3 common MISTAKES Forex traders make! And how to avoid them?!

85 thoughts on “3 common MISTAKES Forex traders make! And how to avoid them?!

  1. Nothing wrong with indicators. What a wild statement.

  2. Love the multi-timeframe window and setting S/R levels! Looks great, definitely gonna implement that into my trading. Thanks, Andrew!

  3. Andrew, I find all of your video's highly informative so I want to personally thank you for doing these. Keep them coming!

  4. Glad you got rid of that cheesy intro to your videos & instead cut straight to the chase. Content is king not hype or extraneous fluff!

  5. Excellent video. Especially about using too many indicators.

  6. What software are you using? Are you on a Mac or a PC?

  7. Well said, Well done. Good teachings. Please I want you to take us through Risk Management thoroughly. This is another major concerned

  8. Wow. Line chart for key levels this has to be the best thing learnt. Candle stick keys levels are so hard. Great video

  9. Nice video. My question is what do you consider when setting Take profit and stop losses.

  10. hey andrew. Another great video. Could you do a video on pivot points.

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  16. These videos are good foreal, nice n and easy to understand, clean charts for real….. Now I know what to do n what not to do

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  18. Great video Andrew, thanks.
    Using the follow the trend strategy like that, then could you please giving the tricks or make video on how to anticipate when the trend is change. Thanks alot.

  19. I've learnt quiet a lot from your you tube videos… keep it coming

  20. in reference to three common mistakes that Traders make are there any investment strategy books that you would recommend for trading?

  21. in reference to three common mistakes that investors make…Andrew Lockwood..do you have any thing good to say about online trade?

  22. Hi, simple & easy to understand, i started to follow ur videos hope i can do trading for life

  23. Andrew, I find all of your video's highly informative so I want to personally thank you for doing these. Keep them coming!

  24. thank you for this powerful teaching…but am interested in that your indicator momentum
    pls that momentum is not downloading…pls i want you to educate on that indicator and how to download it here are my email [email protected]

  25. Trading is hard because banks and big institutions have collaborated, to trade against the little guys who make up the vast majority of forex traders. If u think its impossible, ask urself who controls the the banking industry in all the world. You will see, its not difficult for them to do this at all, especially given the advancement of technology. A few get lucky ofcourse, but the vast will not, because the collaborated financial institutions will make sure that the vast majority are always wrong, hence they will always take your money…

  26. Yes, too many Indicator is not good for you and using Stop Loss is the best way to avoid Margin Call.

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  28. Thanks for the helpful video, may i know what time frame you use for your moving average (i saw 3 lines in there) and is that can be use for all time frame/all type of traders like scalper/daily trader/or swing trader? Im still new in forex and wanna learn more, thanks ^^

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  31. Thank you so much i wished i had watch this video sooner could have save my self a lot of money and time

  32. Perfect my friend. Actually i still have struggling with some issues you’ve just mentioned. But i’ gonna fix that right now! Hugs!

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  34. I agree with your sentiment, especially higher timeframes. I had developed rules to enter a trade and was getting a 60/40 (W/L) ratio on a 4 hour chart and when I analyzed why I was losing some of the 40, I was not looking at the higher time frame e.g. daily, weekly and if I had done so I would have seen a pull back or ranging. Higher timeframes have helped me determine whether to enter a trade or not now.

  35. What you do when instead of a 50+-% pullback the price keeps shooting up 100-200pips😃

  36. wow you are a genius. don't know trading could be this easy. thank you. trying to register but i can't


  38. What moving averages do you use when you are doing your top down analysis trading ?

  39. This banker Andrew has created a scam artists haven comments section…
    Only 5% are retail fx crowd here😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. from hindsight it look easy because you are looking from the middle of the chart. what confused people is what yet to happen in the right side of the chart.

  41. Appreciate ur videos. Why do u plot closes on 4Hr candles or any candle other than Daily? Surely the closes on smaller timeframes is irrelevant? The closes on these candles is just that price happened to be there at the second the candle closed. A few seconds or minutes either way or a big player acted sooner the close price would have been different! So why is eg a 30minute candle close more important than a wick? Many Thanks.

  42. Definitely.. Thumbs UP Andrew..!!  as I ever said.. You are one the most clear and concise analyzer of market.. good explanations.. clear language.. perfect spelling.. so easy to understand..!!!  Bravooo..!!!!

  43. This is a great video. I am using it in my own website about this topic here: https://binbitforex.club/%ef%bb%bfknow-you-have-got-made-a-trading-mistake/

  44. Hi there, thanks for the video. Very sound strategies. I use a similar pullback strategy. Can I ask you a question which has been bugging me for years? Do you trade a 1 hour chart signal when economic news is impending on the day itself? I want to avoid news but it seems like I will lose a lot of opportunities if I avoid news totally. I am stuck. Kindly advise if possible. Thanks very much!

  45. Love you videos. Have been uaing demo account after watching your teachings. Uses your EMA 8,13,21 strategy and took one trade to make great move today. Thank you.

  46. Can u share the values of moving everages exactly for which particular average u have used which value…am planning to join ur team but I need to understand this first

  47. Hi Andrew, thanks for video is very usefull and clear message. Andrew I will be appreciated if you make a video covering the below subject or problem ? I would like to ask you that: when I analys a chart historically it is very easy to analys such as 6 months or a year period. However I am having difficulties for longer periods such as 10 years and etc. uch problem causes by: 1- difficult to define exact support and resistance (confusing)2- long period but using 15 inch screen (all the time left right to match the very small points, causes mistakes-)3- Too many support and resistance line hard to define which one is major or which one is not important (confusing / hard to decide) 4- beside it is not always seems easy to match the historic price actions to recent price action and so on…  Regards,

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