5 Poverty Myths Debunked ft. The Liberal Redneck | Decoded | MTV

– Poor people, lazy, right? Wrong. (upbeat music) Today, we’re gonna
debunk five common and super wrong myths
about poverty in the US. Myth one, poor
people are just lazy. If they worked harder,
they wouldn’t be poor. Sure, let’s just generalize
every poor person and blame them for the systemic
and institutional barriers that contribute
to their poverty. Okay, let’s bust this myth. The majority of Americans
in poverty actually work one or more jobs and nearly
six million Americans currently working part-time jobs wish they had full-time jobs. Oh, and who caused
the massive job losses of the great recession of 2008? Hint, hint, not poor people. Not to mention, since the
1970s wages have basically stagnated while life has
gotten much more expensive. Also, we should probably
keep in mind that 35% of the poor who don’t work
are actually children, the elderly, and the disabled, people who often can’t work. Sorry little Susie, being
three isn’t an excuse. Myth two, if poor people just
laid off the booze and drugs, they wouldn’t be poor. I’m gonna let my friend
Trae handle this one. – Look, it’s not like
using drugs turns you poor. If that happened,
then half of Hollywood would be living in
a cardboard box. Drug and alcohol abuse is an
issue for some poor people, but it’s not a major
cause of poverty. In the past few
years, several states, including my home
state of Tennessee, have actually implemented
a system of drug testing for welfare applicants exactly
because of this stereotype, and guess what they found? Across the board, they
found that applicants living at or below the poverty line
actually have a lower rate of drug use than the
population at large. Turns out, drugs are
expensive, who knew? So, it’s not helping
anybody and it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Hey, here’s an idea, maybe
we should start drug testing the rich people who
come up with these laws in the first place. Oh wait, that’s right, the
Supreme Court has already ruled that it’s literally
unconstitutional to drug test members of congress and
applicants for political office. Because that makes sense. – Myth three, if poor
people just studied harder and went to college,
they’d be fine. Look, I’m all for working
hard and going to college, but education isn’t
a poverty cure-all. The biggest problem is
that in this country public schools are largely
funded by local taxes, which means high
poverty districts have
less money to spend per student than
wealthier districts. 15.6% less, in fact. So, poor neighborhoods
have poorer schools, which means lower rates of
success for poor students, making it much
tougher to succeed. And let’s not forget that
the overall cost of college has increased 1,120% since 1978. And a degree doesn’t mean
you’ll be rolling in dough. Poor people face so many
educational hurdles. Saying college, college,
college isn’t really helpful. Thanks for trying tough. Myth four, most poor
people are the blacks in the inner city. – Okay, no, most poor people
in the US aren’t black. Actually, most poor
people in the US look and a lot of them sound like me. It’s true that the rate of
poverty for black people in America is
disproportionately higher, but the actual number of poor
people, way more white people. Part of the reason the
stereotype persists is because anytime poor people
are presented in the media, it’s usually poor black
people in the cities. And this stereotype
sucks for everybody. Black people are made
out to be something that they’re really not, and poor white people
aren’t cared about at all. The only time a camera
ever shows up at places where I’m from is
if they’re there to film an episode of Cops. – So, basically the media
is racist and classist. What else is new? Myth five, being poor
in America is better than being poor anywhere else. Okay, now try to follow along. Just because poverty
is bad somewhere else, doesn’t mean being poor
in America is good. There are 1.5 million
American households living on less than two
dollars per person a day. That’s below the global
extreme poverty line. 13 million children in
America live in households that lack the means to
get enough nutritious food on a regular basis, and they live much
shorter lives. – Guess what? Being poor just sucks no
matter where you live. – The important thing to
remember here is that being poor is not a moral failing. It doesn’t mean you’re
any less hardworking or any less deserving
of reaching your dreams. And maybe the sooner
we realize that, the sooner we can start
finding better ways to pull people out of poverty. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time right her on Decoded. And special thanks
to Trae Crowder, otherwise known as The Liberal
Redneck, for helping out.

100 thoughts on “5 Poverty Myths Debunked ft. The Liberal Redneck | Decoded | MTV

  1. Wait…you're complaining that "the media" say that most poor people are black?
    Hate to tell you this but, by constantly calling white people privileged and black people oppressed, you're contributing to this issue.
    You're part of the problem.

  2. You can thank democratic policies that raise taxes to help poor people,
    that in turn make it more expensive to live in a area,
    which in turn makes people leave the area,
    leaving poor people to pay those taxes,
    which causes more need for support,
    which makes taxes go up more,
    and that's how you undermine a metropolitan area with liberal policies.

