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So let’s get started, let’s get
started. So good morning, good evening good afternoon. Welcome to the Urban
Forex webinars. We do this webinar once, every couple of weeks to a month
depending on where I am located and you know what topics we have available. Now today’s topic is a very important topic because it’s something we’ve been
looking at for quite some time. A lot of students have been coming to me for this
particular question saying “hey man I’m having issues with this because I’m
getting into trades however the trades simply don’t work out
and certain times they work out absolutely perfectly so what is going
what is going wrong? How do I filter my system? How do I filter my system?” That
seems to be the the common question again and again right. So they keep
asking you know you know “What should I do?
How can I filter my system?” Now you know first of all I wanted to take a
moment as every one of you guys are still coming in walking in, you know, so
welcome to the conference room guys my name is Navin Prithyani I’m the mentor
and host at urbanforex.com and senior trader at forexwatchers.com so it is a
pleasure to have all of you guys here. Now we’re trying something new here
today we’re going live directly to you guys, right now and also on to YouTube
I believe Facebook is not streaming live but we’ll get that fixed in the near
future. But for now let’s get started. Now if you don’t know
how we do things or if it’s your first time in one of these webinars we like to
keep things a little bit interactive. Now because there’s a lot of people in this
webinar you know a lot of a lot of people in this webinar what we’re gonna
do is every now and then as I get into important topics I’m gonna turn off your
chat okay to make sure you can absolutely focus and then, we can turn
the chat back on elements that you need to know. You’re gonna walk away from this
webinar with three main important things and just to give you a reminder towards
the end of the webinar you can also access an example set video that I’ve
set up for you guys so you will be able – when the webinar is done you want to
learn a little bit more on everything we talked about the description is gonna be
in the link is gonna be in the description below and you’ll be able to
go to and watch the examples yeah. Alright so now let’s get started let me
turn on my screen sharing and we can go straight to this. One second here okay
you should be able to see my screen now. Let me know whenever you guys can see my
circle, okay alright so let’s have a look at this. So that the three main elements
were gonna be talking about this whole session okay let’s start with element
number one. If you’re a trader and you do technical analysis okay I’m gonna write
this down here yeah if you are a trader and you do technical analysis the one
very important thing that you have to, have to have to know is technical
analysis will not work if there is no momentum. Let me repeat that technical
analysis will not work if there’s no momentum. The market must be alive and
moving for any of you guys to do any kind of technical analysis support and
resistance supply and demand, Fibonacci, pivot points, you name it. Anything that
requires any kind of technical reading skills you need an active market. So if
you want to try doing technical analysis at the close of New York try that, it
won’t work it won’t work right. So you need an active volatile market. So our
job as traders is to start by looking for volatility right. So we want to know
where we can apply our technical analysis right? So step #1 is
always to be on top of those things right? okay,
which means find out, okay find out if there is activity. Find out
if there’s activity today find out if there is activity pending from yesterday.
okay? and if I can spell it right there we go find out there is activity from
yesterday. Now let me zoom in a bit. Oh no not that much okay okay, sorry about that,
I didn’t want to make you guys feel like you guys were in a rave concert, let me
move this here okay here we go. Okay it should be nice and easy to read
so find out if there’s activity pending from yesterday so you want to keep
on top of these things and then we’re gonna go into the nitty-gritty stuff the
stuff that you guys want to see that’s why you’re here and we want to go deeper
into that so we’re gonna start with situation number one. Momentum. Okay let
me write this down we’re gonna go with the next piece which is momentum. Let me
write it here, momentum and then finally our third piece is going to be flow and
territories okay. so let’s go straight directly into step number two: momentum.
