4 Essential Tips for Match Fishing on Commercials

My name’s Des Shipp, and
welcome to a brand new series from Preston Innovations called
Match Fishing Essentials. I’m at Hillview today near
Tewkesbury, a fantastic venue. But I’ve also got Andy
Power down the motorway. He’s at Viaduct Fishery. And we’re going to show you
four different ways today to make you guys a better match angler. (light upbeat music) There are four essential
methods that me and Andy are going to show you to make you a better commercial angler. The first of which is the feeder. It’s a great starting point. Whilst I’m priming the other lines up and also putting a few
early fish in me net. The second of which is
your shallow fishing. It’s a great way of building
a big weight really quickly, whether you’re fishing
for F1s or large carp. The third method is silverfish fishing. A lot of people just
ignore the silverfish. In these commercials nowadays there’s lots of quality skimmers, roach, big perch, and it’s something that
you might have to do mid-match if things don’t quite work out. The fourth and final
tactic is margin fishing. And me and Andy are going to show you two slightly different ways
of approaching the margin, which could be the difference between finishing nowhere
and winning the match. Firstly, feeder fishing. Before I go into the tackle and where I’m actually going to
be fishing the feeder, it’s really important, the bait. And what I got, I got some
two mm Stiki pellets. This is what I’m actually going
to be putting in the feeder. But the most important thing is to get these right
to go into the feeder. So what I’m going to do is split the bag. I’ve got actually a pellet wetter there. I’m going to show you exactly what to do. So you put as many pellets
as you want into the bag. And we’re going to fill
it sort of halfway. Don’t just get wasting all your bait. Like that. Zip it round. So that’s your dry pellets in the bag. I’ve got a bowl there just
over half filled with water. And all I’m going to do is dip that in, as easy as that. If you get a few float you can just wash it around, just like that. I’m not going to leave them long, probably sort of
something like 10 seconds. And them bring them out. And you can just shake the water off. You can leave them on your
sidetray, or on your platform, or by the side of your
platform for 10 minutes, and they’re absolutely
perfect to go on your feeder. Whilst I’ve got the pellets soaking there I’m just going to go through the gear I’ve set up for the feeder. Rod first. I’ve got 10 foot six Mini Plus. Fantastic rod for F1’s and carp. It’s got a bit of backbone, so it helps you cast
really, really accurately. I’ve got a 4000 PXR reel. I think 4000’s about right. I’m not fishing a big long distance, there’s plenty of line on. I’ve got eight pound REFLO
Power Max main line. Really important, really strong. When you’re casting a feeder out all day, you want something really strong. So eight pound is perfect. Come down to the business end. On there at the moment I’ve
got a small Dura Banjo feeder. I can always change this. If things go hard or the
fish are starting to feed, I can put a smaller one on or
I can put a larger one on. On the business end there I’ve got a four inch hooklength
of 0.17 REFLO Power, down to a 16 PR 36 with a small Dura Band. So what I’m going to do is
take the hook length off and show you guys how
to clip up to an island. (gentle upbeat music) I’ve got a lovely little
island in front of me and I want to clip up near the island. It’s nice and warm, and
I feel like the carp could be in shallow water. Most important thing,
take your hook length off. ‘Cause I’m fishing up against an island, I don’t want to get hitched
up on any reeds or anything, so take the hook length off. I’ve not got any clip on
me reel at the moment. And what I’m going to
do is try and cast out, not right by the island,
just away from the island, just so I can get a bit of
a rough distance really. Like that. So that was probably like far
off the port of the island. And to be honest, it was
quite a nice cast to be fair. So what I’m going to do, I’m
going to put a clip on there, just once round the line clip. And this is why you want to
stay with eight pound line, ’cause obviously the
pressure on clip hitting that all the time, you really
need some good heavy line. So I’m going to have another
quick cast and see where I am. And I can always adjust
it then on me clip. So I’m going to cast that again. I mean, I feel like ’cause
there’s a little tiny bay slightly to the left there. So I’m going to take the clip off and I’m going to put one,
two winds on me reel. Like that and put the clip back on. Cause I feel like, cause
obviously if there was anglers opposite they’d
be chucking to the island as well so you wanna try and stay away from them. You don’t wanna all be chucking
the feeder in the same spot. So I’ve put two, two winds on my reel. Just chuck it back out again. You’re perfect. Little bay, I can chuck
the feeder in there. It’s not the easiest to chucks
because I am chuckin it. The island sorta comes in
towards me a little bit but to be honest that looked really
nice way that went in. And I can just feel the bottom
there and that’s lovely. You can feel the feeder going along the stones on the bottom. And to be honest I’m
just gonna start there. That feels really good to me. Nice clean bottom. You know I’m not gonna try
and chuck it right by island every chuck but I know I can
chuck it in the same area. So I got everything clipped up. It’s that eight pound line. Good line clip on you’re reel. I’m gonna put the other
link back on and then start. (light upbeat music) Well there you go. I had a quick, quick few casts. Had a couple of times
where the tips knocked and then stopped where
they’ve obviously come in. Fed on the feeder. I’ve not left it there long. And that’s really, really important, don’t leave it there long. If you start getting knocks and it stops; wind back in and reload
your feeder again. Don’t worry about the clip. You know a lot of people say to me “oh what happens if you
hook a big carp Des?” I mean to me I’m fishing quite heavy, that feels like a good
fish actually there. I’m fishing quite heavy in a 0.17, which is sorta seven pound hook length. But the most important thing
to me is getting into that, near tight to that island
or if you’re another venue where you got a fish foot to
a feature that’s the whole point about clipping up. I’ve got a 30g feeder on cause I’m fishing on a bit of a slope. So 30 grammes, that’s sorta
my normal feeder to be honest. 30g. So it holds into place. So when I get attach these now,
I’ve put the carp in me net, the first thing I do is put me clip on. So I can let go of the reel. It’s not gonna spin
around and lose the lines, gonna fall off the spool. Then get down. Well hooked bottom lip. Thought he’s properly hooked that one. Use the disgorger on him. So you’re hands are free
to do what you want now. I got the rubber under me, under my bum. Stick that carp in the net. Don’t need to pick the carp up. Just use the landing net. And then get ready again. I caught that one on a
white, a Sonubaits White Mini Band-Um. Just stick one of them back on. So bring the feeder back down. I got me quick change feeder bead. That actually fits into
the Feeder like that. Absolutely lovely. I’ve got me 2mm’s there,
which I’ve soaked here and I’ve just took the
water out of the bowl. And just got them sat in the bowl dry. I’m using me mould, got