  3. You can tell these people have never been to real hood long enough to learn anything that goes on there. Liberal Redneck, when you're on drugs you clean yourself up for just long enough to get government assistance, (many drugs don't require much a wait at all, if any, may don't cost a lot either) then you go back to doing whatever it is you do, or your family gets it for you, or a friend. Shit, a stranger for a fee. The best way is just to get a physician to sign off, and that's not hard to do. There are many ways around the system, like local stores charging a small fee for alcohol and charging it as food. It's like you two have no imagination or are just full of it for the sake of narrative.

  4. "Most poor people are disproportionately WHITE"
    Oh my GOD, decoded finally said something RIGHT!
    They also just FUCKED their 5 year narrative that white people have it BETTER

  5. I REALLY want those antlers to fall on her and sever an artery. She's unbearable. To fkuk her would be considered a hate crime.

  6. I've never heard anyone say any of these things.
    I think there's a lot of projecting here.

  7. nobody thinks there's more poor black people then white people.
    this is horrible.

  8. wtf is this… facts and stats on decoded…holy shit, and they needed a white guy to do it wahahahahahaa

  9. "Most poor people aren't black." This is really messing up the whole "white institutional racist system" narrative. If whites control it all, why would any white people be poor?

  10. Step #1 – Stop producing children you lack both the finances and (more importantly) the desire to raise.

  11. franny is racist and she hates white people we all know this.

  12. Franchesca, smart right? WRONG! (I imitated your twisted stupid looking mouth expression too)

  13. If most poor people are white, and from the South, you'd think a smart plan to enact real change would be to address them with commonly shared aspirations. Instead, you Race-bait and talk about White Privledge when they live worse lives than you could have ever even dreamed of. It's time for people to come together on major economic issues, but as long as you remain committed to playing the race card, and refusing to acknowledge any of the ways that white people face discrimination, it'll never happen.

  14. According to this statistic that "White people are the poorest people in America". Shouldn't Black people give them reparations?

  15. ohhh MTV how you have fallen from grace from once a great music channel to now a SJW Snowflake Company who spreads racist hateful shit.

  16. You literally use the whitest logic I've ever heard. seriously you know half the shit you spew is ideology that a white person started for profit right? I believe we are not safe and I believe it's because of people like you

  17. You literally use the whitest logic I've ever heard. seriously you know half the shit you spew is ideology that a white person started for profit right? I believe we are not safe and I believe it's because of people like you.

  18. Life is not more expensive… You just buy more crap you don't need but want. what a load of bull S. Is MTV economically illiterate?

  19. Best part about this? You single handedly destroyed 99% of your own arguments. Warski already ripped this apart and pointed out how worthless you and this show is. Oh and how does it feel with BLM turning on you? Mus' be dem white pplz fault

  20. No Nono! A lot of poverty is a moral failing like having multiple kids with multiple men, having kids to young, or never marrying the dad of your kid. How about spending your money on useless things like rims, or trucks to go mudding. You want to help the poor deregulate business so they can start their own. You don't need to start fancy drive door to door fixing people's computers, or painting houses.

  21. This channel is a prime example of NWO social engineering.

  22. lets not assume every poor person is lazy. But fucking you better assume all white people are racist and privileged otherwise your fucking racist. lmai

  23. poor people are poor not because they're lazy or from institutionalized bullshit. it's cause they're bad at math. period.

  24. oh drug use has nothing to with povery huh. well drugs are crime and crime drags down scociety and makes povery. if stupid were an energy source you would be bought up by big oil

  25. these idiots need to go to Haitti and see that poor in america is awsome

  26. It's impossible to take someone who is so animated seriously. Who are you trying to fool?

  27. i dont think you realise people are gunna start hitting back with bullets dumbass

  28. Stop being racist. Your obsession with priviledge is boring. Stop trying to guilt everyone about the priviledge you imagine they have. My gosh.

  29. 3:13 what a despicable use of statistics. Blacks make up 13.2% of the population while whites make up 62.6%. So what you are saying is that blacks have a poverty rate of about 2.5 times that of whites. To the guest in this video, you should be ashamed of being so intentionally misleading. Us blacks have an huge issue with poverty and you think throwing it under the rug is a good idea because… why? I have no respect for you and you are hurting the cause more than helping it.

  30. 'No one actually cares about poor White people.' finally even MTV decoded acknowledges it.

  31. It has nothing to do with personal responsibility?? Nobody is poor because of bad choices?? The really poor people I know usually make pretty bad decisions.