Momentum now every time you’re dealing with with a chart okay every time we’re
dealing with a chart you have to be aware of what’s the flow of the power. So
let’s say you’ve done your step number one, you’ve you figured out, you figured
out how much of the market is active how much of it is moving and you’re
looking at if your -break- if you’re in -break- like okay there’s some activity today
around the open so now I know today is a day where I can use my technical
analysis there are certain days you cannot do it but you know that you can
use your technical analysis right so now that you’ve coming in with your
technical analysis you’re now looking for your momentum okay. So let me show
you this on the screen here momentum. So if you’re looking at this as, right
here, so let’s say the markets were going sideways sideways sideways sideways for
a long long time all throughout yesterday and then today BAM
activity has started markets are moving everything is going hot and you’re like
okay my job is to take money out of this market but I need to do it safely and
securely which means I cannot enter the cells as it’s going down right. A rule of
thumb we don’t want to be entering cells as it’s going down because then we’re
chasing the market and that’s pretty bad because if we sell down here for us to
make any money the price needs to go at least here. For us to make any money to
close that right so we want to do it a little bit safer than that. So what we’re
looking for is we’re looking for some kind of a pullback
to give us a better price. So we were trying to get away from whatever the
lowest price where it halts the market and seeing if we can get a price away
from it so we can sell, going at least to that area if not further. Okay okay this
is what’s referred to as a trend pullback all right so our whole job is
to find out how can we join this brand-new activity that has started. Now
here comes the problem. If I keep pointing at the problems to you you
guys will understand better and better and better
so here’s the problem. Markets moved okay bum bum bum bum and drop now in this
drop some panic happens in the market you
everyone’s like “huh Wow what’s going on? Why is it dropping?” you know yada yada
yada then the next phase comes in BAM. Okay now your neighbor Billy and Bob is
telling you “Hey man I’ve been making money selling the eur/usd it’s been
quite great. Do you see my Ferrari parked outside? yeah that’s where I got all my
money from”. Now the third wave comes in where more and more people get
interested in it because they’re feeling left out okay which is how the word FOMO
comes in right? Fear Of Missing Out, right? Okay this is a standard trading
terminology that’s been thrown around quite a bit okay called FOMO fear of
missing out, so as prices go down and when this thing starts to pull up now
more and more people are interested in selling it thinking that well I didn’t
catch that one Billy and Bob caught that one and now here comes the 95 percent of
the public saying “me too me too me too I want in”. On this if I flip this chart
upside down you will understand what happened to the Bitcoin. Okay so as the
market starts moving down it starts struggling struggling struggling
struggling cannot make a lower low goes up again tries to come down and then
eventually fades away okay so you’re wondering why did my technical analysis
didn’t work I have my support and resistance, I have my Fibonacci 50% ratio
I have a supply and demand guy and they’re somewhere in there or in here
“why are my sells not working?” So step one solves that issue okay? Step one solve
that issue. Are you trading in a day that has high activity? Step two, you want
to do the momentum to find out is that activity alive or dying I’m gonna give
you a little shortcut okay for a lot of our students
in our courses and one of the courses called Mastering Price Action course,
there is this guy we called rubberband man. Okay he is like the hero at Urban
Forex, okay and he has one big eye apparently okay anyways this guy we call
him the rubberband man because I want you to imagine as if there is a rubber
band around his waist pulling him back okay the rubber bands pulling him
back and he wants to run forward. So there something keeps pulling him back
so when the markets are ranging and then the rubberband man begins BAM he’s
running he runs from here to here. Once he’s running he can run as much as he
can with all of his energy and then he has to take a break he has to rest and
that rest comes in, that rest comes in, and then he begins his running again and
now what he’s trying to do is “Can I beat my previous record?” That’s what we are
all looking at can he beat his previous record. Okay those are eyeballs you sick
bastards don’t get any ideas those are eyeballs
and we’re just watching can he beat his previous record right. Once he’s able to
beat his previous record we continue watching to the next area and we’re
judging it now we’re like okay okay so we’re watching it well like okay the
first time he ran from here to here okay, if I can extract that out.