me little mould there. Put in sorta half filling the mould with 2mm Stiki pellets. Putting me bait in. Smack in the middle. Putting a few more pellets over the top. Turn the mould around like you
would with a normal feeder. And then push it into the mould. And this comes out absolutely beautiful. So push it in nice and tight. Look at that. Absolutely perfect. So get yourself lined up. Take you’re time, you know if you’re not the greatest of casters, take you’re time. That why use eight pound
line, you get the right rod. Get the feeder probably,
sort of a metre and half down from you’re tip. Like that. Get yourself lined up. Bring your feeder back. And then nice little cast. Like that. And when that goes in, the
first thing I do is drop me rod down and you can
see the two bits of line coming together where the line sinking. And once that’s met just bring it up and put it on your rod rest. (light upbeat music) I just cast out again. Had a couple little knocks in general, there’s a big fish in sight. I’m bout to take the back
wind off of this one. Just had a couple times
where I’ve gone in, probably F1’s knocking at the feeder. Left it there for like
20 seconds, wind back in. Next chuck it’s hit the bottom, I sunk the line and the
rods gone straight round. Feels like a nice fish. I think it my be ghostie
actually, I just seen a, just seen the flank of it come up. Gonna take your time, you know we are fishing heavy
gear but you don’t have to… …it’s just sort of controlled pressure. Coming down the edge. That’s the nice thing about having a rod with a little bit of backbone. (splashing) What a lovely ghost carp there. It’s trying to get under the platform. Lovely ghosty that. Ooh! Well there you go . What a beautiful ghost carp from Hillview. My method’s certainly working here. Let’s nip over to Andy
and see how he’s doing? (light upbeat music) – Right, we’ve seen Des
with the feeder at Hillview. I’m fishing a Banjo feeder. Feeder fishing is a massive part of, Match Fishing these last few years, it’s exploded really all over the country. I’m doing something a
little bit different today. Actually fishing a straight lead or some people call it a bomb. I’m basically just pinging
8mm pellets over the top. And it’s a massive part of
my armoury. Really effective way of fishing, effective way of drawing
fish into your peg. Nice calm one there. Oop. It’s a really good way
of building your peg. During the day and obviously you can, with the inline system
you can swap between a bomb and a feeder. I need a disgorger. So I’ve had this rod
set up from the weekend, I was fishing a feeder the weekend. But the beauty of this
is I can change it over and clip a bomb on. And in a matter of seconds really and I’m fishing straight away. Alright onto the tackle. Today I’m using a ten foot six
Carbon Active Mini rod and it’s got a bit more backbone which is ideal
for big fish that are in. And there’s plenty of fish
up to 20 pounds really but a lot of six to ten pound fish. So that’s got plenty of backbone. Got a 4000 reel, typical
for bomb and feeder fishing. Matched up with five
pound REFLO Power Max main line. It’s a little bit lighter
than you probably expect. That means I can get
away with smaller bomb. It’s just a 15 gramme Interchange bomb. That means I’m less
likely to spook the fish. Now if you crash it in, like
a one ounce bomb it’s gonna spook the fish, especially on shallow
lakes like we’re on today. It’s probably only three,
four foot in the middle. So you don’t wanna be spooking them. Down to the hooklength. I’ve got a 12 inch hooklength. Here at the Viaduct Fishery the rule is you’ve got have a minimum of 12 inches on your hooklength
hanging below your bomb. So I’ve got 12 inches there. Got 0.17 REFLO Power to size 16 PR36 with a bait band tied on the hair. Hair’s quite long. I prefer a long hair when fishing a bomb. And it just makes sure that the hook holds in the front of the mouth. Typically when your fishing
a waggler or a pole rig, I love a short hair close to the hook. When your fishing lots
of line on the bottom it’s always better to have a long hair. Des, over at Hillview, is using
one of these Banjo feeders. I’ve got same setup. It’s made my life so much easier. I don’t have to carry
different rods around with a feeder rod then a bomb rod. I can have just one rod
and interchange them. In seconds basically. So the moment I’m fishing a 15 gramme. Nice and light so I’m
not spooking the fish. Nice and little plop
when it hits the water. It’s not gonna crash in with
a bang when I cast it out. But I mean if the wind got up,
like it’s starting to today, or if I got and island in
front of me and you wanna fish on a slope with a bigger lead,
so it doesn’t roll back down. I can change the bomb in seconds. Just slide the tail rubber up. Slide the bomb off. Pick another match cube up. Line up the groove, and back on again. Tail rubber and it’s ready to go. Easy as that. Simple. (splash) It’s another fish on the bottom. I’ve been feeding line out in front of me. They’ve ate more pellets. I’ve also fed the end bank
next to me, next pallet. I just chucked tight to that one. That swim went quiet and
latched on straight away. So good little tips on the
secondary lines on the go. Pinging pellets there all the
time, bit quiet water there. And I can drop onto it every
now and again and hopefully get one straight away when
I’m struggling a little bit. It’s fighting well. Typical Viaduct mirror. Give me a scrap. It’s nearly ready. Decent sized fish. Ooh. There we go typical Viaduct mirror. Let’s get her back and get another one. Really important thing
about fishing this method is to keep the bait going in constantly. Obviously we swapped from a
feeder to a straight lead, so there’s no bait going in. Unless we feed it through the catapult. And I’m just basically feeding
three 8mm Sonbaits pellets, just 8mm Fin Perfect…
ooh! fish on!! Simple as that. And I’ve got a line out in
front of me in the open water. And also like I said a line over there, towards that platform. Luckily it didn’t go round my legs. It’s pulling a bit. If I can, I feed while I’m playing a fish. But obviously if you’re
not confident in doing it, I’d suggest not to cause you don’t want to risk losing the fish. So just keep it going in
also, three or four pellets. Make a really nice
noise, 8mm pellets. And they really do draw the fish in. It is important not to get carried away and feed em pouchfuls in. Obviously it’s a silty venue
so ideally you just wanna feed two or three pellets all the time. Keep the fish competing. And hopefully they’ll take your hook bait. This one’s scruffing a bit. Just keep the pressure on, nice and easy. Make every fish count. That’s starting to come towards me now. Oop, nice fish. So got the clutch set
on the reel fairly loose cause he’s a big fish. When they run they really do go. So it’s important to
set the clutch nicely. Obviously not too slack. Just so a little bit comes off when it’s under full pressure. Keeping the rod low at the moment. It just keeps the
fish high in the water. When the fish is within netting range, then I’ll raise the rod. I like for it to be easier
to net it first time. So I’m still running the rod
low and parallel with the water. As it’s coming towards me
I’m gonna raise the rod. Hopefully net it first time. Here we go. There we go, nice common. (grunting) Lovely looking fish. That’s why it’s important
to keep the bait going in and keep these guys competing for it. Let’s get it back. Okay this method’s really