  32. OH MY GOD!
    Stop it Franny..
    Stop it!

  33. Isn't the problem that we are over feeding the poor? With the obesity rates? Why don't you talk about how fast food chains profile Latino and black communities? This doesn't even exist but it sounds like some bs you'd think is real

  34. every video you guys put out is slammed immediately without exception. fucking Savage

  35. so on myth #3, is Franny advocating for a school voucher program? because until you solve the single mother household issue in the inner city, redistribution of wealth into these areas will not do anything but line the pockets of the local democratic leaders.

  36. Hahaha who would have thought mtv would turn into the most hated pile of shit. " I want my MTV" , Not for a long time now.

  37. i cannot confirm this information as a true fact but it is an intresting one.
    54% of black people in america says the archive their "american dreams". only 31% of whites says the same.
    yo franny why dont you talk about this?

  38. I told y'all franny is not anti white. see look she has a white dude on her show.

  39. There is a lot of hate for such a benign video about the difficulties and obstacles faced by the working poor of our nation. Read the comments here and you'd think she called to seize the means of production and start a white genocide.

  40. Obama is the reason we have 63% of people working part-time because of Obamacare. How about you look into actual facts than spewing out your subjective rhetoric!

  41. I have traveled to other countries in the world, and from what I have seen, being poor in the US is "better". At least in the US there are programs that help people.

  42. Most poor people will end up out of poverty by the end of their life our economy allows ones wealth to move up or down

    Also when they talked about the the races even though there's more poor whites 10.1% of whites are poor and 26.2% of blacks live in poverty

  43. How about instead of race baiting, we find ways we can improve the black, white, Latino, and Asian poor communities <3 😀 They should learn a trade and educate themselves, but I agree that a college degree is not always/often the best option if people need to take out huge loans. Keep an open mind Franny! We (from the Warski fans) love you!

  44. MTV: Don't generalize every poor person, that's wrong.
    Generalizing every white person though? that's ok.

  45. The only reason I came to this series is to see how full of shit it is, and I have not been disappointed.

  46. I want you to stop race baiting and get off your moral high horse. This is most unwelcome

  47. Wages have stagnated because women gradually entered the workforce, driving down wages. On the bright side, many households now have two incomes, which makes up for the lower wages. On the other hand, now both parents HAVE to work to support their family, which means they must pay for child care and allow their children to be raised by strangers.

  48. "Don't generalize poor people"? Like you don't generalize all white people in allmost every episode

  49. Maybe it's because there's a much higher percentage of poverty in Blacks?
    9% of whites are poor,but around 20-25% are poor!

  50. Not all poor people are lazy and just stupid. That doesn't mean that none are.
    I don't have the statistics, but it wouldn't be a weird idea that lazy people could potentially be poor more often.

  51. how are poor people going to study or go to college if THEY ARE POOR MORON

  52. Just follow ben shapiros 3 steps. Graduate highschool, get a job, don't have kids until married. And theres only a 2% chance to live in poverty if you follow those steps.

  53. I’m an extremely poor white. And I bust my ass,don’t drink or drug,and I don’t see a future ahead where I won’t be poor. It’s rare to become rich without hurting a lot of people on your journey to success. Oh and I’m not stupid either. At least I don’t think so. And a Decoded video that a person like me actually agrees with. Now that’s rare! Jk😂 Thank you for remembering us poor white people. I really mean! Thank you. And remember every month is not white month and every day is not white day. I’m “privilegless”, at least in my eyes

  54. 3:07 Most of the poor people are Blacks, do you even know the percentage of the black people in the USA comparing to the White People, you do the math, oh but you can't can you, because you don't have a fucking clue about what the reality is or means!..

  55. My family truly suffers in poverty. We are Caucasian, educated, but became very ill when we lost everything to an evil, wealthy former husband and father that the court would not punish for NOT paying court ordered child support and alimony. The most hurtful biases came from people at our church, though…can you believe that? My children and I have been basically kicked out of our church because we are poor!!!

  56. I am terrified for the mental state of anyone who thinks this is good information. All so called facts in this video are subjective and hugely misrepresentative of reality.

  57. Does this presenter have a degree in patronizing and talking down to people? What a master class. Why so much hate in her?

  58. Man n there is something abput her that you guys hate. I don't know what it is. Is it cuz she blacl or that she's a women or is it cuz she's right. You know the truth doesn't hurt right and knowledge is power.

  59. Rather than having a perpetual victimhood mentality when it comes to being poor, maybe you should look in the mirror and understand why you're poor to begin with. Whether you like it or not, there are real behavioral differences between the rich and the poor. I highly suggest you read Tom Corley's, "20 Habits The Rich Do Every Day". Here are 10 things you can do in order to not be broke.

