7 Simple Ways to Set More Meetings in Sales

7 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways to Set More Meetings in Sales

  1. Excellent video Marc.

    I have seen many of your videos and found them to be extremely useful.
    You have changed my sales approach by 180 degrees.

    For me preparing a special report and publishing high quality content seems to work.

    Quick question : is it ok to take any type of gift or relevant present at a sales meeting or it comes across too salesy?

  2. Thank you. I am extremely new to the sells side of my industry. Now that i made some changes I find that i am lacking in many of the skills needed for sells. I had never thought about writing a trade paper article. That is something i feel i can do very well. I greatly appreciate your videos. I like your style, and your approach more then any of the others i have came across.

  3. so how are sales guys keeping their jobs if "most are not doing anything to get meetings"? No meeting = no sales = fired or 0 income.

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