okay That’s the size of the first time, then
he rested and then after his rest he ran again let’s extract that out, and we’re
like interesting his next run was smaller than his first run okay this
tells us something about the momentum it’s slowing down it doesn’t mean he’s
dying it’s slowing down rubberband man it is coming into some problem let me
put this back here let’s continue so it’s a bit
market London’s open everything’s moving Asia’s Asia’s done testing London’s done
this thing now New York is starting to get in and they’re looking at this as
“okay I want to sell to but I don’t want to sell down here, I know the sell
started all the way up here a long long time ago
but I want to get in on this action because it’s active it’s up and running
and I need to do my technical analysis” Prices go up to support and resistance
support and resistance doesn’t hold he goes deeper gets up to supply and demand
guys area they’re like okay well this guy is gonna hold it okay it’s doing all
sorts of things to get you into a mode where, to get you in
a mode we’re saying you need to prepare for yourselves but the cells what you’re
looking at your understanding that the rubberband meant very tired. He was
slowing down as is on the way down but now even his rests when he’s taking a
break his breaks are deeper and deeper and deeper. Now around this area you need
to be on high alert. Why high alert? Because as when prices come down and
they cannot make a lower low which means he cannot even beat his previous record,
there is a high opportunity where the initial wave can start and go up okay
now remember when I when I told you guys earlier that how many people hit the
sell from the top, very few, and then a little bit more and then a lot a lot of
people saying I want this I want this I want this because I saw somebody else do
it so I want it too until then no one is doing the homework or the research or
the analysis to be one step ahead of the game okay. This is what we like
to call you know in Urban Forex we say you know you have to “anticipate and not
participate”. So as this whole thing is happening prices are coming down the
pros are getting ready to do their buys the buys are going higher and that
rubber band man who was running from here couldn’t make
a lower low and beat his own record he rested and he rested through his own
previous record that means he’s out he’s out now. The buyers are here now that the
buyers are here the first thing that happens is all the sellers sorry
all the people who were selling, all the people who were
selling are like “okay it’s gonna go for a sell here. No okay it’s gonna go for a
sell here. Come on support and resistance it’s gonna go for a sell here.
Supply and demand come on it’s gonna go for a sell here Fibonacci retracement
1.28 okay it’s gonna go from a sell here”. All of the stop losses start from here
stop stop stop stop stop market goes up pulls back Pro traders add in size and
here they go second wave comes in now the people who are looking at this as a
sell they’re like “oh you know what it’s no longer a sell anymore I got hit too
much on the way down it’s actually a buy. But you know what, I’m a pro I’m not
gonna buy it up here I’m gonna wait for my support and resistance and my supply
and demands and my Fibonacci to come down so I can then buy it from there”. You
see how the illusion of the trade entries are happening so much later in
the game that it’s causing no no place to survive okay. How many you guys here
can actually say yes I’ve seen that happen? It’s happened to me, it used to
happen to me years on end and I was just sitting there like why does my support
and resistant work so well sometimes and then at certain time it doesn’t work at
all. Unfortunately this happens all the time in the markets now up until this
point, up until this point everyone with me so far?
Understanding momentum how momentum can shift through the illusion without
letting anyone know, and once it’s clear and everybody knows it it’s dangerous. okay okay all right so now you want to
always stay on top of what type of market you’re in as well
so you’re not always stuck thinking I need to do this as a trend pull back
when the market is actually in a range or I need to trade this like a range when
the mark is actually trending. You know that can cause a lot of trouble.
okay Now here’s the next stage, here’s the
next stage. So that was now going into step #3 which is the flow and
territories. Okay not flow flow okay flow and territories I won’t write out
the whole word territory it will take me forever.
I’ll just put Ter okay all right. So flow and territories. Now what does that mean?
now here is a major major issue coming. Let me pull up the data first.
A lot of you guys have probably taken the survey right, let me see if I can, can
i upload something here let me see if I can upload it here.
