6 Bizarrely Specific Commercial Tropes That Need to Die

– Commercials! Originally only on the tv, they are now on our social media, on some streaming services, and generally all over the internet. They tell us we want to buy things, why we should want to buy those things. You know, by making stuff look real yummy or appealing or necessary in our lives. Which is all, you know, well and good except there are some
commercial tendencies that we oddly accept, even though when you take
a moment to think about it they are super (bleep) weird and random. Would you like some examples? Cool, I can’t hear your
answers so here we go. Car commercials, especially
luxury car commercials, seem to assume that people only drive in empty city streets
or on mountain roads. And they aren’t just driving, they are usually speeding. I mean, I guess it’s a luxury car so of course you want
to go vroom vroom fast, but to me, mountain roads
aren’t the lap of luxury and speeding down a mountain
path in your fast zoomy car is a sure way to get into a car crash. I guess I get the appeal of
trafficless city streets, but also, completely devoid
of other drivers is creepy. It’s like apocolypse creepy. Now, I get that you want to show driving as a fun, cool thing, but why are empty city
streets and mountain roads fun, cool ways to drive? Did the commercial companies just get a great deal on mountains? It’s just weird and random. Yep, nope. I get that we as a nation might not enjoy seeing pee or poop or period blood in our diaper and feminine
hygiene commercials, but why blue? If everything that came out
of me was a light blue goo, I would be very disturbed. I mean, unless I was that
alien on Fifth Element, that would be pretty cool, ’cause she can sing, like, super high. She’s like– (high-pitched singing) (imitating high-pitched singing) (high-pitched singing) (voice cracks) Dammit. But I’m not. So unless oozing blue goo comes with awesome singing abilities, why blue, commercials? Why? Why did they decide that
it is a comforting thing to have Windex squirting out of us? Who came up with that? What Mad Men-era commercial exec decided, see when you gotta show
the poops and the pees, you gotta be blue. I don’t know why I sounded
like a cartoon mobster, but whatever, I’m just saying it’s a weird choice. Why, yogurt? Don’t you want to sell
yogurt to the masses? I don’t see real-life moms who have kids just slamming yogurt shots all the time. They’re not just throwing
Go-Gurt at their kids in a frenetic snack relay race. Moms don’t suddenly become Cutco knife salesmen but for yogurt, when they have a child. You’re acting like the
act of eating yogurt is just a maternal female thing, and I can tell you that that is unfair. Yogurt is a delicious
product that all can enjoy. I see Cody Johnston eat
yogurt all the time. Watch. – Ooh, yogurt. – So what are you doing, yogurt? You’re only hurting yourself. Yogurt is for everyone. Stop being weird. Dog food commercials make the dog food sound great for people with, like, steak and carrots and peas, but it’s for dogs. Your dog would probably eat throw up or dead skunk or its own poop, I grew up with a lot of dogs and they do that all the time. Now I’m not saying change
your advertising scheme to be like, buy our dog food,
it tastes like throw up, but why are you trying to appeal to me so that I get hungry? I mean, if the healthiest
thing to give your animal was just carrots and peas and steak then we would do that. Just say hey, your dog will
love it and it’s good for them. Don’t make me hungry in the process. I understand there’s a pretty
severe underlying sexism here, but why? You are selling your chocolate like this? Why go with energizing for men and, like, sexy, shame-y for women when you could just be like, chocolate is delicious, enjoy yourself. Put it in cake or pudding
or ice cream or whatever. But ads for chocolate
bars at men are like, eat our bars you little whiny bitch. I mean, guys don’t actually
think chocolate bars are gonna make them super fast and smart, so saying that is just false advertising. And women, okay, while women have been trained to feel like eating is shameful, but that’s messed up and weird. And why is chocolate also sexy? I’m not looking for the
sexiest snack in my life, I’m looking for yummy food, so who is this for, chocolate commercials? Who came up with the
sexy chocolate marketing, it’s real weird. Commercials clearly have
some issues with moms. I get that moms deal with picky eaters, but they aren’t always tricking people. Why aren’t dads tricking
kids into eating food? Are they allowed to be
shoving unhealthy foods into their kids faces while moms have to do the heavy lifting of being a sneaky food feeder? I don’t know, maybe the moms
are the picky eaters, huh? Did ya think about that? My mom never tricked me
into eating food, okay. She just said eat your food or go make a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich yourself, no tricking necessary. If it’s healthy, cool, say it’s healthy, but why make moms little elfin tricksters, magicking vegetables into food, okay? It’s weird. Anyway, I could go on
for a while, but honestly this is supposed to be a
few minutes, not hours. But if you do have more weird assumptions that commercials make, let me know in the comments because where are they getting
this stuff from, right? Alright, I gotta go
give yogurt to Cody now, he’s probably finished the last one. – Yogurt? – God you’re fast. I don’t have it on me, I’ll get some, we’ll get
some yogurt, come on.