working well at moment. So I’m gonna stick with it a bit. I’ll hand you over to Des. I think he’s getting his pole out. He’s gonna do a bit shallow fishing. (light upbeat music) – Well just go over the rig that I’m fishing shallow long with. Just stick the hook in the end. I’ve got a power top
there, Roller pulla bung. So if I do hook some big
fish I’ve got the added bonus of getting some more pressure on. I’m using an eleven Hollo. So it’s good for F1’s, good for carp. I can catch some bream
on it, no problem at all. Got me a little Dacron connector. 0.17 REFLO Power main line. I’ve got one of our new inline dibbers. These are absolutely brilliant. If you struggle at long shallow
and you get lots of tangles, use one of the new inline dibbers. No tangles at all. You can flick it over,
you can miss bites and it just re-cocks right away, no tangles. I’ve got four, at the
moment I’ve just got four number eight Stotz just
under the float cause I am fishing really shallow. Down to a four inch hook length. I’ve 0.15 REFLO Power and a size 16 PR36 hook with a small Dura Band on. Why I’m fishing four inch
hooklengths is because some of these venues, such as
Hillview, have lots of F1’s. And they do come really shallow. And I can move all this down and I can literally fish up to, sort of, six inches deep. Believe me on some days
you have to fish this deep to catch these F1’s. They’ll be swirling and they’re
really awkward to catch. So there you go. Nice and simple rig for
fishing shallow with pellets. I’ve just hooked me first one shallow. I’ve had a few, few roach bites. Lost a skimmer, come off. This is the first decent fish,
it might be a bream actually. Wanna fish shallow,
start off with you might have to go through that. Get a few little fish. Get your feet in right. It takes a little bit
a time shallow fishing. You know, don’t, it’s
frustrating at times. But you just got to try
and feel your way into it. I don’t mind catching them. I’ve started off about eight inches deep. But, nice size skimmer. Probably about a pound, what a pound and a half
of that over default. 6mm hard pellet. Just the same as I’m feeding. I’m starting to feed 6mm, cause I’m trying to get
away from the little fish. If they kept being a problem, then I’d have to step up to 8mm. I’m just sticking with
6mm at the moment. So nice and easy. Just a 6mm [pellet]
on a band. Like I said probably
just over a a foot deep. It can vary that, you got
to be really switched on, especially like this one
with a lot of F1’S in it. You might have to catch up
to sorta six inches deep. And sometimes you don’t see
any movement on the water. So just bear that in mind. Always start at about a
foot to eight inches deep. Just gonna slide me rig over. There is quite a lot little
fish there at the moment. Just grab your 6mm. I’m only fishing 13 metres. You know don’t get going out
at 16 metres. If you’re not particularly great, just try and get into this. You know fish to your capabilities. That’s the most important thing. I’m just trying to feed
like just ten 6mm pellets and drop my hook
bait straight in it. Where you got to go careful
on these commercials nowadays is you don’t keep feeding
and feeding and feeding. Sometimes you just got to
back away a little bit. So I’ve just fed that time. Sometimes it’s funny
cause you won’t get a bite and you sit there and it takes
a little, you know a while. There you go, that was a bite then. And just slap it over twice. If you keep feeding and
feeding and feeding, sometimes they just stay down. You are looking at, just left that then. Another skimmer. What I’m gonna try and do now is drag that fish away from where I’m feeding. Just try and catapult
in ten pellets and then concentrate on the fish
that you’ve just hooked. I thinks it’s a skimmer. Yeah another skimmer. And a good fish to catch. You know commercials like
Hillview, you can catch 50-60 pound of those
skimmers and then all of the sudden then the carp and F1’s turn up. No need to change that pellet. Just gonna go back out. And the first thing I do
is when I go back out, get to the end of the pole I’m fishing and just slap over twice. Just like that. And then try and bring your
pole back over top of your float but don’t try and affect your float. So you can slap over like that
and as the second one goes just lift your pole over your float. So if you get a bite you sorta have a better chance at hooking it. Like that. And then I’m gonna grab me catapult, grab meself, there’s a lot of little fish pecking at the pellet there. Grab meself sorta ten pellets. And as them pellets hit the
water that’s when you need to be lifting and dropping in your bait. There we go. Only a roach but you can
see the principle of it. So as them pellets are
going thought the air, I wanna try and get
ready to lift my rig out. And drop my pellet in amongst
the pellets you just fed. Takes a bit of practise holding the pole, but I try and get the pole over top. I try and sit at a slight angle on me box. And try and get the butt of
the pole over me two legs. That helps massively. Couple little fish, sorta
trying to confuse them. You want them to stay in your
peg cause you’re feeding them. And just keep slapping it
until they all come to sorta the noise of that pellet going in. And there’s only one pellet
there, which is yours. And if you get two or three
fish having a go at it, you’ve got more chance of hooking one. So just fire, try and lift
that out as soon as you can. Ooh that was a better bite that time. It might of been a better size fish that. Ooh. Feed again, try and lift
straight into that feed. It’s gone a bit quiet then. It makes you think that
there’s a big fish in me peg. What I’m thinking about when
I’m fishing shallow, the most important things to me
are the depth and the feeding. Just gonna slap that over twice. Ooh. A bite there. Immediately, amazing how shallow they take the pellets sometimes. And if you’re fishing for lots of F1’s, you can catch them so
shallow it’s incredible. That’s why I’ve got a four
inch hook length on there. Cause some days you can come up and fish a four inch hook length and
your float right on top. Just trying to sort of
feel me way into really. How much to feed and what
I found over the years is, especially with pellets, to
catch carp, especially these wise carp, you can only feed
like a half a dozen pellets. And it’s worth trying sorta
lashing it in sometimes if you’re not catching. But when you think they’re
sort of cruising around, you might only have to feed
sorta four to six pellets. That one literally just
flipped me rig over. A little tiny dink of the float. Might even be an F1 actually. So use your Roller Pulla. And that’s why I’m not fishing,
really heavy elastic because this is a mixed fishery, you know. There’s lots of roach, skimmers, F1’s. If I start using like a 14
elastic, I’d just bring em to the top and probably
most of them would come off. So if you get a nice elastic, like a 12 or 11, something like that. You can get everything in. Well I mean that a big F1 that. It’s fighting like a carp. So there’s little fish at the moment. Little fish is sorta faded away you know there’s a few
bigger fish’ll bite. God, dear fight. Nice F1. And that’s what’s so nice about Hillview, it’s a mixed fishery. So you can catch silvers, F1’s, carp. Look at that. Lovely condition F1. Just come a little bit shallower as well. And that one, look is this hooked. Just outside the cheek. You get a lot of F1’s outsider, they sort of thrash at the pellet. I’ve come now a foot deep in total. And to be honest when