Okay many of you guys took a survey on I asked you guys do you think the sells
are on. Okay more than 3,300 of you guys had said 55 percent said it is yes, 44
percent said no. Now notice this thing there is a huge amount of people coming
in here and one simple question of which way there’s a 50-50 answer almost. okay
okay when the only answer is only one will be right okay either the left side
is gonna be on the right side but there’s a huge variation that means the
way we look at the markets is so ranged up even though everyone’s knowledge on
support and resistance is exactly the same right one you know when you know
your your knowledge on support and resistance and your Fibonacci’s and
everything all that knowledge is very similar you ask one person to the next
he’s they’re gonna be off by 5% on each other
you ask him hey can you draw a support and resistance nine out of ten people
will draw it approximately the same way hey can you draw a supply and demand
nine out of ten people will draw it a similar way they might be wrong but
they’ll draw it in a similar similar way hey can you draw me you know an area
where you think prices might react from nine out of ten we’ll think about the
same way when you enter a trade when you ask them where do you put your stop-loss
nine out of ten will say put your stops above your recent high or below your
recent low but when you take it even simpler and saying which way the
question becomes like a fifty fifty now let me open up the secondary question
the the secondary one how do I get rid of this delete no no delete okay delete
the whole thing all right the next one okay this one where I asked you guys a
secondary question saying when you look at this chart which direction are you
thinking you guys took this survey when you register to come to this webinar
right and and for those of you who are watching this during a recording or you
didn’t get a chance to do this service you can always register on our website
on urban for XCOM and we do these webinars quite regularly where I
challenge you guys to think in a certain way and then we come into the webinar
and we dissect it a little bit more so you can raise your level of
understanding a little bit higher everything every step of the way okay so
this particular survey you guys said you know some a lot of you guys said it is a
cell and some of you guys said it is a bi okay all right now let’s take a look
at some of these situations in terms of flow and territory I’m gonna I’m gonna
touch touch base on some of these main topics so let’s say the markets are
moving in an uptrend markets are moving in an uptrend prices start to hold they
start to hold and they start pulling back pulling back pulling back reaches
an area of a strong support and resistance let’s say okay it reaches an
area strong support and resistance pulls back pulls back pulls back goes up goes
up goes up and then it does this BAM are you a buyer or are you a seller
okay are you a buyer or are you a seller this is something very important to know
okay now I’m gonna share with you guys some of the secrets that I share in the
mastering price section course and I and I know a lot of these students will tell
you this how important this piece of the lesson is it is so basic but so
important and overlooked by millions of people millions of people so you see
this market going up it started here it’s it started here went up this high
pulls back started here went up even higher and since then no higher high no
higher high no higher high no higher high no higher high but we never went
lower than this either this all of this activity here belongs to him to make it
simplistic just think of it that way all that activity belongs to this guy okay
think of him as a very very strong guy who’s holding the market unfortunately
he does not want to buy yet he’s waiting for a price that is a bit better okay so
as as this thing comes lower many people will think oh my support failed and I
can see all these little support and resistance failing as well this is a
seller’s market this guy will come back and saying
that’s exactly what I wanted I wanted to do these buys thank you very much and
the buyers will activate and they will jump straight up bounce possibly making
a new high after that this illusion is the number one illusion in the market
some of you guys can refer to this as complex pullbacks some of you guys can
refer to this as set one set to however you may look at it this is not taught so
easily out there in the public okay everything is taught up until this point
you buy off of support and resistance right here okay and if it doesn’t work
and it drops down then you sell because support
hold so then you keep selling it when in reality is you don’t sell that that is
very very very very very very very very very dangerous okay I don’t know if I
said very enough times okay so let’s let’s take it from the top again
let me see if I can get your knowledge what is number one okay let me ask you
guys what is number one what step number one that you must be aware of as a
technical analysis trader what is number one okay for those of you guys are
saying number one is is activity okay okay you can say activity purpose volume
all right okay I see a lot of you guys saying liquidity activity good good very
good alright number two you want to do your rubberband man which is momentum