100 thoughts on “6 Bizarrely Specific Commercial Tropes That Need to Die

  1. dog food makes sense, lot of people treat their dogs as if they were human, and I've seen many commercials where dad's give food to their kids, and blue makes sense because every other colour could be coming out of you… I get what you are doing but why didn't you choose some actually good stuff?

  2. Yogurt is smart because they aren't selling to the parent or mother, they are selling to the child.

  3. Yeah, humans should never by food that is marketed to pets specifically. See what they eat in the wild and you will know what they need to consume. It isn't that much different from us. Plus it would make for less wasted food product.

  4. women aren't the only people that feel as though eating is shameful, that is nonsense. Also, chocolate covered lovers is a fetish…soooo…yeah…it is sexy for more people than you would think.

  5. They make mothers tricksters in that aspect because most of them are. You must not know many mothers other than your own.

  6. my number one would be shampoos aimed at women is advertised as a deeply sexual experience if people could get the levels of pleasure the advert seems to suggest from a shampoo they would likely have to be sold only in adult stores

  7. are these tropes? these seem like just marketing. of course they make the city streets empty, it would lose focus on the car (aka the product) in off-putting gridlock traffic. and making dog food appeal to people? no, yeah definitely. this makes sense. people are the ones buying it, not the dogs. it just makes sense to me from a marketing standpoint.


  9. this cancer is some how more cancerous then the cancer in advertising……

  10. The dog food is supposed to appeal to our emotional attachment to our pets. They want us to feel like we are giving the best, most nutritious food to our dogs and so they fill the ad with fresh and nutritious ingredients. They know they are appealing to humans because that's the point. They want you to forget that dogs will eat anything and instead concentrate on the nutrition and well being of your dog.

  11. I once bought some yogurt on my lunch break when I worked at Target and the cash register automatically printed me a coupon for tampons.

  12. This woman has clearly never seen Top Gear. Or considered that people think if the food looks good enough for a person to eat, it's good enough for a dog to eat. As for chocolate, men and women react statistically different to it. Women crave chocolate as something beyond merely food much more often than men, and more importantly don't eat it as an energy staple. Whereas men can eat it as a major source of energy without becoming satiated by it quickly but don't get the other benefits from it. Ergo, the marketing towards chocolate is different between genders. As for guys and kids, guys don't bother tricking the kids, they say eat it or starve.

  13. She lost me about 10 seconds in, but I held on, only to completely abandon the video around a minute fifteen. The voice, the facial expressions, everything. I'd jaywalk in rush-hour traffic to avoid this woman. Sorry — almighty shallow, but that's how I see it.

  14. Actually driving on a mountain road would be fun. I don't think I'd want a luxury car though, I'd want a utility vehicle.

  15. When a character recommends a product or service to another character in an advert they always seem to know far too much about the product and far too oblivious of other companies who too offer the same or similar products and services.

    Always comes across like someone trying to get their friends and family roped into a MLM pyramid scam.

  16. Blue complaint is a little bit of a reach. It's obvious why they don't use red or green pallets. Blues more comfortable to watch an otherwise unwatchable situation of a very necessary item

  17. #2 It's so obvious and so not random. Blue-ish is the only color range that doesn't bring to mind any bodily fluids. That's why blue. Duh!

  18. This is so dumb. Its openly called " target marketing " to optimize sales. You act as if they dont know exactly what they are doing.

  19. Infomercials assume that people can't do Bothell things without exaggeratingly terrible arm and facial movements.

  20. About blue color and empty roads there's actually a psychological point to all of it. Come to think of it, all advertisement is based on our psychological drives. Sometimes the associations are artificially created to sell the product. It's not really random. 😊

  21. What a dunce Dog's don't watch commercials they're appealing to the purchaser duh

  22. Let's have a car commercial with random guy stucked in a traffic jam! a girl who shows her bloody tampax to the camera, how stupid is this channel?

