1. What are some other jobs that didn't make the list? Comment below…

  2. Not everyone has a "passion". I don't and neither do most people. I'm not saying that people should work at jobs they hate if they have other options, but it certainly isn't a crime to work only for the money.

  3. True 23 years young and making more then $100k a year loving what I do👨🏼‍🏭

  4. People recommend trades but it's super hard on your body. You will be subject to very unsafe work, you work with excons, and very uncultured peoole and you are always rushing. I am an electrician for 4 years, started in commerical and then specialized in controls and data. At 28 my body is beat up every day and my back and shoulders are damaged and i recently broke my finger. Im trying to get my non construction side gig up and running to get away from this industry. Theres a reason you dont see too many 40 year old electricians in the workforce but a ton of 20 year olds.

  5. "There's no issue with being a male nurse…"
    Tell that to my friends and their very rigid masculine beliefs. 🙄

  6. Need help I graduated hs & I’m currently working part time FedEx 15.50 in nyc I barely make 300 now that peak is over so like I really need a career & im really hard working please help

  7. I studied x ray tech and work in the oncology field in mexico but i realized its just not for me

  8. Air Traffic Controller and Radiology are highly competitive jobs, the number of air traffic controllers is actually in decline because less of them are needed. I have a coworker who tried to get into that and one of his friends had spent 7 years applying to the FAA to get a job (and still hasn't gotten one), lol. Don't even bother. I've also had friends who tried to be radiologists, that was also highly competitive. Skilled trades are your best bet, but they definitely do require a skill and know-how that not everyone can do, hence the name "skilled." There is no easy money in the world.

  9. Why are air traffic control and RN on the list. ATC is a four year degree and RN minimum 2 year.

  10. I feel he forgot about the big 3 American car companies they can easily make well over 100k in a little time frame and they are just normal union line workers

  11. I'm a dental hygienist and I'm getting paid $53.75/hr in Southern California. I'd recommend going to a community college that offers the program as the tuition is much cheaper. I went to a private college and got tagged with $80k student loan.

  12. Collage is actually a scam but more high school because the school want you in their system for 4 years which I'm actually not going to do.q

  13. With a skilled trade, ALWAYS work union with that trade. You will in most cases make almost double in the union as compared to what you would make working non union. You will also get better benefits ( medical), retirement pension, schooling for your trade, guaranteed raises every year (not based on kissing bosses rear, but rather everybody on same pay scale.), in most cases more paid holidays and paid time off, etc… After 30 years with most unions, you can have a great retirement with a great pension.

  14. How come these you tube videos on jobs don't mention much on making money from making you tube videos???

  15. I make 1400$ + a week painting houses done it for years, easy work and you can pretty much set your own hours just gotta bang down doors to start you starve in the beginning.

  16. i'm in high school and i'm planning to enter a trade, can i get some tips to help me have a smooth transition from high school to the workforce.

  17. Well to start with mr. Know it all this video is entitled five high paying jobs with little to no College in the first thing you mentioned is skilled trade such as electrician or plumber well I happen to know that an apprentice electrician or Apprentice plumber is Not By Any Means A high-paying job you're going to make 10 to $12 an hour for your first several years what part of that is high paying this video is b***** and then after five or six years as a certified electrician you're only going to make about $18 an hour 40 hours a week

  18. JOIN A UNION!! You will make great money no matter what you do. Just be aware that being a plumber or an electrician is completely saturated you will more than likely be put on a long list before you get any solid work as a jourmeyman. The laborers union is great and easy to get in to. I started out at 17.50 with full benefits and a pension, time and a half after 8 and on saturdays. You cant find money like that anywhere else.

  19. Dude, nursing is still 90% female. It is female dominated and not even close to being 'gender neutral' as you claim here. Not sure why you youngsters think you should be preaching to us about life when you don't have the basic facts right. You had some great jobs, family paying the majority of your college and you chose to do YouTube channels when you don't know anything about the world. Stop talking, and start learning. Begin by researching the nursing profession, so you don't SJW yourself into a corner. Get the facts right, dude.

  20. Thanks for all the info,I like that you are very specific and clear without wasting any time

  21. 1. Skilled Trade
    2. Utility Worker
    3. Air Traffic Control
    4. Radiation Therapy
    5. Registered Nurse

  22. Gavin McGuinnes had an interview with an 18 y.o. kid who worked as a lumberjack tree topper. (Climbing to the top and chopping the top off)

    He made 200,000 per year

  23. I see why my light bill is so damned high! Power & Light employees are all overpaid.

  24. My high school is offering this job. They already certified as. As a junior.

  25. Good video I make over 100 k as an apprentice carpenter in San Francisco , no college

  26. Jobs in what is left of the free market industries that government now controls are the best jobs? Sure, they may pay well for now, but it is actually what is printed on your shirt—that overpays all those people. Any communistic nation can provide some jobs, for a while. But if we are not free to compete in our free market with ideas,—you're going to go hungry anyway. Your shirt does not describe you son.

  27. I agree I work for the utility company in my city and I do pretty well without a college degree I've been been there a minute and I make a very good living doing it and only work Monday through Friday love my job

  28. I make 8k in a good month and around 6.5-7k on a very bad month which is rare and I get 6 months off and on top of that I didn’t even finish high school. Also it’s completely legal

  29. can relate.. had a job at 19 making 50 k a year same as you. I quit because I hated my life

  30. I wish somebody told me this during high school 10 years ago now I’m stuck as a laborer in construction

  31. To be an RN you have to have a B.S. in Nursing and you can only get into an accelerated program if you already have a bachelor's already. It's a smart degree to get though because it's easy to get hired immediatly but you wont become one in 2 years or less, and you'll have student debt. Also alot of these jobs are high risk, high reward. The $100,000 looks nice for these trade jobs but you're operating dangerous equipment and could be sued or arrested for causing death or an accident. Or you could get seriously hurt or killed.That's the main reason they pay so much. Unless you have in your contract that the company is liable for anything you cause it's not worth it. If you're smart enough it's better to go to college just don't get a bullshit liberal arts degree and apply for as many scholarships as you can.

