5 Easy Cold Calling Sales Techniques

In todays video you are going to learn how
to make sales call like a pro. Stay tuned! ******************* ADVERTISEMENT ****************** Hi this is Kim Constable and you are watching
WAHM TV the place to be in you want to create a business from home that gives you financial
freedom to live a life you love and this is work at home Wednesday. Today�s question comes from Rachel. And
Rachel says �Dear Kim my husband and I run a service business in the construction industry
and I not only look at the administration of the company but I am responsible for bringing
in new clients. However I hate making sales calls more than anything, I just can�t bring
myself to do it and put it off so it never gets done. Yet if we want our business to
grow it is something that I need to do, can you give me some advice on how to overcome
this fear and just make the calls. Love Rachel P.S: I am loving the work at home mums video
classroom. It Rocks!� I love hearing that Rachel, I love you, (KISS!) So Rachel I can totally sympathize with your
problem, let me tell you, I have worked in sales and marketing my whole life and I have
made more sales calls than you have had hot dinners. So here are my top tips to be a sales
call pro. 1. Do your research: open an excel spread
sheet and think about all the companies that you want to contact and what exactly you would
like from them. So in column 1 you are going to have their name then the contact name,
the telephone number, email and any other information that you think off. If you record
all of your information its goanna help you to be much clearer and focus where you want
to go. 2. Think about what you want from them: before
you pick up the call. Do you want to have a meeting with them, do you want to give the
information on the phone, and is there something else that you need then to do or some place
you need them to go. Think about what you want from them before you pick up the phone. 3. Come up with the list of objections: that
they could possibly have to what it is that you are offering and answer that, I bet that
you get the same objections again and again and again. We all do so what you need to do
is come up with possible answers to the objections, so when ever they throw an objection at you
BOOM, you just pull up your answer. 4. Practice: Write your script about what
you are going to say and practice in front of the mirror, record yourself, practice with
a friend whatever you need to do just make sure that your sales pitch is really smooth
and really elegant and rolled out of the tongue. 5. Do your sales calls first: whenever you
are goanna make them plan them into your dairy, and do them at the start of the day. This
is good for 2 reasons. (i) You are more than likely to get the person
at the start of the day because that�s when people are in their offices doing the things
they need to do to prepare for the day, so them first. (ii) Number 2 is that you get to the thing
that you hate to do out of the way first. So Rachel that is my answer to your question,
I hope it has helped and now I want to hear from you, do you have a killer sales strategy
that you use to make calls. Do you hate cold calling, do you like cold calling, are you
a sales pro or maybe you are struggling like Rachel and you don�t know where to get started. The best conversations always happen after
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60 thoughts on “5 Easy Cold Calling Sales Techniques

  1. hi just want to say you are great…intelligent, brilliant, funny and charming

  2. You mentioned a blog for this topic… do you have a direct link to that blog post for this? Couldn't seem to find it on your page.

  3. If you really want to get over the fear of cold calling then get a job making outbound calls. Eventually you will see that there is nothing to fear. But while you are creating a very profitable habit you will be getting paid. You won't care about rude answers or no's. You will expect them. Just make the next call.

  4. I HATE cold calling! I've had more success with social media sales than cold calling. But I know that everyone's different.

  5. Hi Kim, I'm a real estate consultant for international sales  and I want to know how I can convince someone to buy property from me over the phone? I have a lot of clients abroad that I previously met while I was there. However, some of them have not signed the deal with me because they were not ready to purchase property from me that time, now Im back at my country, I want to keep working on them and eventually, if possible close the deal over the phone. How can I make that happen? 

  6. Hello Kim,What would be your advice for financial services cold calling?

  7. Hi Kim, am happy to share my cold calling pitch which works best (personal highest conversion to get an onsite meeting) for me:
    Hi Mr customer, my name is … From … . Mr customer, in the past we helped companies within your vertical to increase their revenue and decrease their cost. Do you maybe have 5 minutes to find out if we can help you to achieve this as well?!