I’m fishing for F1’s, you normally find 18 inches
is about the deepest I’ll go. It’s normally between sorta six inches and a foot deep is best. So a little six mil pellet. Just get back out there. Don’t have, you know,
a lot have got a line, a decent line me float and me elastic. If you start fishing really, really short you can get in some right tangles. If you sort of fish the
width of your footplate before you put enough length on it. That’s a real good
little tip to be honest. So I’m not firing in all the time. I’m not firing constantly. Still trying to chuck a bit
of bait in on that short line for later, before I need to use it. And it’s flicked the rig over twice. Ooh a little bite there. Even some of them tiny
little bites like that can be them F1’s. (light upbeat music) Just got to flick your rig over just to make that plop
like a pellet going in. Ooh that was lovely bite then. And they’re on it. And you know if you feed too much, they’ll just sit there,
take all the freebies. Ooh look at that. Some of em be F1 bites. You don’t have to start the reds off. You know with air rigging
for me personally, they normally just hook themselves. If you’re gonna hook one, if you, you know, there we go. That was a little, I felt that then. That was either a carp of an F1. We’ve seen the pole tip go over. And I could of struck as
hard or a fast as I want and I still wouldn’t of hooked it. So flick it over and
try an make that splash of some freebies going in. Like that. And, back in me pot now. Pick out half a dozen pellets. What I’m gonna try and
do, as the pellets are going through the air, flick it over. That’s what’s so nice about
them inline dibbers as well. You can’t tangle them. You can flick it around,
you can miss a bite and it just sort of resets itself. You’re not messing around. I’ve not got any shot down the line, I just got all me Stotz,
underneath the float. A lot of bubbles coming up
as well which is good really when you’re fishing shallow. You know the fish is swimming
out, swim through that. There you go, there’s another one. Another small carp, I think. And these are crafty fish in Hillview. You know when they’re not
really wanting to feed or it’s very still today, you got to
change what you’re feeding. So I’ve just started feeding
a few 4mm as well. Cause just little pellets sometimes can make a massive difference. But still with a 6mm
hard pellet on the band. But just started loose
feeding a few four mil. Thought I’d just try it. You know don’t be afraid to try things. That’s what commercial
fishing’s all about. I think that’s a little mirror again. I mean the reason for
that is 4mm you can, when they go in they
don’t make as much noise. They go in like a, it’s
like little bits of hemp going in, if you like or casters. And I think there’s, these fish nowadays, they take a bait in and they shoot off. Cause they get caught a lot. And I think if you sorta
feed a small bait some days they’ll hang around in
the peg a lot longer. They won’t take a big bait
in and then shoot off. So that’s definitely worth trying. It’s a nice carp to finish
this shallow session off. This little mirror carp. And don’t be afraid sometimes as well to try a 4mm pellet on the band. If you go to F1 venues, I’ve
even done it here in matches, you can’t get a bite on a 6mm,
you put a 4mm on and you catch loads more fish. So definitely worth trying. (light upbeat music) – Right, so here’s my mugging rig. Gotta a 13 Hollo, nice and soft but obviously strong
enough for these big fish. Worth noting that it’s not overly heavy. When you using a long line
it can take a lot of strain on your pole if you got heavy
elastic with a long line. So it’s worth going a
bit softer with that. Then I’ve got five foot
of line above the float. Might seem a lot a line but
with that I can swing beyond the pole tip and it’s
not gonna spook the fish. Shallow, it’s not gonna
be over the fish’s head. And you can catch a lot
more, bigger fish doing that. Obviously to swing that
much line out I’ve got a quite heavy float, it’s a Tyson 2, it takes five number eights. I’ve got that all below the float to give it nice casting weight. All directly below the float. I actually fish with 18 inches just to give it a natural fall. You might not catch em 18 inches deep but you’ll catch em as the
rig’s dropping through. And I’ve got eight inch hooklength, No 15 REFLO Power and size 16 PR36 hook
with a band on here. With that I can fish
an 8mm pellet or I can use a piece of meat which is also a good tip for mugging fish. Sinks a bit slower when they’re moving around a bit slower . That can be a real decent bait. Just basically you just
pull the band through with a baiting needle and I can swap
between the two baits then. So that’s my rig. Let’s go and catch one. It’s not the brightest
of days and probably not ideal for mugging fish
but we’ll give it a go. Need to put my glasses on. I can see a bit easier. I’m feeding a spot but also I’m seeing a few fish mooch around on the edge of it. So I’m gonna flip my
rig in a couple times. Make a bit of a plop. Try and draw em towards it. Hopefully we get one straight away. No, keep feeding em a spot
and flicking the rig past. See if there’s anything there. See a few fish round
the back of it actually. So I’m gonna swing out a bit further. Now try to side. Make a nice plop when it hits the water, these 8mm pellets. Just pinging. Pinging a few 8mm Fin Feed pellets. Make loads of noise
when they hit the water. There’s a few fish swelling there now. Keep laying the rig in. These fish aren’t gonna take a static rig. They’re gonna take it dropping through the water all the time. That’s what they’re looking for bait falling through the water. I’m trying to make my rig do the same. There’s no point in leaving it out there more than 10 seconds. (light upbeat music) Alright I’m gonna keep
flicking my rig past the feed. It’s the beauty of using a longer line. You can fish right past your
pole tip and not spook them. Keep your feed going
in, two, three pellets. Keep laying the rig back in. The winds a little bit awkward so got use a bit of a pendulum motion. There’s one. Got to keep your feed going. Hopefully there’ll be one
waiting for me when I land this. Nice and steady, pole
tip low to the water. Slowly back. Alright stop and feed now. Keep the fish competing for it. There’s a lot of fish
out there at moment now. Nice and steady. Start using my roller puller now. Nice and slowly back,
pole tip low to the water. Hopefully that’ll keep the
fish high up in the water. When it’s within range again
I can just scoop it hopefully. Another big fish I think. Can be a bit awkward when
you using a long line to play fish but. As long as you’re careful
and you’ve got plenty elastic out your pole it shouldn’t
be a problem really. There we go, it’s coming close. Gonna raise our tip in a minute. Hopefully scoop him up. That’s right lump. (grunting) I think that’s a double. Lovely Viaduct mirror. So there you have my mugging
and shallow fishing techniques. Hopefully, if you’ve got it right you can get into some lumps like this. Let’s get her back. Alright let’s get back to Hillview and see how Des is getting on. (light upbeat music) – The third essential tip
I’m gonna show you today is what I do a lot in my match fishing, is fishing for silver shore. It works, an absolute treat. You can catch when the days
like today where it’s really hot and flat and fishing is very difficult. It can put a lot of fish in your net. And what I’m gonna do, I’m