okay I simplified your momentum for you just imagine that guy okay he is one man
out there taking on the markets on his own let’s put his hands on his hips
give him some eyeballs and a cape all right he’s the hero okay call him
mr. rubberband man okay as long as you can read mr. rubberband man you have an
idea of momentum without going over the financial technical jargon of like oh my
god I can’t understand this okay 65% pullback
22% follow-through it’s gonna drive you nuts
just remember this cartoon okay remember this cartoon he will take you through
all right and finally number three as I see all of you guys territory and flow
okay and again a lot of you guys in here are actually students and you guys will
definitely know why this is extremely important territory and flow you just
cannot skip it is not something to be overlooked now shall we put this all
together okay shall we put this all together okay very good unless I saw you
guys say flow and territory okay all right now let’s try to put this all
together so I can give you an idea of how you should be thinking and it will
go onto the charts so then we did the first half as theory we’ll do the second
half on on the chart so you can see it explained and then in the example set
that I that I am gonna install an input into the video write the example set is
actually going to go over this on a chart on a live trade okay where I’m
gonna show you how I did a live trade using this thing so you can know a
little bit better and see this thing not just in theory and practical but also in
action right all right so now let’s take a look at this in terms of all three so
let’s say the markets were ranging for the last couple of days ranging okay
makes a little bit lower comes back up goes a little bit higher comes back down
nothing nothing nothing and finally today the markets let me move this down
the markets rise okay it goes boom there’s some activity the market goes up
news came out a news came out in Asia or news came out in Japan in the past some
news came out and it started the movement breaking some important levels
getting up higher and stuff now you know the
flow is back on why is it back on because of this word its new not many
people can take activity when things are new they can only activate once it’s too
much once is really really out there okay if someone says hey I bought Google
you won’t buy Google because it’s not interesting then tomorrow the news says
hey Google went up a little bit Oh interesting then the third day another
guy will be like hey man I made so much money on Google and then the fourth day
everyone’s like hey man we should buy Google that’s how the market works it’s
human psychology okay it is not lack of education is just
human psychology okay they like to chase when they see others doing it first okay
all right so once that its new we’re like okay great it’s going up we know
the territory is now he’s the guy he’s running up and anything as long as once
he starts pulling back as long as we don’t make a higher high and we don’t go
below this guy everything that pulls back belongs to him everything that
pulls back belongs to him which means it belongs to the buyer okay he is in
control of the market to the buyer so if you start getting this here’s a quiz for
you guys okay watch this very carefully or is my okay let’s get rid of this and
so if you see this coming the markets coming down pullback coming down
pullback coming down pullback coming down
he reaches this area of support and resistance he reaches 61.8% he reaches
to Fibonacci level as well and now he’s started to go up he does all kinds of
things that tells you well if he goes above this I’ll buy it if he turns
around and he goes above if he gives me a bat pattern if he gives me a monkey
pattern or a squirrel pattern I’m gonna buy it and all the buying start and
start but they fade they fade they fade and then it starts coming down lower and
starts crashing on you now what happens is anyone who’s involved in the buys
what do you think thinking their stop-loss is below the
recent low okay their entries was based on support and resistance which is the
generic way of doing everything right so as prices are coming down
aggressively they’re now into panic they’re into panic they’re looking at
this like oh my goodness maybe okay maybe if it stops here I’ll actually buy
more I’ll buy more and the greed kicks in and then he goes down he jumps up a
little bit comes down a little bit everyone said oh that’s it I told you is
gonna be a bike they buy more and they buy more and during this process it
crashes down further and then in this whole process while a short-term trader
might be looking at this as can you not see this as a lower high lower low
sequence a lower high lower low in any textbook in the planet means downtrend
unfortunately this downtrend belongs to this guy who’s still alive we haven’t
made a higher high since we haven’t gone below him since he is in control of this
entire market once this thing stops out all these people orders pile up and as
orders pile up this thing prepares and the real buys activate later after the
rubberband man okay so this is where your rubberband man comes in handy so
you’re understanding the flow of the market okay let me get rid of this face