    1. Don't smoke cigarettes. Depending on what state you live in, those will cost you $2,000 a year or more!

    2. Don't drink anything other than tap water. Not only is water far healthier for you than any other beverage, but you'll save hundreds of dollars every year by not consuming soda, alcohol, coffee, juice, etc..

    3. Don't buy lottery tickets. The probability of winning the lottery is almost zero and you're far more likely to lose money in the process rather than gain it back.

    4. Go to college while living at home instead of having a dorm. About 70% of the cost of college is due to going out of state and having a dorm so you'll graduate with significantly less student loan debt – if any at all.

    5. Work full-time. This is self-explanatory.

    6. Don't use a credit card. Research shows over and over again that people spend far more with credit cards rather than cash. When you only have cash on you, you'll suddenly become much more conservative with your spending.

    7. Don't buy a new car – and especially don't take out a loan for one! Cars go down in value over time anyways so you're financially far better off buying a 10 year-old used car in cash.

    8. Cancel your cable television and your landline phone. We all have cellphones and the internet today anyways. By canceling both of those things, you'll save up to $1,000 a year.

    9. Don't ever go out. By that, I mean don't go to the movies, restaurants, the gym, bars, shopping malls, etc.. Whatever you do outside of the home, it's usually cheaper to do in the home.

    10. Keep a financial journal. Write down every last dollar that you make and spend. You'll suddenly realize what you really need and what you don't need.

    If you consistently follow these 10 steps, I promise that you won't have to live in poverty in the long term.

  60. Myth 1: Poor people are lazy. No, poor people often make poor life decisions when they are young, such as failing to acquire a marketable skill. Then they find themselves trapped doing unskilled labor at a dead end job. If it was simply a matter of hours worked, they could multiple jobs. The real problem: unskilled labor usually doesn’t pay well.

    Myth 2: Substance abuse leads to poverty. Not all poor people are on drugs, but drug abuse has dragged enough people into poverty to make the counter argument laughable. Claiming a one state’s welfare drug testing policy as proof is a great example of cherry picking information. (Also which drugs there talking about is a factor, I’m not a big fan of pot… but it’s a lot less harmful than crack)

    Myth 3: If poor people studied harder and went to college….
    College isn’t for everyone, but everyone can acquire a marketable skill that will enable them to earn a decent living. Trade schools, apprenticeships, or even a job where you have the ability to work your way are valid options. Also, if you’re going to college, community college is an affordable way to knock out the first two year…. and pick a marketable major. It’s not society’s fault that Logistics, HR, and Accounting are more marketable than Gender Studies degrees.

    Myth 4: Most poor people are inner city blacks……
    Says the lady whose constantly complaining about ‘white privilege’ and ‘only white people can be racist due to power balances’…. Strange when part of her illogical SJW rhetoric refutes other parts of her SJW rhetoric….
    As they even admitted in the video, there are more poor white people, but black people in inner cities are poor at a greater rate. You mean a group of people that make 65% of the population has more poor people than a group that makes up 12%…. shocking.

    Myth 5: Being poor in America is better than being poor other places in the world.
    Yes it is. If it weren’t, poor people from everywhere else in the world wouldn’t be trying to move here.

  61. So much to say about this retarded video. When did less money per student start to equal lower graduate rates? Thats called a culture problem. And the fact that poverty in America is better than poverty in other countries is true, “better” being the key word, but notice how she changes the whole statement from “…its better in America…” to “…its good in America…” another blatant sign of stage 4 mental retardation is the lack of knowledge for statistics. When it’s mentioned that there are more white people in poverty… obviously there are gonna be more white people in poverty if there are more white people total in the country. Stg straight rockheads here #BenShapiro2020

  62. You mean there are more pour white people than black people. I thought that we where so privileged and are what is keeping black people down?

  63. I love how libs contradict themselves. Is funny how you ask not to generalize all ppl who are poor as lazy or drug addicts but yet you generalize all white ppl as racist.

  64. Most poor people I’ve known that are poor are simply cause they think work is slavery and work is beneath them. Of course it’s not all of them but start hanging around poor people and u will hear every poor excuse under the sun as to why they can’t work.

  65. "Poor white people are'nt cared about at all". What a profoundly bullshit statement, southerners by the media and Hollywood have been painted to look like arrogant racists and dumbasses for years. Crowder is just a southerner who has gotten the attention of the media because he is "liberal", and is now popular because of it. Not to mention his accent is over exaggerated.

  66. I don’t know, man…being poor sucks no matter where you are but I’d rather be poor in America.

  67. Lmao do you reallly think drug users don't know how to pass a drug test esp when there is money involved. Gtfoh

  68. Sorry peoples… your video is misplaced… if you are poor you can't afford the device to view this or the data. At least in the country I live in. 😁

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