gonna make a little bit of a mix up with casters and worms. Not a lot of worm but I want
to fish worm on the hook because it’s very, very tough. You can catch up to
sort of, maybe ten fish on the same bit of worm. It makes it really, really quick. So I’ve got some casters here. I’m gonna get two parts
of casters like that. Just put that in a separate container. So this is gonna be my loose feed. I’ve got somewhere, nice
thing about this as well, you’re not gonna use
lots and lots of worms. Cause they obviously are expensive. So I’m gonna get some worms out me pot. Sorta something like half a pot of worms. Just get them out. Not worried about that
little bit of soil mixed in. Like that. So it gives the fish a bit of a taste of what you’re putting on your hook. Sometimes I’ve been fishing
and if you don’t put any worms in you struggle to catch. So it’s worth just putting
a few worms in your mix. So just a few more worms. Get them in like that
and just chop them round. Good pair a scissors. Not gonna chop em up so
they’re complete mush. Just a nice mix. So I’ve got the odd piece in there. Sorta an inch long but most of them are sorta about half an inch. So I’m gonna stick them in
me casters, not a lot but that’s all you need to
do this sort of fishing. Just mix them round. And what I’ll do I’ll keep them
casters and worms separate. And if I want to do some
more I’ll just do this again. Just keep it damp and as you
can see from that mix there you’ve got a lot of little pieces of worm. Lot’s of casters but
he odd pieces of worms. So if there’s any fish there,
as that’s dropping through they’re nicking the odd bit
of worm and your hook bait. A little bit of worm is there. You’ve got a much better
chance of catching a fish. The rig I got made up for
me silver fish fishing is this one here. That’s on a short stop. It’s only 1.85 metres long. I think they’re absolutely perfect. When you wanna catch a lot
of silvers, like I am today. I’m fishing short, I’m
throwing bait out me hand. You can’t beat these things. I wanna be fast and efficient of putting lots of fish in me net. I’ve got that setup on 7 Hollo. I’ve me little Dacron connector there. I’ve got 0.15 REFLO Power. Even though I’m fishing for silvers I’m still fishing quite heavy main line. It’s about wear and tear. If I’m netting fish all the time, I don’t want anything going wrong. So 0.15 . I got a 4×12 F1 maggot float,
brand new this year. Lovely little hollow
bristle which ‘ll hold the bait up if I’m fishing shallow. And at the moment I’ve set the
float to about two foot deep. Obviously I can vary that. I’ve just got a simple bulk. Of three number nine Stotz. A four inch hook length
which I think is important. Same as what I said about
the shallow fishing. If I want to come up
really shallow, I can do. And I’ve got a size 14 PR434 hook. A great big hook and that’s why worm on the hook is so good. The fish don’t really take
any notice of the hook size. If we were fishing with
a single maggot on a 14 it would look outta place. But with a piece of worm
they’ll still have it. No problem at all. (light upbeat music) Alright just gonna run through. I’m fishing shallow. I’ve only put in two
sections on me short stop, so it’s not very far out. The most important thing
is about fishing like this is where you can throw it. You can throw it really accurate. It’s really easy to throw
with your left hand. And I’m catching some
really big silver fish. So as I hook one then I bring it back. I got me roller really close. Quite high, so I can
keep everything tight. And I got a tulip on there. Loads of people asked
me why I use a tulip? That’s why, cause it’s so quick. I can drop that in there. Got me net. Get the fish out. I’ve gone a little bit deeper. I’m probably fishing just a
little over two foot deep. If I come really shallow, I’m catching lots of rudd and roach. If I go a little bit deeper,
sit there for a little bit, I’m catching skimmers. I’ve also had a couple of F1’s. And that’s what I mean about that. Get your setup right,
makes a massive difference. So I get me tulip straight out. Like that, flip me rig over. I get me straight into the feed pot. And I feed over top me float. Twice, like that. Got a little fish on this time. On the roller. I can swing this one, little skimmer. And if you get your
line right between your, you don’t want it too,
I mean that’s probably, sort of over two foot from
the float to the elastic. If you have it really
short, you end up getting in a right mess, loads of tangles. And also you won’t be able
to swing the fish properly. That’s why them short stops are so good. When you wanna swing fish
or these 3-4 ounce fish, absolutely deadly. If I had a normal length top, I’d be reaching up, the
fish would be outta control and like I said at the
start it’s all about being efficient, in control. Just a piece of worm, inch long. Big hook. Like that. Flip the rig over. Feed. And you can catch some massive
weights and not just silvers. You can catch carp, you can catch F1’s. All sorts of fish doing this. But for my fishing, when I’m
in certain venues this can catch me a sort of 20 to
40-50 pound of silvers, during the middle match
when things go quiet. So you gotta keep feeding. And I like I said when I
fish shallow I’m always thinking about when I’m
gonna change me depth. You know do I go
shallower, do I go deeper? There’s one thing for
certain at the moment I can just sit there. Oh that was a proper bite then. I can just sit there and wait
and the bigger fish seem to be a bit, there you are, there you go. Them bigger skimmers are
just slightly deeper. They won’t come right up and you’ll find that a lot with skimmers shallow. These are weight builders. You know you start getting
one of these every chuck. And like everything’s in control. I got me short stop there. I can get the right elastic. Everything is so easy. Seen that in. Still the same piece of worm. All these little things
make a massive difference. So straight into me pot again. Feed again. You don’t have to pile
bait in, just steady. I’m just gonna sit
there for a few seconds. Them skimmers are weird fish. Sometimes they’re just,
oh little fish that time. Little perch. You don’t have to, you
know when you get it right, you can just do that, you
don’t even have to break down. Let’s get the same piece of worm again. If I was using casters on here I’d probably gettin
absolutely ragged to death. As we build the peg up these
little fish ‘ll probably go away and then you just catch quality. Just sit there for a bit. You can always tie, if you’re
like the type on your venue, you can always give it a
bit of a tap on the top. Try and hold your pole over top your float like I did shallow long with them pellets. Nothing that time feed. Drop your rig straight in, down. There we go, look at that. You know you wouldn’t think they were, even them skimmers are, you know they’re not stupid. They come to the noise. Nice pound and a quarter skimmer. So quick when you get it right. There you go. What a beautiful fish to finish off the shallow fishing for silvers. (light upbeat music) – Right, you’ve seen Des fish shallow with worms and casters. I’m gonna do something
a bit different today. I’m gonna fish pellets on the deck. There’s a lot a small fish in the Viaduct. So by fishing pellets on the deck, I’m hoping to catch these bigger fish. Big bream, 10 inch. Lot’s of fish. I’m gonna fish for those. While it’s a bit harder, maybe