this face is creepy all right okay so you’re you’re you’re now looking at your
pull back as a rubberband man as well you’re seeing rubberband man he runs
from here to here and you’re like ah he’s very strong he just started he’s
resting just 10% he’s resting a little bit you’re like oh the guys got power
he’s on steroids then he runs again almost 100% identical to his previous
run were like wow that guy’s pretty strong but this time he rests a little
bit deeper okay and we’re like okay interesting now
the places where I told you these guys are looking to do adding more positions
to buy they’re thinking it’s coming back yes we can hold us for a buy or if they
get stopped out and it comes back oh it was just a probe all right it’s a faker
it stopped me out let me do the buy as they do those buys but our rubber band
man to the downside is not done yet he’s still going he rests quite deep now this
puts us in an alarm why is he resting so much he runs again
barely makes a lower low okay comes right back and we’re like Oh could
EB dine and now since he ran his previous record when he started running
was here and now we’re going above him it’s like he’s oh it’s over that little
short-term selling that took place is out this is when this this big guy who’s
brand new he’s like it’s party time let’s go and how much are we gonna go
with this we scale scale scale hard go big large position sizes and this thing
starts to now rise and the goal of this thing is to make new highs goal is to
make new highs is that starting to make sense
Jenny they’re starting to make sense because how many you guys feel you guys
get trapped into this area okay where it goes lower than the initial support and
resistance that was supposed to hold but then once it goes lower it’s like oh I
wanted to buy it and then stop-loss here one that goes back up you’re like okay
okay its back its back Buy It Now Buy It Now and the buys are not working
stop-loss again and now after two or three stop losses you’re so burned out
emotionally that you are not able to re-enter ever again knowing that the
trade eventually goes plays out you’re not in the trade the only thing you have
left is well I told you it’s gonna be a buy I
just entered it incorrectly or a little bit too early but I knew it was a buy
right what good is that statement of I knew it was a buy if we can’t grab it
right yeah but the first thing comes to the story of is it a buy okay let’s take
this further down the line now mr. rubberband man is on his way
he’s running again he’s like okay here we go okay we’re on our way up he gets
up to here he slows down and he starts pulling back pulling back pulling back
pulling back pulling back all right now he’s at an s in our area and he’s
getting ready okay he might pop down again really quick you know just because
markets love to do that around this area can you say should you buy this let me
ask you that question should you buy this let me shrink this up so you can
see a rubber band man should you buy this or is are you too late in the
market okay so if you now look at this the way to do this is you grab this guy
you grab the sky and you see how my first time my rubberband man ran up how
did he do but he rested a lot look at this big pullback he rested a lot okay
fair enough right give me here give me a one second
here let me check something on my end okay just one moment guys okay okay okay sorry about that I think
it should be a little bit more clear you’ll be able to see my mouse as well I
think my mouse was not active so sorry about that again it’s our first time
going live with this so we’ll make sure things are a little bit smoother next
time around so anyways so you take the first guy first part out and you’re like
okay he went up that much then the next part then the next part that he that he
starts running up you’re like okay let’s take him and then you know sorry this
phase here this part here if you can see it on my screen the next part is that
big it looks just as healthy and even after that his rest after that is low
his rest is not that high is not that much it’s like 20% 30% compared to his
next run so it’s like it’s a yes you can do that by now here’s the thing
momentum okay this is very important I want you to be very focused right now
this is the moment where you need to focus okay
all right there’s a moment where you need to focus up until this point you do
your buys the first time around you make your money you’re gonna prepare for your
buys your next time around and you’re going for the buy and it’s doing this yeah I’m making money but what is wrong
with my rubber band man come on bro what’s going on what are you doing why
are you so slow when you start noticing that and then as you are starting to
exit your positions cuz he’s slowing down rubber band man he starts doing
this you’re like okay I’m gonna get out so I made money from around here to here
now the problem is he comes down and you’re looking at him like oh god Hey
look at him resting he’s coming down resting really really hard here’s what
happens another support and resistance is getting ready do you buy this one now
do you buy this one now so that’s the main question I want to
ask you guys with everything I’ve taught you so far this happens in the market
time and time again again I’m gonna share this in the example set that’s