  23. All of these are easily answered and it appears you’re being intentionally ignorant of these simple explanations.

  24. 0:45 You must be one of those beginner drivers who uses an automatic like a prius or some kind of meaningless boring honda or toyota that exudes blandness like a 3 week old gingerbread cookie soaked in dirty dish water.

  25. See these commercials are what happens when your a business executive man who hasn’t cleaned or eaten candy or done any of these things in like 20+ years. Like let’s be real not even trying to be sexist but that’s the truth

  26. Why blue? It's part of primary colors. You can't use green cos it looks the same as diapers, red is…eww. so by process of elimination, blue remains

  27. Car commercial, does the writer of this list ride a bike? it's fun to drive where there are no cars. Blue, so your only point is why blue and it's a weird choice? lol.

  28. The biggest weird assumption is all women have kids or want kids. I hate kids. I would love to see a commercial where kids are eaten by their loving moms and dads.

  29. They use blue-dyed liquids on diaper and pad commercials because it stands out against the white and is also clearly not a "biological" fluid. Do you want to watch them drench a lady pad with black, brown, red, green, or yellow?

  30. They use blue because the ULTRA SENSITIVE DIPSHIT CUSTOMERS would lose their fucking mind if they ever used BLOOD-RED fluids to represent menstrual discharges.

  31. Dog food commercial appeal to people because THEY ARE THE FUCKING COSTUMERS THAT WILL BUY IT. Or do you expect a fucking bitch with their one-month-old puppies to go grocery shoping???

  32. Potty training is fun when you use cartoon character inspired training pants.

  33. I love how most modern commercials are seemingly random and don’t reveal what the advertisement really is until the last 6 seconds..

  34. Commercials for facial cleansing products that show women splashing water onto their faces from the sink 2 feet away? Who DOES that? No one fills a sink with water for face rinsing, and if they did, they wouldn't sling it on their face. Think how messy and uncomfortable that would be!

  35. -Any time video game systems are shown, people flail spastically with the controller like any of their body mottions are registered. Also all the sounds coming form the tv will be from asteroids.

    -Fruit is always wet. Ads always show fruit as if it has just been hosed down and is still dripping onto the counter.

    -action figure commercials will always have the bad guy toys "attacking the CITY!" and busting through walls of these little foam bricks that do not appear in any toyline.

    -nobody owns any accessories for anything. Any phone commerical will play up how sleek the phone looks, as though we aren't going to stick that shit in a case and never take it out. Nobody uses a laptop bag.

  36. Here is a big one: commericals for home theatre equipment never tell you about the features that actually matter. They talk about 4k and HDR and how big they are when literally every brand has an equivalent with those things. |They don't talk about whether it has more than one HDMI port, whether it has inbuild cable organizers, game modes, how good the backlight is, whether it has decent sound quality, what options it has in the GUI.

    IN other words TV commercials never advertise the real difference between brands. |They just show a bunch of tropical fish to show you how great the colours look, even though you can't tell a difference because you are watching on your old tv.

  37. Why would driving on empty city streets be fun?? Have you ever driven a car? The worst part of driving is all the other drivers. Having the whole road to yourself IS the fantasy.

  38. It has to be blue, blue is reminiscent of clean large bodies of water, and not so much of stagnant period blood. Nobody wants to be reminded of stagnant period blood… NO ONE. Also, chocolate IS a sexual experience for (some) women. It just is.

  39. Your food questions can be answered easily: it has nothing to do with who's eating it, everything to do with who's buying it. They dont care if you eat their food, they just care if you buy it. Women make most of the purchasing decisions in the American household; if you are manufacturing almost any product, they are the demographic you need to have on your side if said product is to have any hope of success.

  40. This just in: The healthiest thing to give your dog IS people-food. It's way, way, WAY better for them than the crap being churned out by bloodless monolithic pet food companies. Feed your dog table scraps, people. Dogs in the wild don't eat wheat-and-cereal by-products and that's almost all that dog food is.