    If an objection follows = Feel-Felt-Found principal…:
    I FEEL what you re saying Mr customer. I once had a client who FELT the same way like you. but he gave us a chance (Pilot software sale) to proof our value proposition, and what he FOUND out was that he achieved an ROI of 30% with our solution within the first year…

    Happy to get your feedback/thoughts… Cheers Robin

  8. Hi Kim, I have just gone from being a 'Self Employed Night Club Owner' to a 'Sale Rep' with a company selling Solar Window Film. Do you think cold calls are effective in this business?. My bosses are pushing me that way. To say the truth I do not believe too much in cold calling. I think people tend to get rid of you on the phone. Should I try it their way? Thanking You.

  9. Hi Kim, Great advice! I am getting started in Sales Marketing. Similarly to the person who's question you addressed in this video… I too work for my Husband, however our business operates out of Barbados.
    I found the opposite is true for me here (for the majority): If I contact leads first thing in the morning I have noticed 3 things to be the case. 1. The Marking Reps. are indeed preparing for the day and are less interested in engaging in conversation and therefore rush through our exchange or request I call back later in the day (which is always tricky and tends to eat up the rest of the day trying to reach them again in their office.)   2. High profile titles like "Marketing Manager" and" Head of Marketing" often tend to set their own work hours here, therefore come in later in the morning. The marketing staff that are in the office are then left with the task of delivering the message and forwarding proposal emails (if I was not given any other email address other than their's). This usually leaves me blind to the lead's level of interest for the time period that it takes to get someone accountable on the phone. And 3. If I experience the above scenarios at the beginning of an optimistic work morning, I battle motivation until I get the feedback I am hoping for.

    I  get through better if I call at the end of the business day- between 3pm to 5pm. Marketing Reps. ("The Leads") pick up right off and are wrapping up for the day, and are therefore less tense and more open to listen. And since I did not spend the day making dead end phone calls, I too am at ease and comfort able (which translates as confidence over a cold call). 3-5 is not a huge window  to make lots of calls, so I aim to have them schedule a meeting, where I will have their full attention.
    I have had to adapt to work in this environment… otherwise I am sure what you shared holds true in North America an EU business environments. 

    You give sound advice. Thanks for posting our videos.

  10. I think on of the problems with sales pitch like this, is that many are so "worked up" I mean the seller that the customer is not intrested. So therefore I try to be a bit releaxed, it workes for me!

  11. I've done retail all my life and I'm about to do cold calling selling various products! I'm scared I won't hit the targets or wont improve! any advice?

  12. ilikeyou 😛   been doing sales the past 12 years some cold calling and some by referrals and by far its for me a great job… selling over 75k USD on the phone to date of intangible services

  13. OMG! I'm just getting started with my biz and I'm terrified of cold calling! I worked in an inbound call center for many years, but never had sales. I know I can do it, but like Rachel, I keep putting it off. Not good. I'm going to do what you've suggested and just get it done! Thanks for sharing knowledge:).

  14. Good commentary on doing the basics that many forget on cold calling.

  15. 4 easy step to making cold calls.
    1. Pick up the phone 
    2. Dial the number 
    3 if they answer make your presentation
    4.  Then Repeat steps 1 – 3 Again and again and again

    This is a numbers game. The best way to do this is don't think to much just do it. You will make mistakes and change your scrip many time until you have it working. Don't be afraid to make a mistake and don't over think this you will be amazed at what works to get the appointment to make your sale.  This is a numbers game never forget that.

  16. Thansk for sharing, I hate phone calls completely but this has encouraged me a bit, Getting a new job in telesales/cold calling.

  17. Cold calling is a transitional career only if you want to make a lot, a lot, a lot of $,$$$$$$.$$; yes, I have seen it happen many, many times, over and over again. All you have to do is have a planner guide, and select everyday the time that you are going to make those COLD CALLING money making calls, let's say is from 9am-11:30am with no interruptions, go to lunch with no phone so you can relax, then at 1pm answer any messages that were not completed, if you haven't made any appointments yet then you pick up the phone again and do it again from 2pm-3:30pm. Do this for a total of 21 days and I can guarantee you that you had made a habit and had become a professional on the phone with many, many interviews on your product you are choosing to sell. Just do it from your heart and have faith and confidence in yourself, It will work if you will work.