  32. Pest control technician is also a good one. You can easily move up and make good money.

  33. This all sounds great and what not, but none of this pays what you claim in Florida. I’m an electrician right now and I make 19$ an hour and I do commercial/ industrial. I have worked for the power company before but you have to kill someone for there to be an open position

  34. hey ryan, did you NEED the degree to get hired in the first place? Or could you have been an apprentice without getting the electrical degree?

  35. My check is between over 1500 a week to over 2500 I haul pipe to oil rigs and pipe line projects. Not bad for a trucker who is an ex computer engineer. I did not even make that much on a stressful engineering job I had at an automotive computer supply. In fact I made less than half what I make now. The harder you work the more successful you’ll be when it comes to hauling pipe for oil rigs and pipeline project

  36. How many airport are there to hire you? So demand on air traffic control is not too good. Probably all airport already have enough air traffic controller

  37. If the people who were having trouble paying their power bill were paid as much as the bill collector then they would probably have no problem paying their bill!

  38. You forgot health insurance sales! I make over $100,000 and it doesn’t require a degree

  39. I tried make McDonald's a career as lead cook 1 but was mistreated by Co. Woman treated me like dirt.

  40. A painting contractor can easily make more than $100k a year. My brother was really good with that and with home renovations. Doing electricals, dry wall, tile laying and other stuff. And he very easily made between $10k- $20k a week. To start off he would collect about $3,000 for the materials and sometimes they would pay him half up front and then the other half when the job was done. Usually at the end of the week. And one summer he contracted with a guy who was building condos and made about $100 grand during the summer. And he started when he was 17 years old.

  41. I'm always in job for the money If the money is good enough to take care of myself and family and I can look into my bank account and smile to see that I'm secured tomorrow I don't care about how the job is I'm in for the money not passion

  42. Wait you gave up $100,000 to do YouTube….should I start streaming?

  43. You can be a nasty gold digging whore. When the timing is Right play the victim and leave with your cash and prizes.

  44. Water engineer in this coming year ,gotta study and complete my certifications 💪🤙. Done with auto sales.

  45. People need to stop saying money won’t make u happy. I agree it doesn’t matter how much money u make if U have to do something u hate every single day, it’s not worth it. However, the term “money can’t buy happiness” only pertains to rich people. If you give amazon CEO Jeff bezos 50 million dollars, he won’t be any happier. If you give an average person 50 million dollars, u couldn’t take a smile off their face. You DO need money to be happy (if you’re an adult)

  46. Poor people think money will make them happy…rich people know the truth “money doesn’t buy the happiness “

  47. Really nice video man. Can't thank you enough!

    I'm currently working at a dead end job just above minimum wage here in CA and it sucks. I'm wasting my time and my youth being here as im already in my late 20's. I'm gonna start looking into all these jobs on here and do something better with my life! Some of the comments on here about different jobs are great also! Thanks for sharing everyone!! Wish everyone here the best!

  48. I’m a 25 year old Journeyman Lineman and this year I’m close to hitting 350,000$ 🤑#CollegeDropOut #CaliforniaGoldrush⚡️👷🏼‍♂️

  49. Bro u make more money then YouTubed pays I’m a foreman at I/N in south bend and I make 200k a year it’s Union aswell

  50. Could have earned $100000 started a YouTube channel 😬😬

  51. I didn't finish high school. I started out making 25k a year. I moved to MA landed a job in 3 days and in 2 years I'm up to 65k. I'm seeking working for myself. That's the best way I think. Investing, saving and working for yourself and real estate.

  52. I am a Helicopter Pilot, for anyone interested in ATC (Air Traffic Control) this job is VERY mentally demanding, the monetary incentive is high because of this.

  53. If you live in Texas most likely your gonna be a refinery/oil field worker

  54. I’m 27 and work at a cable company here in Nor cal. Im a lineman/troubleman(Network Maintenance and make over 100k a year. Took 4 years to get there though, started as a installer. I bought a new construction house in sac I’m getting into real estate investing and stock trading since I save 50 percent of my salary, Best job ever! I could work this job until I’m 60 if I wanted to. We cap out at $47/hr. Any worker in a bucket truck get paid really well! Hard position to get into though.

  55. You have to pay for school, with air traffic control?? 120k I’ll change my last name to Stress lol

  56. It's good in general to learn a trade. You can learn in some high school programs. It's good to have for a career or a backup plan if things don't work out the way you want. Pays well. Plus, in some high school it's free.

  57. I work in construction dropped out high school I make the same as my sister who has a bachelors degree but it’s hard fucken work working in the sun. I don’t want to do it all my life so I went back to college at night and I’m working on my ged already passed a few test.

  58. For those who know, nursing is not a “little to no college” degree. It’s 2-4 years of high stress, difficult nclex style tests, clinical hours, little to no sleep, etc. It can be done, but anyone in healthcare who’s gotten the degree and licensure to work knows it takes a lot to just get the 1st job.

  59. Ive got 2 part-time jobs !! Packing meat and laying pipe !!! Bla ha ha 1/4 mill a year

  60. Easy way to bring in $50+/day from home: GotBizOpp,com You're welcome.. ☔️☔️

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