in the middle of the match when the carp aren’t feeding. Let’s talk my weights up. So as feed I’m gonna feed a combination of pellets and ground meat. If I was to feed two mils on their own I’d probably get lots
of small fish on me peg. They’d probably eat a lot
of it on the way down, if I was say catapulting a few in. To prepare them I’m gonna soak these. First of all put a few in the tub. We’re gonna soak those
for about 30 seconds. Then put them on a riddle
and drain them off. And by the time I start fishing
they should fluff up nice and big and they should bind really well. And I can squeeze them in the bowl, when they’re with the ground bait. So leave that to stand
for a few more seconds. So I’m using Supercrush Expander. It’s an awesome ground meat for skimmers. They seem to really love it. Nice and fluffy mix. I can over wet this and
use it as a bait holder, those bobbits at bottom,
hopefully they break down quickly. And hopefully I’ll catch
some bigger fish on the deck. So I’m only gonna use a lit bit today. So I’m gonna mix up about a pint. That means that it leaves
my ground bait limit, which here is two kilo. I can save that for my mod
you mix for down on the edge for later when I’m catching lumps. So now quite a lot of water to this mix. Takes on a hell of a lot of water. I’m gonna really over-wet it and make it a bit of a mess really. It won’t look like your
traditional ground meats. Not even wet it. Plenty of water. It’s gonna turn into a bit of a cake. I’m just gonna leave that for 20 minutes. When I do come to ready that
it should be nice and fluffy. Taken on lots of water. It should be able to hold the mod co’s that I’ve just prepared. Into little balls quite nicely. So these mod co’s are ready to drain off. Again I’m gonna leave that
alone with the ground bait. And now I need some hooker
pellets for the hook. So I’m gonna prepare some expanders. Got some four mil super
expanders for the hook today. I’m gonna prepare them
with the super pellet pump. What I’m gonna do, pop the lid off. Takes about a handful of pellets
but as a guide you’ve got the max pellets there
and also the max water when we come to fill it. Put this back on. Alright I’m gonna draw some water up, up to where it says max water. Just there. Pop the lid back on. Three times should be enough pump it. Now take the lid back off. Just to prove it, there
we go everyone’s a sinker. Right, so I’m gonna
finish off my feed bait. Left my mod co’s to soak,
they should be alright by now. Nice and big and fluffy,
so put those to one side. And I need to ready my ground bait. So pop on the riddle. Nice cakey mix like I said. Gonna pretty much grate
it through the riddle. So just do that really quickly. Get that all through, all these lumps out. Should end up with a nice fine mix. Really wetted, it should go
straight down into the bowl. Break up nice and quickly. That’s lovely and fluffy there. So basically what I’m gonna
feed is probably 50/50 pellets and ground bait. So I’m gonna pop a couple of
handfuls of pellet in a bowl. Then same with ground bait. Mix em together. Should end up with a nice mix that I can squeeze into a ball. Pop that in a catapult. That should be a really nice feed. So I’ve got my feed. I’ve got me expanding pellets. Let’s go catch some fish. (light upbeat music) I’m fishing an 11 hollow, nice and soft. It’s all bounce so I got 11 REFLO Power. So it’s light enough to catch these really but obviously heavy enough
to land these bonus carp. Just take it steady. Nice and slow really,
make every fish count. Get it back on the top kit and
start using a roller puller. Nice and steady. Low to the water. Hopefully that’ll keep the
fish up high in the water when it does come within netting range. I should be able to scoop it hopefully. If it plays nicely. There we are. Keeping the tip nice and low. Hopefully it’ll pop up on
the surface in front of me. Nearly. There we go, another nice Viaduct mirror on the silver fish rig that’s a bonus. Lovely fish, let’s get it back. (water sloshes) Gonna keep the bait going in. Every drop in gonna feed another ball of that pellet and ground bait mix. Lower the rig over the top. Nice and slowly. Quite often you get fish on the drop. Fishing about an inch over. There’s a bit tow today so with that I’m making sure that I am on the bottom. I don’t like to fish too
much line on the deck when I’m fishing with pellets. Normally about an inch
is probably about right. You need that sort of sensitivity. And you don’t want too
much line on the deck or as you miss bites. So I’m fishing about eight metres today. It’s a bit of an in-between
length if you like. Normally I’d probably fish
5-6 metres for carp on meat or pellets. Oh that feels like a bream, I think. Definitely a bit of fish. It’s not a carp. Nice and steady. Loving all these nice and
stuff but it’s not too strong. Gently back, whoa. Nice dark bream. There go. About three pound that fish. Exactly what were looking
for in this method. Nice better quality fish. These ten inch. That’s what we want. So run you through the rig. I’ve got 11 hollow, through
a power kit, nice and strong. Like I said strong enough for carp, yet still soft enough to land silver with. Nice thing about putting out with them. For main line I’ve got
0.15, nice and durable. Might be hooking carp. I’ve got a .4 into the carbon float. Round bodied so I can hold it in this breeze nice and steady. Then down I’ve just got
a bulk, a simple bulk. About 15 inches from the hook. And then two number nine
droppers, nice and positive. And soft pellet fishing I can
get it down through the small fish, and those big droppers
are gonna show up quite nicely. And I’ve got six inches
of 0.11 REFLO Power and a PR434, size 16 hook. And that’s big enough
that a 4mm expander should be just about right. One thing I do like to
do on the rigs, when I’m fishing on the deck, is fish a back shot. Normally fish probably two
number eights about four inches from the tip and that keeps
my rig nice and steady. I can hold it parallel with
the water against the wind. It’ll keep my rig still and
it’s really important for good presentations, especially when
it’s a bit breezy out today. Right, so let’s get fishing. How I like to hook my expanders, like to do it through the
sides, around the round part. Then twist it round. That way it’s against the grain and it’s gonna stay on a lot better that way. One tip, if you do struggle
with your elastic sticking sometimes, spray on a little
bit of this Dura Slip Elastic. Should make it slip nice and cleanly. Now I’m just gonna ship out,
like I said a little ball of bait into the catapult and away we go. Just gonna tap the bait out. Drop the rig over the top nice and slowly. Rig’s all straight in there nicely. Hopefully we get bites right away. (light upbeat music) Well I’m gonna stay on
this line for a bit longer. Hopefully catch some more bream, 10 inch. At least until I see
some signs down the edge. I think Des might be ready to try his. So let’s see how he’s getting along. (light upbeat music) – Well the last essential
tip today is Margin fishing. And as soon as I play my margin up today I felt as if I needed to be
really careful on what I fed. On some venues you’re not allowed
to use ground bait anyway. So you have to use particle baits. But for me personally,
what I’ve planned out, I’ve already got three and a half
feet to the next platform. I’ve got a lot of margin covering. I can’t even see the platform to my left but I wanted to fish in
front of the platform, because it’s gonna be very clean. And I do catch a lot of carp fishing up to the next platform. But like I said it’s very, very deep. And for me when I’m
