some odd reason I was pondering about the Tower of Babel story and how the tower can also represent a State of sort, and that one of the reason the Tower of Babel falling was the cause of different languages to happen which is ridiculous… but what I claim is that the word language was a bad translation, instead it should be "cognitive dissonance" because two humans can be talking in English but can neither understand nor desire to relate to each other. I feel that the world is like a Tower of Babel and that if we stop trying to relate cognitively with each other to resolve how to further construct the world we will surely end up falling apart and it will be worst this time around since nuclear bombs and other catastrophic weapons may be used.

  50. Thankyou Jordan Peterson. You are an excelling example at what a civilized articulate person can be like. I now see much more reason to reach my own potential and improve the world in my own way in a calm (when effective and it usually is) and thoughtful way.

  51. 35:22 "The Nazi's had a consensus, the individual has a conscience". What a powerful statement right there.

  52. I can't help but admire Jordan Peterson and I pretty much agree with everything he says. He reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi.

  53. This kids should be in class, studying. They have in a privilege position but they care more about the "injustices" they face. As if no one else faces obstacles in life.
    What it seems to me is that this kids have a low self esteem. Cowards little brats. At the same time it seems this kids are being used to advance an agenda. Maybe a debate with the people who runs this university will clarify a lot of what we are seeing.

  54. This is how hearts and minds are won. Let the closed minded demonstrate their beliefs and contrast it with reasonable, intelligent discourse. Fair minded people will be won over, and you can't do anything about those who refuse to listen.

  55. I always love white people screaming "This is stolen land!" Because that makes them part of the … solution, I guess? I don't see any of them packing a suitcase. #SaveMeFromCanada

    Also, it's a fascinating transition to watch. The further the camera gets away from the noise, the more attractive the people become. What's up with that? 😉

    Okay, one more, I'm writing this as I'm watching. 28:14 "We kind of want to hear your views on free speech, but we don't want to hear your views on gender identity and stuff, I thought that was made clear to you. At the same time I'd appreciate it if you just stayed on topic." IGNORED! 😀

  56. I wonder if any of these brainwashed morons have ever considered that their likelihood of getting any decent job has just dropped to ZERO, with companies screening job applicants in the social media? Think AI algorithms and facial recognition software. And thank god for that; none of them will ever rise to a position of power.

  57. Sir, this is one of the most impressive feats of character i've ever seen in my life, i have the utmost respect and admiration for you.

  58. I have a question. Does anybody know what is meant by self-identified name in the Policy on Preventing Discrimination Because of Gender Identity and Expression: “ Refusing to refer to a person by their self-identified name and proper personal pronoun”.
    Could this be something like Donald Duck, Her Majesty or Jesus Christ?

  59. It's times like these that the deaf have a tremendous advantage and are able to block out the noise.

  60. I am ashamed that McMaster is my alma matar. But my days at Mac were between 1994-1999 and I got a B.Eng degree. Back in the 90s things were different. Students, admins and professors were normal. We didn't have any panzymen cry baby protests or whiners or safe spaces where we can go and cry. The professors were tough as fuck and many told us on the first day in their classes that to get a B+ in their class was nearly impossible. We studied until 1-2am almost every night and many times pulled all nights. So yeah, things were different. We grew up to become MEN and WOMEN. Not the pussies that are graduating from these institutions today. Thank god I stopped donating funds to McMaster 15 years ago.

  61. 'no speech for jordan peterson' ??? do they even know how IRONIC that stupid chant is ???

  62. “This is where we force our agenda! This is where we force our agenda! This is where we force our agenda! This is where we force our agenda! This is where we force our agenda!”

  63. They couldn't help but become more civilised (the protestors), lol I saw it like they were involuntarily bonding with JP and the audience. After a while they begin to understand they are the odd one in a mass of people yelling, projecting their craziness, but won't admit it because they are too deep…

  64. OMG! 0_0 This is horrible! Ignorant imbeciles. Canadian sjw's went postal.

  65. He said no free speech for transphobic bigots!??<air horn><<air horn>><cowbell>

    JP : I also think that when you watch people who are idiot logically possessed, mostly what you hear is noise. Because there isnt much difference between what they think and Noise.


    Does he even understand what Free Speech means? This is hilarious – to watch – I'm sure it wasn't hilarious to have been anyone in that room trying to speak or listen. A bunch of really really really big toddlers

  66. 23:55 the protesters took a lunch break? LMFAO wow🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Omg they're so dumb… but of course in their minds they think they're saving the world or something lol

  68. I'm an enormously proud Englishman with equally strong Canadian family roots dating back as far as the mid 1600's For all those worthless, pointless, brainless, workshy protesters who attended this meeting for no better reason than a "social gathering with friends" (friends no doubt equal in IQ and thuggish behaviour), you were a complete embarrassment to your country, your gender, and your university. Dr Peterson has just as many critics at Oxford University in England, as he has at McMaster. I would urge everyone who has watched this utter shambles with Peterson's attendance at Oxford, and contrast the two… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZMIbo_DxJk

  69. alguien que muy gentil pueda traducir lo que dice el Dr Jordan Peterson. les agradesco de antemano

  70. Maby instead of trying to shut down a discussion these ignorant inconsiderate children should try and offer intelligent counter arguments.

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