  18. Did you attend "The B school" with Marie Forleo? Wish they allowed guys…

  19. Good video.Side note:You are really cute however your left eyebrow is thicker than the other.Thought id throw that out there….other than that,good stuff.

  20. Hey Kim, I have been selling advertising for years B2B sales. However, my husband and I have started a new business and now we are selling a widget (a Halloween toy) which is a very different selling strategy. I have my "ad sales" pitch down, but I am having a very hard time figuring out how to pitch a toy. Selling a service vs selling a widget is very different. Any tips on where to learn more about selling widgets?

  21. Great information . i am a civil engineer and contractor , this info helped me a lot .

  22. I work in a sales environment and have been a bit slow in making sales.
    However, there's a woman who started only a week before me
    who constantly says "um" throughout her pitch, and even her cold calls,
    and she's makes sales left and right. She's completely dull and
    lackluster on the phone with absolute no enthusiasm whatsoever. Here I
    am making so much effort and trying my best all day, every day….and
    here she is sounding like a complete goon on the phone – and customers
    are buying from her! I just can't make any sense of this whatsoever and
    I'm so frustrated.

  23. hy dear kim!
    i hope you are doing well! i work for a security company in canada my job is to make appointment with customers…..and i just new in sales so can you please help me with that…..and i also wanna say you doing a really good job by making these viseos……
    and one more question…..what is the future of cold calling person

  24. I envy people who like or are able to do alot of cold calls. You can make so much money in my company if you can do calls constantly smh

  25. The best advice is to do whatever makes you comfortable. It may sound a bit contradictory since you sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone in the retail and sales business, but there's ways to successfully close a deal all by just being knowledgeable about the entire situation. Empathy is the #1 rule in sales. Don't sympathize, EMPATHIZE. Build a rapport with your people by asking open ended questions. She's right about one thing, and it's doing research at times to figure out what it is you can use in your sales pitch, but other than that be genuine. Always aim to go above and beyond your perceived limitations. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've outdone or surprised myself over the years all by just having a goal and mindset higher than what I believe I could achieve. My last piece of friendly advice would be to compete with yourself, and strive to be better than the person you were yesterday, not your competition. That will come in due time so long as you focus on yourself, and less about the man beside you.

  26. I work from home as well for a solar company. I use an auto dialer and the motive is only to set appointments, IF they buy the solar, I get a commission, if they don't I get nothing, not even a base pay. So the issues I'm dealing with are the following.
    1. wrong numbers (usually hangs up once they say wrong number)
    2. never requested solar (also hangs up pretty quickly)
    3. they are getting too many calls and are very rude and quick to hang up.

    How do I respond to each objection and set the appointment? Should I call them back? thanks.

  27. The best thing is actually when they say, "I'm not interested." Very good. N-E-X-T. My approach is simple: I tell them who I want to speak with, and when they respond, they either say it's they, or they ask what it's about. I tell them in one, quick sentence why i'm calling and ask a qualifying question. If they answer it, I follow up.

  28. You must be a fan of Marie Folero. Good job you sound like her.

  29. Thank you for this Kim, great content – I have about 2 decades of experience in a Call Center Sales Environment and can vouch that if you can learn to be great at telesales, you truly can make a signifiant amount of money with less work. I just uploaded some content on my page that dives deeper into modernized sales techniques in a modern call center, please let me know what you think?

  30. The thought of cold calling certainly leaves me quaking in my boots. Because I am not a sales person and I am a target for cold callers, and I really, really, hate receiving those calls. For every 5 or 10 people who might be interested in your product, you may be selfishly inconveniencing 90 or 95. Think about that. But my guess is you don't care, you care only about the money, money, money.

  31. Great Tips! Additionally, a sales person must go for referral selling, another sales strategy that could multiply every closed deal into three more, or at least make it a regular part of selling routine, in order not to miss a huge untapped source of leads and for sure is WARM 🙂 Now, in regards to cold calling be friendly, informative, fast. I love your video!

  32. Wow pretty Irish lady with great advice and a great accent. Love it. Thanks for the tip in your comment about the pitch that worked on you. Very helpful.

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