fishing in deep margin, especially in the summer
time, choosing the right baits are very, very crucial. So for me, as soon as
I’ve plumbed up and found three and a half foot, it’s
probably over three and a half foot, corn was always gonna
be one of the best baits. It’s very heavy. I can even throw it and cup it. But for me it’s the
heaviness that matters. If I was gonna put ground bait in down I would always have some
ground bait mixed up because you never know
if it was really hard. And ground bait, as we all
know, can get fish in the peg. But for me it was all about trying to keep the bait to the bottom. Keeping the fish down cause
it’s on a warm day like today they’ll come into the margins
and if there was a lot of ground bait there they can
waft it off the bottom and you’ll end up having a
nightmare foul looking. Especially with big carp. So that was my sort of feeling today, was I’m gonna stick with corn at the start and maybe introduce some
meat while I’m fishing it. I’m fishing with eight
mil meat on the hook. It’s a nice big target bait, so that’s why I’ve gone down that road rather than putting ground bait in. (light upbeat music) Alright just put that one in the net and I’ll just show you me margin break that I’ve been fishing. Everything is sorta beefier on
this rig for obvious reasons. So fishing down the edge,
fishing for a big weight of carp and they can be some of the
biggest fish in the lake. I got a power top. I’ve got a 12 Dura hollow. I’ve got actually a
large catapult on here. Cause I wanna be, you know,
fishing down in the margins. I’m fishing in deep water. I might have to fill this
little pot up every single time. Full of corn or whichever
bait I decide to fish with. So coming down to the business end, I’ve got one of our new margin floats. On these floats the line
actually goes through the eye but it also goes through
the body of the float, so it’s mega, mega strong. You’re not gonna rip the eye out. Really nice and simple. On the bottom end I’ve just
got some number eight Stotz. I’ve actually spaced these out
in the last sort of two foot. Because when you’re fishing
in deep margins sometimes, like I said, you got to keep
lifting the rig and drop it in. Especially if they’re really hard to catch and you think they’re in your peg. And sometimes you can
catch the great big ones just as it settles. So at the moment I just got
that equally spaced out. Hook length, I got 0.15 REFLO
Power, six inches of that. Down to a 14 PR456, mega, mega strong. You’re not gonna bend it out and it’s also got a real big spade on. So there really easy
to tie with heavy line. So there you go, that’s me margin rig. Some days like today, I think
you’ve got a feed amount of bait to try and keep the fish coming. So I’m gonna get me big pot. I’m gonna put a big handful of corn in. Some days you gotta keep
doing this, you can catch one maybe two carp and you got
to throw some more bait in. But I’m not gonna overdo it,
just a big handful of corn. Feed it just slightly away
from where I’m fishing. And I’m gonna go straight back in on it. Gonna go straight in on a
eight mil piece of meat again, even though I’m feeding corn. Just trying meat on the hook,
I caught that one on meat after sitting there for
a couple minutes on corn. Big chunk, big chunk of meat. God look at that for a bite. Absolutely flew under a
thousand miles an hour that. I said that’s literally a minute after I’ve put that big handful of corn in. So that was a good, you know
you got to bear that in mind when you’re fishing in margins to get the fish feeding
some days you have to feed a lot of bait but the right bait. That’s the most important thing. For me today, with the deep margin, I felt corn was the way forward. But with a big hook bait, a
big eight mil meat on the hook, once they find that
they absolutely nail it. Not the biggest fish in the world. But if you get one of these every chuck, that last hour of a match
you can catch a huge weight. We’ll just get the hook out of him. Well there you go. Lovely margin fish at Hillview. I know there is some
real big fish in here. I’m sure if I carried on I
would catch some big-gins. But Andy’s over at Viaduct
and I know there’s some absolutely whopping great fish in Viaduct. So let’s get over to him
and see how he’s getting on. (light upbeat music) – Alright getting later on in the day now. Some bigger fish down the
edge continue to slow. I’m gonna plumb up and tell
you what I’m looking for, when I’m plumbing up, down the edge. So I’ve got quite a shallow margin. It’s probably only two foot,
a metre out form the bank. What I’m looking for is a nice flat spot that I can feed over. I prefer fishing on the
flat spot because your bait doesn’t get spread out
round the peg so much. If you we’re fishing on the
slope there’s no really way of telling where your bait would end up, especially when there’s fish
in there, tails and stuff. So I’m just looking for
a nice little flat spot. Say a foot wide that I can feed over. Think there’s one right there. Just gonna line that up and fish there. This time of day it’s an
awesome place to be fishing. The fish know that,
come the end of the day I can just throw the bait in. So they’re gonna be on there
every evening basically. There’s a fish there now and I haven’t even fed anything yet. (chuckles) So let’s get some bait
sorted and get started. So we got a 50/50 mix. Ground bait and Margin Carp
and a new maggot fish mill. Mix it really over wet it. It’s got lots of big particles in that go straight down to the bottom. Hopefully nail fish to the deck and save you from hooking them. So today I’m gonna feed
dead maggots in with it. These aren’t actually dead. I’ve just actually kept them
in a bag for a couple of days and they lie dormant there. So when I need some I just open the bag. Take a few out and then
tie it back up again. And they shouldn’t come
back to life like that. Quite a few handfuls in
with my ground bait mix. Make sure there’s lots
and lots of particles. There’s lots of small fish in there. So I’m feeding a lot of
maggots in with me ground bait. That should be enough. Gonna seal the bag back up again. So they don’t come back to life. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna feed, probably four or five
balls of this down there. I’m gonna squeeze it and
roll it and cup it and loose. Cause it gets the bait
straight down to the bottom and nails them to the deck. So we got, let’s feed a few. Nice big pot, let’s get some bait in. I’m gonna pick my marker,
nice and accurate. I’m gonna feed all down the same hole. One last ball. Loads of particles in there. Got feed in there, won’t take long at all to get a few fish in the bag. There we go. Keep my eye on that now. See if I see any tail patterns come up. Right, just show you the rig now. Step things up a bit, I’ve
got a 15 hollow this time. Nice and strong. When it comes to the end of the match you need to catch fish quickly. So that’s got to be really strong. Hopefully you catch fish with
that a little bit quicker. Got an 0.19 main line, nice an durable. There’s lots of little stickups and weeds. If it rubs against that’s gonna hopefully be up for the job. Then I’ve got a 414 island float. Equally ideal for fishing down the edges. Nice two mil visible tip. It’s not gonna sink with big
bait on them, fish in the pack, it’s gonna stay there nicely. Oop lively fish. Then basically I’ve just got a bulk, four number eights above
my six inch hook length. I’ve got 0.15 REFLO Power
