3 Easy Steps to Apply for IPO using Zerodha! (SBI Cards | LIC | Burger King) | Earn Passive Income.

100 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps to Apply for IPO using Zerodha! (SBI Cards | LIC | Burger King) | Earn Passive Income.

  1. I need a training class without open Demat account. if in case necessary to open Demat account. I opened, but I must be now any annual charges or maintenance charges are controlled for me. please give me reply

  2. Thank you so much the tips and information… really appreciated ❤️
    I just pre-order SBI IPO.

  3. great work sis u give us really useful knowledge about ipo without charging a single penny thakns a lot……just want to ask u 1 question is it possible that our investment wll be zero in any circumstance?????

  4. Hi can you please make a video on how a student can save money (with very low pocket money) ? … Love your work

  5. In ur video, how to open demat account , you have discussed only about Demat account whereas in the starting u said that u ll show how to open demat as well as Trading account. Pls tell me how to open trading account.

  6. Mam, I'm a student and who is very eager to learn some finance lessons and want to earn money ,as I'm in my 20's I want you to help us ……Thank you so much for guiding 😊

  7. Hi mam,
    Your videos are very informative. I just love your teaching style. Your voice is very clear and bold. Lucky that I found your account.

    I have a question.
    Can I open a zerodha account and start trading on Indian companies when I'm in UK?
    I'm an Indian and recently moved to UK for short term.
    Appreciate your help! Thank you in advance! Loads of love and good luck😁

  8. Which is better…. applying of OFS or IPO based on probability of getting allotment

  9. Thank you so much for taking initiative and guiding beginners to invest in safe way,after looking at ur easy plan vedio ,I have started my liquid fund SIP for last 5 months ,feeling happy of saying at least some emergency fund.thanks once again for ur service.

  10. Request you to educate us more on how to maintain these shares and what is the turn around time for the returns and also please shed some light on the risk involved in investing on IPO's also on what is the minimum amount required to buy such shares so that we can be prepared.. Hoping to hear from.. Thanks in advance..

  11. Way of explanation is very interesting so thanks for the video. I am applying for the SBI cards IPO on 02-03-2020.

  12. I have just 4 shares of SBI for last 3 years. Can I use the Shareholder option or it is good to go with Individual investor.

  13. I just creating my Account on Zerodha . But in last I did not get any POA form. Please reply currently no need to send POA form to Zerodha.

  14. Hi
    Dear sister
    Only the zerothe demat account holders
    Or any demat account holders.
    Ex : I have a upstox demat account
    Then what can I do
    Replay me

  15. I clicked on link & opened an account of equity & commodity in Zerodhaaaa, it is 300Rs

  16. If u don't have idea about market…u will feel that she is talking about "25 DIN MEIN PAISA DOUBLE"

  17. Lot size is very small. And gonna oversubscribed by multiples.
    So not much benefit even if one lot get allotted.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  18. Sir. Forgive my understanding. What I fail to understand is this.
    If I invest in an IPO as a HNI.
    Bid qty… 300 lots
    Issue gets oversubscribed in retail category. .. 10x
    Issue gets oversubscribed in HNI / NII catagory … 3x

    For a HNI will the allotment be..
    * 300 lots ÷ 10x = 30 lots
    * 300 lots ÷ 3x = 100 lots.

    Request your guidance.

  19. Every one wants easy money who will work? All people invest in stocks and do social work?

  20. Please make video about international Bpo or call center..
    Is this good or bad job? and how to apply?
    What is the requirement for this..
    Pls i will wait

  21. What is the maximum numbers of lots that can be bid? Is the allocation all or nothing, i.e can a partial fulfillment occur?

  22. I bought sbi share on 22.01.2020 can I apply in SBI IPO in shareholder category. Pls reply

  23. I regularly watching your all video's…and My suggestion is Types of Email writting in English and how to write start,body of email,end statement ?

  24. Dear ma'm i open my Zerodha Account and done my payment but i don't get any KITE id ??
    when i will get my kite id

  25. As I am student how can I open a demat account?
    While zerodha is asking for income…?

  26. Ma'am please enlist the computer courses and IT course's how they re really helpful full to receive good salary in different fields

  27. Hey, your advices are simple yet best and fit for everyone. The amount of knowledge I get from tour videos is way more than any other complex mixture videos. Keep it up

  28. Really You influence me Very Well.
    After seeing your video apply for account Hoping for the best.

    Thank You😊

  29. Your voice modulation is excellent and the way of explaining very simple way is awesome mam…👌

  30. Hello mam
    I'm sbi shareholder I want to apply for sbi card ipo so is there any different procedure. Or normally through ASBA application.

  31. Mam, please help me. After my graduation, i was not interested in doing job. So i setup my own small business of teaching. Everything was fine. I was happy with that job. But after 2years bcos of financial crisis, i have to close up my teaching Institute 😔. Now i have no funds to start any business, so in any how condition, i have to work in Corporate Sector. But i have zero interest in working in corporate job😔.. Jab bhi interview k liye jata hu, tab sab interview achee se carried out ho jata he, but me interviewer ko mera job me ka intereste dikhane me fail ho jata hu. And after that the company rejects me giving the reason that you are not seems excited to work here. So interviewer ko jese dikhau k me job karne me interested hu?(even i am not interested in job)..
    Please help someone..

  32. Mam can u make a video that how to crack coal india limited interview and most important subjects in mechanical engineering to face the technical round

  33. ma'am can we have a video on how to prepare a video resume for freshers?

  34. When the shares get actually listed after subscription process ends, then what if the share price is lesser than IPO price? I am worried if this happens because of corona virus outubreak…

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