4 EXPLOSIVE Tips for Trading with the Donchian Channel

39 thoughts on “4 EXPLOSIVE Tips for Trading with the Donchian Channel

  1. Thanks Rayner! Can you explain me the difference between Bollinger Bands and Donchian Channel?

  2. Hi Rayner, I remember you had mentioned before, your trading methodology (PA, trend following, breakouts) does not require indicators as they are always lagging. However, I noticed lately, you have been introducing indicators. May I hear from you about the new implementation of the indicators in the trading plan? πŸ™‚

  3. Nice video man! My friend likes using the keltner channel indicator, it's basically drawing the upper and lower boundaries of a channel using ATR values added and subtracted from the moving average. Maybe there's a strategy in combining the two indicators where you'd wait for the keltner channel to get narrow, then enter on a breakout of keltner upper or lower confirmed by the donchian channel. I think that might be the way to automate the entry signal you described in this video. What do you think? I could code it up for metatrader if you want.

  4. Hi Rayner – Thanks for all your so useful videos. Can you cover (or send me the link if you have already covered), the topic of how to find good swing trades for long. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Rayner, how can I identify the difference with the Donchian Channel and the Bollinger Bands, since they looks the same?

  6. Hi Rayner,
    Where is the best area to put stoploss. It's too large if i entry upper channel & place stoploss at the middle channel. Please advise me. Thank You!

  7. Excellent Video. I got new TOOL information. I have two quotation.
    1. Can we use this TOOL 15mints chart, if use we need to change any setting.
    2. Any other combination tools works with Donchin. Please explain.

  8. Thank you very much for this video Rayner I appreciate :))) Can you share a video about Darvas Box also? kind regards

  9. thanks a ton Rayner!! Must mention you have a very unique & awsome style of making videos on indicators!
    what i like about all your indicator videos is that they are not superficial knowledge like others.
    you start right from the basics of "what & why" of an indicator & go right up to "how to use" those indicators like a pro! this adds so much sense & value while using these indicators!
    keep up the good work…….thanks again

  10. hi Rayner someone stole my cellphone 2 years ago . I had dogecoin in dogechain wallet i cant go into my account cause i dont have my google authenticator . I try every thing i dont want to loose my coins. What can i do? do you know someone in dogechain to reset my account ? Thank a lot

  11. Love the middle DC as a stop-loss for day open strategies.
    What bothers me about all these indicator and strategy guides is, nobody explains the why and how behind it, only the how you do it.

  12. How do i install it in phone? Can’t find it. Do i have to customise?

  13. is it work in the lower timeframe using the ATR indicator & Donchian channel?

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