with big size 14 PR456. Nice and strong. Could put a bunch of maggots
on that, double worms, dundra’s, a big bit of
meat , anything like that. So let’s see if we can catch one. There’s a few fish down
there at the moment. I’ve seen a few tails, so
I’m just gonna start on a bunch of maggots and go from there. See what happens. If I’ve not had any
bites I can always switch to a double worm, nice big focal bait. So just start it off
five maggots on the hook. Se what happens. So I got my marker there. I’m gonna lower it straight
over the top of the ground bait really accurately, nice
and slowly and drop it in. Line in straight away. Ooh line up. Drop it back in. Just loads and loads of fish there. Loads in tails. Squeeze that ground bait, ooh there’s one. Squeeze the ground bait nice and hard, so it’s gone down on the deck. Nice and heavy. So that one’s definitely in the mouth, judging by that bite. Just waiting for a positive pull under. Nice and steady. Let the elastic do the work. And I have a decent fish I think. Keep an eye on the edge to, there’s fish still feeding down there. I think I’ll put another
little pot in next time, before I go in. (splashing) Nice big common. Yeah I’ll put a little pot in and go straight over top of it. And I think I’ll probably
get one straight away judging by the amount of fish down there. There he is. Definitely a bigger stump. Down the edge to the fish
then we we’re capturing. Wiser fish, that was a nice big common. See if we can get another. (splashing) So I’m gonna feed it again. Get my pot. Just a single hander like that. Nice and wet, loads of particles in there. And I’m gonna go straight
over the top of it. Hopefully we get one straight away. Pick my marker, drop it in. I fed again after putting those balls in cause obviously I’ve had
a few fish in my peg. When I’ve hooked that
fish they’ve spooked off. So that’s just gonna focus them again. Let’s get baited up and
see if we can get another. So we’re going for five
maggots again, nice big bait. Let’s see if we can get another. Nice and slowly, making sure I’m not hitting fish on the way down. Straight over the ground bait. Oop one straight away. So you put feed in that bowl
and going straight over the top of it, it’s kept things nice and accurate. I know where my bait is
cause I’ve squeezed it hard. I’ve dropped my rig straight over the top, nice and accurately. And it took me around the platform. Ooh! It’s coming back now. Bit of a hairy moment. It’s a strong rig so I should be alright. Using the new carp pole today, so it’s plenty strong
enough for these edge fish. Prefer to use a more
durable pole like this, just making sure you
can trust and rely it. It’s gotten plenty of strength in reserve. Now if it runs, let it go. Nice and steady. Slowly bring it back again. Got to be a common the
way it’s charging around. No. Yeah it is. Nearly wrong. Nice big common again. (grunting) Lovely fish, awesome. Alright we’re gonna do the same again. Another little ball just to focus em and get them back down on the deck again. Keep the fish coming into the peg cause you’re gonna focus em again. A lot of people struggle with fishing ground bait down the edge. Foul looking fish but. Now by squeezing the bait and using big, heavy float. Just make sure you’re
not gonna foul with them. (light upbeat music) Keeping the pole low. Tip low to the water. There’s no point, you know, I see a lot of people playing
fish with pole up in the air. That’s just gonna end up in a broken pole. Nice and low to the water. Keep the fish parallel to
the surface of the water. Keeps them high up in the
water so you can net them when they’re within range really. So much easier with a roller puller. Just in direct contact with it. When it wants to run, the
elastic can just flow free and let it go again. Bring it back again towards me. Just about ready. There we go. Another Viaduct lump. (grunting) Definitely bigger fish down the edge. Ooh just in the top lip, a bit lively. Another quality fish. Let’s get her back. So I’ve had a few on maggots. Gonna change my bait now,
there’s a lot of fish in the peg. So I’m gonna try worms. I’m gonna put two of them on. Just through the head of the worm. So I’m just gonna slap it
on the water a couple times. What that does is stuns the worms, it stops them from wriggling. Sometimes when you put live
worms on they fold over the hook and they stop you from
hooking the fish properly. But by doing that they’re basically dead and that hook point is always showing. So let’s give that a go. See how they like the double worm. Nice and slowly. There we go, straight away. He liked the spaghetti. (chuckles) Coming straight towards me actually. Lovely fish. Bonus. Alright let’s have another drop in. A lot of people struggle fishing
ground bait down the edge. Foul looking fish. But there’s few things you can do. See I’ve got a bit of shallow
water close to the bank. I’m getting real problems
with foul looking fish. I can try plumbing up a new
spot into the shallower water. If I’m really pulling my hair out I can start to feed heavy
particles like Des has been doing. Although I’ve got obviously
a shallower margin than Des, feeding those heavy particles
is gonna pin the fish down. Exactly same principle as Des. Oh spooked one. It’s gonna pin them to the deck and hopefully lead to more
hooked fish in the mouth rather than foul hooking them. There’s another one there. I see those heavy particles
could be maybe corn, nice and heavy, possibly meat. Hemp, obviously another good heavy bait. And it’s just gonna pin
those fish to the deck. This one’s going a bit. Pole’s nice and strong though. Another big fish I think. Keep the pressure on. Back to the top yet. Slowly bring it back with a roller puller. Nice and steady. Pole tip low. Feels like a bigger fish. Ooh! (splashing) No need to rush these big fish. One of these fish is gonna be worth two of someone else’s fish. So make sure you got it in. (splashing) Massive common. Now that is a massive fish. (grunting) Just goes to show if you got
your margin tactics right. Right time of day with right baits, you can catch fish like these. And these are match winners. Awesome, get her back. – Well I hope you’ve enjoyed
Match Fishing Essentials. Me and Andy have showed
you four different ways of approaching a commercial venue. First of which, for me was feeder fishing. Basically putting pellets in a feeder and chucking to an island. – I’ve done things a little
differently, with a twist. Fishing bomb and pellet,
spare and eight mil pellets. – Secondly was fishing
shallow on the pole. I’ve fished for F1’s and smaller carp. – I’ve done things a bit differently with longer line between the tip and the float for the bigger fish, wary fish. – And for the silvers, my
approach is fishing short. Having a few worms mixed in me casters and catching a lot of fish quickly. – I’ve fished for bigger fish. Pellets on the deck. Had to wait a bit longer for bites but they mean quality fish. – And the fourth thing and
really, really important one, your match angler is your margin. For me I fished in deep
water with particles. – I’ve had a bit more
shallow water in the edge. I fished ground bait maggots
and I’ve caught some big ones. (chuckles) – Yeah well I didn’t. (laughter) Well there you go, I’ve enjoyed it and I hope you pick up some great tips. And I’m sure me and Andy will put more fish in your keep nets. – And help you win more matches. (light upbeat music)

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