5 KEY Tips for Trading Breakouts (Like a PRO)

40 thoughts on “5 KEY Tips for Trading Breakouts (Like a PRO)

  1. Ur vid content are so educational!!! 👍👍
    Could u please do more vid on how to recognize different type of « symmetrical, ascending, descending triangle » and « flags » cuz often they aren’t the same forming the same « shape »
    Recognize when it’s about to form ?

  2. Oh man this is what i needed to start trading too. 👍instant like. More vids. like this plsss 🤗

  3. Great advice. That's how I trade my breakout setups as well. Contracting price into explosive move. Mark minervini is expert in this. Check out his book "trade like a stock market wizard". Awesome insight in how to trade breaks with contracting price into resistance and rising volume!

  4. Thank you for your vids man….. U r so educational….. Following your teaching I improved my trading style & made 26% on my capital in just 4 sessions…. thank you

  5. Hey Rayner! Thanks again for all the brilliant stuffs! I have a query- how to trade strongly trading stocks, those which are trading much higher above 20 period EMA? Can we use 9 period EMA as an area of value? Or should we look for flag patterns only in such trending market??

  6. Awesome video man!

    I have something for you to think about, maybe it will inspire you.

    Looking at the 1 minute charts, define the noise range as the first 60 of the last 75 bars. Never open a trade within the noise range. Define the false breakout range as the first 15 of the last 30 bars. You'll have two boxes drawn on the chart that encircle the highest high and lowest low of a simulated 60 and 15 minute candle, shifted left by 15 minutes (lagging). When price goes above or below the noise range wait for the newest minute bar to be at least as tall as the ATR(200) measurement before entering a trade. When opening the trade, if the price is inside of the false breakout range then fade the breakout and take profit at either the center or far end of the noise range while trailing the stop from the appropriate end of the false breakout range. If price is outside of the false breakout range then trade in the direction that price is moving and trail the stop loss using the opposite end of the noise range, with no profit target. Filter the trades that have a profit target so that you only enter when the profit target is twice the distance of the initial trailing stop. Filter any trades so that the distance between stop loss and take profit are at least 5 times the spread, or on trades where there is no take profit, the distance between stop loss and open price is at least twice the spread.

    Different instruments require different sizes for the noise range and false breakout range, it just depends on the general periodicity and amplitude of intraday swings on the chart. When it's set up right it'll make a few trades on false breakout that take small profit or break even, but mostly it'll catch breakouts that turn into trends after an initial pop. Its weakness is when there's a large pop that appears to be a legitimate breakout, followed immediately by hard rejection that runs all the way through the opposite end of the noise range. Sometimes that worst case happens on news releases, when everyone dumps money in on blind luck trades such as NFP traders who haven't realized that this news release is just a rehash of something everyone already heard a week ago.

    XD hopefully that gives you an idea or two for a new video man. Keep up the good work, I like showing your videos to people.

  7. Thanks for this video. Please tell something about take profits next time. Stop losses look very safe here but Im little confused about TP. I supose that using such SL's requires high win rate in long run.

  8. Excellent video, Rayner. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with the community.

  9. Rayner pls make a video on ROLLOVER CHARGES in forex…and are they significant enough to affect trading????

  10. Hi Rayner, thanks for the excellent video, why do you choose buy stop instead of buy limit order? Thanks.

  11. Hey Rayner , have you any of trading course for sell ? I just love your vids , I just gotta catch them into linear method now

  12. thanks for the content. Its an eye opener. you are saying lots of the word "right". İf this was a drinking game i'd be drunk with just one video 🙂

  13. The bigger problem I see with a buy stop order is extreme slippage. Many platforms don't include a limit on this type of order.
    Buildups often precede important announcements. The breakout, if it is caused by such important news, can be very aggressive and move far past your order point before being filled at an unfavorable market price.

  14. Rayner doesnt withhold any information from us..thank you for sacrificing for us to profit in forex.

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