3 Hacks to Close Way More Sales Than Ever Before

on Some level subconscious or not most of us really believe that we have to Really work hard in order to get ahead in life Interestingly enough this goes way back to the very roots of Modern civilization and There was probably a lot of truth to this back in the day where you had to work really hard in order to get ahead To literally put food on the table But in today’s world many of those rules that we take for granted simply don’t apply anymore I’m not saying that you can be lazy But you do not have to kill yourself in order to get ahead in sales I see it over and over again in fact if we’re really smart and strategic About the way we sell then we can dominate our competition while working half as hard as they do There are some powerful sales hacks that change everything For those that actually use them in this video I’m going to show you three sales hacks to close way more sales than ever before check it out Number one do the complete opposite of everyone out there humans are herd creatures This has served us evolutionarily as there were strengths in being part of a group back in the day but in sales It’s crushing in fact most sales people are out selling in the exact same way as everyone else And the question is why? it’s because everyone else is doing it now put yourself in the mind of a high level prospect maybe a director Vp, or even a ceo and think of how many sales people are trying to sell them each and every day according to my research that number is Easily 10 people per day calling on their office So if you sound like everyone else that is calling on them. How do you think that’s gonna work for you? The wall is going to move up, and they’re not going to be interested in whatever you have to say Moving forward free yourself of the Mindset that wants you to be like others When other salespeople pitch you should ask Questions when other salespeople are excited and enthusiastic It’s time to be low-key and unassuming when other salespeople are marching East Go west this Hack will immediately change the way your prospects perceive you number two sell only at the highest possible level think of a large company that you would love to do business with Actually name it think of the company itself now imagine that I asked you to call their customer service line and Try to sell to the first person that you spoke to the first person that picked up the phone probably not a very intimidating Proposition for most people because the person that you’d be talking to is so low level Selling to a customer service rep feels really low risk now Imagine that at that same company. I gave you the direct number to the ceo of that exact same company and Asked you to try to sell to the ceo Most people would be pretty intimidated by that proposition Because it’s perceived as high risk This by the way is how most sales people? Think and sell they’re very comfortable selling to low level prospects because it’s more comfortable So they do it more often but in reality these low level prospects can Rarely buy from you the customer service rep can not buy from you The ceo on the other hand could make a decision to buy from you right now Here and today, so why do we sell to low level prospects? It’s because it feels Safer, but in reality. It’s actually more dangerous It’s more dangerous because you are infinitely more likely to go broke with this strategy instead sell high I mean really high High-level prospects by and they can make larger purchases This hack is going to change everything for the way. You sell number three Prospecting campaign do you make cold calls? What if I told you that there was a way to get in front of prospects where you have no personal connection? That required no cold calling and was far more effective sound too good to be true It’s not it’s called the prospecting campaign let’s first explore. How most salespeople prospect it’s usually a bunch of Haphazardly timed calls and emails over a period of weeks or months Mostly just following up on the last call that they made or the last email that they sent this leads to tremendously Mediocre results Instead it’s time to prospect with a campaign mindset So moving forward come up with your list of let’s say top 10 prospects Then map out a campaign of different touches over the next few months this includes packages sent letter sent phone calls made voicemails left emails sent every tool in your arsenal all planned out over a multi month period A Call should always be a follow up on a package that you sent to them and make sure that the package you sent provides value to the prospect By mapping out each step in creating many touches over the period of months They will know who you actually are by time you get them on the phone or to respond to an email my clients Love this hack because it’s so repeatable and many times more effective than just making cold calls So there are three sales hacks to close way more sales than ever before I want to hear from you be sure to share below in the comment section And I will be sure to respond to every comment that I can get to and if you enjoyed this video Then I have this awesome free ebook on twenty five tips to crush your sales goals just click right here To get it instantly seriously. 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9 thoughts on “3 Hacks to Close Way More Sales Than Ever Before

  1. I knew it, I merely have to go west instead of east!
    Great video like always, appreciate the tips.

  2. Thanks, Marc. I love working in sales and your videos are much, much appreciated!

  3. Wow, real good tips Marc. Thanks for sharing. I liked the tip "Sell to high level prospect".

  4. Mark! Thanks for the content, it's awesome. at my company I'm forced to close sales on 1st contact cold calls, I do not believe in this approach as I deal in high end wines. my question is how can you achieve a close on 1st contact?

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