gonna be you know the example said it’s gonna be after this webinar you’ll have
the link below this video you’ll be able to see it and then when you click on it
you’ll get to the video and then I’ll show you again on a live trade itself
right alright so all of you guys are saying no you don’t want to buy that now
because it’s it’s now dying right the momentum is dying this is when you need
to know all that movement that started earlier ok the high volatility high
volume high activity yes that is correct it’s over it’s over because now anyone
who’s on the sidelines who’s been watching and he turns on the news the
news will say guys have you guys looked at the euro/usd today he’s jumped up
four basis points everyone’s going crazy about it what do you have to say goldman
sachs okay well i think the buyers can do well but then it shows up on the news
and that’s what grabs people’s attention which means they now come into this pair
and they start doing something whether a buy or a sell but they start getting
active they start getting active does that make sense they start getting
active in this area and that’s the area where anyone who’s been buying from the
beginning and holding and scaling and everything you’re looking to take
profits and scale out that’s where you’re looking to get out of your
position okay does that make sense does everyone understand this entire
process does everyone understand this entire process right so i wanted to go
through this whole thing too so I can make sure you guys really really grasp
this thing from from the bone and and really really get the flow of this
rubber band man with territories now let’s jump on to the charts right now
okay so let’s jump on to the charts so let’s have a look at this okay I’m gonna
maximize this euro USD fifteen minutes current market situation
I’m gonna zoom in a little bit okay now look very carefully okay look very
carefully markets were in a trending state trending trending trending
rubberband man’s like hey I started from here I got this
I rest it a little bit I got this even more I got my Red Bulls I got my
steroids I got this don’t worry I rested a little bit fantastic he comes down but
now he’s choppy he’s choppy just like okay so you have
to start thinking whoever sold from up there they’ve got to book their money
they gotta book their money which makes prices jump
it makes prices jump so let the prices jump but for us all we know is wait a
minute interesting interesting weird but he’s still he still got it he still got
it really strange guy but he still got it now let the big boys book their
profits what that means is your rubber band man started from here he ran all
the way down to here and he stopped let’s put a line where he stopped put a
line in the sand saying BAM that’s it since then he never made a lower low but
we never took him out either he’s just doing a prolonged rest as prices come up
comes up to these areas and like people are thinking okay should I get ready to
sell okay my cells are working my cells are working good good good good good
BAM jumps right back up stops people out okay maybe it’s a cell from here
supportin resistant well that doesn’t work jumps up again well it’s a supply
and demand from here oh that one probes higher that one doesn’t work okay up
until this point the whole scenario is telling you the rubberband man is not
dead yet he’s still around he’s holding grounds that territory he’s still
holding it so what we do were like okay now that we know anyone who’s sold this
is now panicking because they’re stopped out there
stop-loss was here and the faster this thing goes higher the more people will
jump onto the buys right and we’re like good jump onto the bias do that so no
one buys down here because they’re thinking it’s a sell more people buy
here because now they’re thinking huh maybe it is going up and more people
want to buy from here they’re thinking oh that’s a pullback S&R let’s buy it
you cannot buy that that area right here where you’re trying to buy it is still
in his control this guy is like I’m still here and he’s got that big grin on
his face saying I’m tired but I’m still here
okay I’m sorry I used weird cartoons to explain all my techniques but I hope you
get the idea I so he’s like I’m still here and in this process you’re reading
the rubberband man now very carefully you’re like alright let’s see what you
got mr. rubberband man you’re buying you’re pulling back you’re buying can’t
do it you’re pulling back you’re buying can’t do it what’s going on mr. Rob
ramen are you getting ready to die and he takes him out he takes him out right
here he’s like can’t do it man complete reversal unfortunately I can’t do it I’m
going on the other end for you now now is when the cells can truly activate
okay because the buyers aren’t going to disturb it anymore
the sellers are clear after taking all the orders from the sellers and it’s telling you I’m still alive
don’t give up on me and as you bring for a massive draw and the goal is
as we discussed earlier the goal is to make a new low from the rubberband man’s
previous record okay all right I said I see some of you guys saying your
drawings look like psychotic hallucination yeah sorry about that but
you know the goal the goal for me here is whatever makes you learn and gets the
information into your head if I sit here telling you you know when you get a 20
