5 Most Powerful Sales Questions Ever

Let’s say you are going to have a face-to-face meeting
with a prospect, or this is the first time you are
having that client meeting. What are some of the
things that you could say to make sure that that
meeting is successful or goes the way that you want? Today I’m gonna teach
you five most powerful sales questions ever that you
could use in a client meeting. Now, you have to understand this when you are meeting
face-to-face with a client. Now we are not just talking
about closing on the phone. When you are sitting down face-to-face, belly-to-belly, toe-to-toe, with a client or multiple clients or prospects, knowing that your body
language also comes into play. So the way you present yourself, the way that you dress, all
that makes a difference. But today we’re gonna just
focus on the question. Most sales people they make this mistake, that they let their guards down, meaning that they think,
oh, I’m meeting face-to-face with a client, it’s already a done deal. No, it’s not, just because
you’re meeting face-to-face with a client or prospect,
it doesn’t mean that you’ve already closed the deal. In fact, if anything, you
need to be even more cautious when you’re meeting face-to-face. The second thing you need
to pay attention to is what is the outcome that you want? Right, most sales people
they go into a meeting without a clear outcome and they think that if they do a good job,
delivering a lot of data, giving them a lot of information, that naturally they will want to buy. That’s not the case at all. You need to set the
tone and set the agenda in the beginning so at the end, so the closing part or
signing the deal there becomes a very very natural conclusion
of what should happen next. But you need to be very
very strategic about it. So, question number one, and that is this, what motivate you to meet with us today? That’s it, what motivate
you to meet with us today? Now, why is that question so powerful? Because that question
gives you some information, some intel, it tells you what
are their motives, right. It’s just like, why are we
having this meeting today? Instead of asking that way it’s, so what motivate you to have
this particular meeting? Or, what motivate you to
have this meeting today? Then the prospect would
do 80, 90% of the talking and what you should do
is now taking notes, paying attention, what are they saying? And let them talk, don’t
interrupt them, let them talk. Let them talk for five, ten minutes. Let them talk, and then you pay attention. The second question that
you could ask is this, exactly what are we trying
to accomplish today here? That’s a very powerful question. See, how that is very very outcome-driven? It’s very goal-oriented, exactly, I like to use the word exactly. What are we trying to
accomplish here today? And boom, again, a simple
question, open-ended question. Let your prospect talk, let
them talk 80, 90% of the time. And the third question that
I like to use all the time, especially if I’m doing any kind of consulting or
brainstorming kind of work, I want a big whiteboard,
maybe behind me, right here. And then I will ask this question, where are you today and
where do you want to be? Now that question is so
powerful because it tells me exactly, what’s the status
of the company, right? Where they are, what
are their frustrations, what are the pain-points? And then where do they want to be? Where do they want to be a year from now, two years from now? Write their goal. What I wanna do is I
wanna present my product, my service, my solution,
my system as the bridge between where they are,
to where they want to go. You see, there just a gap,
but my product and my service should be right there, the
bridge, the perfect solution to help them to get from here to there. Instead of just you talking about how good your product is,
how good your service is, and then how long have
you been in business, your track-record, and all that, much better to ask
them, where are you now, and where do you want to be? Then again, you let them talk. The fourth question you can ask is, what seems to be the problem, and how long have you had this problem? Now, that question tells you
everything you need to know. What seems to be the problem? Remember, as closer what we
do is we are problem-solvers. If it’s a good fit, we go for it, if it’s not a good fit
it’s okay to say no. So it’s very very important to know, what are their frustrations, right? What keeps them awake at night? What are those pain-points? We need to know. Remember, there’s no
pain, there is no sale. So what seems to be the problem? And how long have you had this problem? And they might reply, oh,
our problem is A, B, C and D and we’ve had that problem
for more than three years now, and we’ve tried different vendors, and we couldn’t solve the problem. And you’re taking notes, perfect. That tells you how you need to sell, and how you position your
product as the perfect solution. Question number five, and this
is my favorite of them all. And that is this, if this
meeting accomplished everything you could possibly hope for
what would that look like? See, this question paints a
picture in the prospect’s mind, yeah, what would that look like? And they would give you the criteria. How do you make sure that
this is a successful meeting? And they will tell you well, I will love to walk away with a step-by-step plan. Okay, what else? Well I will love to have
maybe two or three concrete strategies that will help me
solve this kind of problem. Alright, okay. And I would like to know
exactly how you would help us, and help a company in the long-term. Okay, no problem, I can do that. Simple questions, see, all
these simple but powerful questions are designed for
one thing and one thing only, and that is to have a
deep understanding of what your prospect is looking
for during that meeting. So next time, when you’re
in a face-to-face meeting, your first prospect
meeting, test them out. These are five powerful questions. And comment below and let me
know how that works for you. If this is the first time
you’re watching my video, welcome to my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and
turn on the notification. And also comment below and let me know what other challenges you have when it comes to closing and sales, and if the questions are
good I’ll be more than happy to take some of those
questions and answer them in a future video, so stay tuned.

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