  41. i think it’s funny that they always refer to cats as she and dogs as he, like i get that we sort of apply those genders to the animal but only half of the animal is actually that gender


  43. "We're developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won't be able to think."   Rod Serling

  44. chocolate is sweet, bitter makes you feel good and its kind of adictive, just like sex… so yes, it is sexy

  45. I eat lot of yogurt and my sperm, they say, has a delicious taste. Delicious.

  46. I'm having a Toblerone…. The official chocolate of the Illuminati.

  47. 1) The car commercials show driving on empty highway to show that you will FEEL like driving alone in highway like how smooth and beautifully the car drives and makes you feel.
    2) Blue is generic color to show the results that the liquid is getting absorbed. They all show same color to compare. What other colors you want them to put? Green? :

  48. Get 👏 woke 👏 go 👏 broke
    Hows the unemployment line holding up, or did yall manage to learn code?

  49. i don't know how i end up here, but this fake moaning is so annoying that makes me depress..
    yes, car show mountains because since the beginning of car industry car sell's you the idea that you can go anywhere anytime..Thus I suppose you are not much of a car enthusiast, and probably do not have someone on your enviroment, because, guess what, car enthousiast's love to go for a drive in the mountains or anywhere beautiful, this is why are enthusiast with their cars..

    Also, you know, women are the biggest consumer in yogurts right? Probably this is why it's mainly females on the leading roles.. But I suppose if you had a company selling pregnancy test, you were going to place parents as target audience..

    Also guess what.. dog food appeal to people because people are buying it.. And your love for your dog makes you want the best for him/her so you will buy anything that appeals to you.. Except I dont know, if you and your dog have different finances, so then i take that back..

    Now that we are on the chocolate, i understand where you coming from.. Pure feminism without any research.. Pure moaning just for the sake of it..

    Good luck with your life, and to your kids when they come.. I am quite scared about them..


  50. Commercials that assume children LOVE things that they clearly won't. XD

  51. Also like how about making it so it seems like my period is all fun and games I SUFFER LOVECRAFTIEN CRAMPS DON'T SAY YOUR PADS WILL CURE THAT IT WON'T.

  52. What is wrong with showing blue???!!!! Woman, YOU are weird!!!! Who wants to see red while pouring on pads, tampons and diapers???!!!!!

  53. Personally I think the roads on car commercials are empty because if they weren't, it would be bloody impossible to figure out which car it was about, all modern cars being Bloody the Same.

  54. Pretty sure sexy chocolate marketing comes from it being an aphrodisiac and also releasing the same chemical when your body pretends to be in love so it can mate and serve its purpose.

  55. Serena Williams ate some of her dogs FANCY food in a luxury hotel she was staying in and it made her sick.

  56. Actually, I believe they did blue because blue is found to be the most popular favorite color and it can make us happy because it reminds us about the beautiful sky and stuff like that (psychology folks).

  57. I think the sexy/shameful thing with women and chocolate is because chocolate is an aphrodisiac

  58. Dual bathtubs on the beach, close to the ocean. Weird. People grinning and laughing while cooking a pre- packaged meal.

  59. Dog food looks like dog food. People want to spoil their fur babies and do so by trying to give them human comforts. That's why they're getting shoved in hoodies and given bejeweled collars, and we want to give them steak and peas. So a commercial like, 'this kibble IS steak and peas' gets everyone's cash.

  60. The blue liquid is from a focus group in the 80s. Blue was the least offensive color to represent blood. Red is scary 😐

  61. 1. Mountain roads are fun to drive
    2. They use blue so you can SEE the absorption
    3. Cam Newton and John Stamos both done yogurt commercials
    4. The natural ingredients are better for a dog
    5. Theres only like 2 sexy chocolate woman commercials
    6. Some kids dont like food that they should eat. Supplements are easy for moms with picky kids.

  62. To add to the yogurt and sexiness thing,
    a German yogurt commercial advertises their yogurt with these words:
    "Want to look good naked? Eat ___" (insert brand in the blank because I honestly don't care what the brand was)

  63. Thank you 🙂 the raw diet for dogs is that they market to men so men will get turned on by woman eating its why eat before dates dont eat

  64. Please keep the stuff blue. Purple would be fine too, but we're used to blue so keep it like that.
    Chocolade isn't market to man. Mars and Snickers are candy bars with a thin coating of chocolade. Actual chocolade is supposed to be a mild aphrodisiac I think so marketting it as lustfull makes sense.

  65. What about all the commercials that assume men are a bunch of bumbling idiots? Its offensive to me and I'm a woman!

  66. Blue fluids actually make sense… red, pink, orange, green o yellow fluids I think would be more gross and, most important, more distracting from the rest of the ad message. Blue is not a color that you would automatically associate with body gross fluids.

  67. Oh my goodness. No one is going to listen to this "person" and no one cares what she thinks.

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