percent retracement and then a 5 percent pullback and a 61.8% Fibonacci dude
you’re gonna fall asleep you know I am here to teach you the inner works of how
trading works without putting you to sleep and then saying it’s your fault
you fell asleep no we can do better right as traders our job is to always do
better and I bring that same attitude to teaching we can always do better to make
sure you’re up and running to understand so now when this market has moved down
rubberband man is well and alive and he’s like I’m here
momentum is active New York is about to open we have some activity
yada-yada-yada so stage one check we’re like ok welcome
back stage one and we now go into stage two ok
so certain things to to check up on these things so a couple things I like
to personally do I like to look at the forex factory Calendar FX Street
calendar so let me take a look at the forex factory calendar so if I go into
for example today I see the next news is at 9:00 p.m. but earlier there was news
at 7:30 right at my time and my time right now is 751 so 20 minutes ago there
was some news that happen in the market that news what did it do I’m interested
not in Y I’m interested in what did it do so at that time we had some
activities in this area right this is 20 minutes ago where is that right around
here let’s just pop in the volume a bit just to get an idea ok so we have some
activity coming in and notice one thing I’m gonna ask you
guys a simple question what time does New York open let me
scroll down let me scroll down let me scroll down New York according to this
opened already an hour ago sorry yeah an hour ago
ok which means and 52 minutes ago New York has already opened according to the
Forex industry the forex industry they tell you the markets are already open
and active there’s a news coming out immediately within 15 20 30 minutes
coming out all News’s even like NFP right they come out around 8:30 in the
morning New York time now here’s the thing the New York Stock Exchange is not
open yet the New York Stock Exchange is not open yet some of the largest
corporations in the world are not trading yet ok you have to realize this
information New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 a.m. which means for
another 30 minutes it’s silent ok it’s silent they’re not around trading
they’re not around trying to do anything does that make sense ok does that make
sense let’s have a look what you guys are saying ok
all right so when you when you notice this information about okay well if I
know New York is open according to forex market I need to know the big boys are
not really around yet okay the big boys are not really around yet when the big
boys actually come around that’s when they start when you can start making use
of the information that you’ve seen at pre market open activity rubberband man
territory you get all of this prepared and then you’re sitting there you’re
saying okay guys today we make money period
okay you don’t come into a day that looks like this and it’s like I hope I’m
gonna get a trade out of it there’s nothing happening there’s no volume
markets are not open but you know Forex is a 24-hour market no no I don’t know
why we’ve painted this illusion on YouTube that Forex is so easy that all
you got to do is put on your socks put on your big-boy pants and then living on
a yacht right all right so all right take it from the take it from the brown
guy everything that we do here is you guys take time out of your day to be
here I take time out of my day to be here let’s quit the nonsense and go
straight to the point instead of just beating around the bush in circles learn
something master it during the webinar and apply it since day one you know
that’s the whole goal that’s why unfortunately I have to use cartoons
mr. rubberband man okay so promise me starting today one you are not going to
trade if there is no activity okay promise me that okay as technical
analysis traders you cannot trade without activity – okay number two you
will read your rubber band man as if he’s your best friend okay as if he’s
your best friend because he will help you judging your best friend will help
you it will help you okay and finally step number three know who’s
in control of the market know who’s in control of the market I
haven’t even gone into much detail but I’m going many many people are having problems and
I really hope that you can take this and turn it upside down and be like I got it
I think I know what he’s talking about I’m gonna go and test it I can see what
he’s talking about I all right so I want you guys to really you know focus on
everything we talked about and don’t forget we have the example set that I’ve
put down below this video you will have it in the in the example set so you you
guys can click on the link below and make sure to subscribe if you’re
watching this on YouTube make sure to subscribe comment like I look forward to
seeing you guys again I really want to take a moment and really say thank you
guys for coming in I really appreciate you taking time out to be here and as
always if you’re taking time off to be here I will make sure your time is not
wasted and we make sure to take you to at least one more level higher thanks
guys my name is Naveen pretty ani until next time Cheers bye for now

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