8 Shocking Tools to Send Better Sales Emails

Do you send lots of sales
emails but think to yourself, “Is there a better way to be doing this?” Well, through our work with
tons of different tools, we have discovered that there
is definitely a better way to sending those cold emails. And it can make a huge difference
in your ability to engage prospects without
working 100 hours a week. In fact, all of the tools
that I’m going to show you, we have personally used at our own company with both our clients, and, like I said, we use them here at Marc Wayshak
Sales Research and Insights for our own sales prospecting. So none of these companies
who make these tools are paying me to do this,
we just love the tools! Also just a note that some of
the tools are free and some actually cost you money. So, you can determine which
of these tools that I’m gonna show you are most necessary
for you and your business. But I will say that each of these tools has made us a lot of money, and a lot of money for my clients. And all at the same time they’re saving countless hours of time that we can be doing other things, and they can do the same
exact thing for you. In this video I’m going to show you the eight tools to send
better sales emails. Check it out. Number one: Google’s G Suite. Now, I know there are some people who are watching this that are like, really Mark? Google G Suite? That’s the tool you’re gonna talk about? So if you’re feeling that and you already know that you use Google G Suite and you don’t even think this makes sense, then fine, just skip to the next tip. But for those of you who are
using tools like Outlook to send email, you are in the last decade. You need to be using Google’s
G Suite for all of the different options that
you can be using that particular tool for. Most of the best emailing tools
that are going to help you become much more effective tend to be plug-ins for Google’s G Suite. And what that means, by the way, for anyone who doesn’t know
what I’m talking about is literally Google’s emailing platform. You need to be using that,
it’s got to be the basis for what you use. If you’re in a big company and you use Outlook? Well, you should be going to
your managers and saying, “Can we please switch
to Google’s G Suite?” It is so much more malleable,
it is so much more effective. And, Outlook doesn’t even
really work that well anymore. So you’ve got to get away from Outlook, and you’ve got to be
using Google’s G Suite. Number two: LimeLeads. I have recently discovered
LimeLeads, and I cannot tell you how much I love this service. Now, we all are looking to
develop good prospect lists. And finding that list is often one of the most
difficult things that we can do, because it’s either super
expensive, if you go to one of the major list services, Or the lists that you get
from a lot of the providers are pretty weak. Where you’re going to have
emails that are bouncing all over the place, you’re going
to have people that are no longer at that organization, and so what LimeLeads is is
it’s a subscription service, so this is something that you pay for, but it’s something where you will get really good quality leads. In fact, they make sure that
you can actually set a setting where if the email isn’t
good, they won’t charge you for that lead. So it’s really powerful for
those of you that are sending cold emails to, let’s say,
business to business prospects, or even to consumer prospects. You want to make sure that
that email is accurate and is not bouncing back at you,
because that does a lot of bad things for your email
servers and people start to block you and see you as spam. So when you use LimeLeads, they
only output the good emails, if that’s what you want. And so this really,
pretty inexpensive service can get you the absolute
highest-quality leads in any industry, any
title, anything like that. Really really awesome
way, at pretty low money, to get an incredible prospecting list. I could not more highly
recommend this amazing service. Number three: Hunter.io. Have you ever been in a
situation where you’ve identified a specific individual that
you want to be contacting, but it’s really hard to find their email? Maybe it’s not on the website, or it’s just difficult to
find their particular email. Hunter.io is an amazing service where you can verify and find the emails of people that you’re prospecting to. Or maybe you don’t know
exactly who you need to be contacting at a particular organization. You can just put the
company’s URL in their system, and you can then get a list
of all of the possible emails that are known on the internet for that particular company’s domain. It’s really really an amazing system. Again, I think they have a
free option but you can also, we pay for a higher level
service so that way we get access to a lot of different emails. But it is an awesome little
service that will get you good quality emails, and it will also tell
you the confidence level with which it believes that
this is an accurate email. Super simple, but you’ve got to be actually
getting that right person’s email if you’re going to
be sending out emails. Number four: MailTester. Now this is the most simple
thing that most sales people and most companies don’t think about which is, are your emails being perceived by the recipient’s mail server as spammy? And this is something that so often, people don’t know. It’s kinda like having bad
breath at a cocktail party. If you don’t know you have bad breath, and everyone’s just kinda
like getting away from you, they’re not telling you
that you have bad breath, they’re just trying to get away from you. (chuckling) That’s a weird analogy. But it’s completely appropriate for this. We need to know that the
emails that we’re sending out are not going to be perceived by other company’s spam blockers as spam. So what MailTester allows you to do is you just send an email to MailTester, and you get a report of what you can be doing to
improve the deliverability of that email. It’s really important, you need to be sure that your email’s deliverability is good. This can have a huge impact on the likelihood that
someone’s going to respond because if your emails
are getting picked up by a company’s spam blocker, you’re dead in the water. It’s a waste of time. Now if you work at a company, and you may not have
direct control over this, you can still use MailTester
to send the email, and then you send that report to someone in the IT
department to show them what could be done to improve
the quality of the email. Some of the issues have
to be done in the backend, some of the issues are just
issues with your particular email that you’re sending out. It’s a really simple,
free way to find out, what is the actual
deliverability of my email? Number five: BriteVerify. This is another really simple, cheap tool that you can use to ensure that the emails that
you have in your system are actually valid emails. So, what BriteVerify does is you upload a list in the form of an Excel
list or a CSV file, with your contact’s emails and you upload it into the system. It will then do some processing
and it will spit out a report for you to tell you
which of the emails are known to be valid and real emails, which are unknown or unsure,
and then which are known to be invalid emails. This sounds like we’re
getting really techie, but it’s really important
because every time you send an email to a prospect that is an invalid email, you’re basically getting
like a little ding on your email’s report card. And so eventually, Google, or Yahoo, or those big servers are going to start to
identify you and your email as a spammer. And then your emails are
gonna start bouncing back at a much higher rate from real emails. So what BriteVerify does,
for really cheap money, you can upload a list
of let’s say a thousand of the prospects in
your list of the emails, it’ll put out a report that
just tells you which of those emails are valid, which of
them are not really sure, and then which are definitely invalid. And so the ones that are
invalid, you definitely do not want to be emailing to. And what’s amazing is
sometimes with our list, we were finding that twenty-five percent of the
emails that we were sending to were known to be invalid, which is just a huge waste, and it’s hurting you in the long run. Great, cheap, simple service. Number six: Yesware. Now, Yesware is a service
that we have been using for a long time, and we love Yesware at our organization. Do you ever send out
an email to a prospect, or quite frankly, to anyone, and wonder to yourself, did they open the email? Did they actually get the
email, did the see the email? Well, we love Yesware because it tells us whether an email we sent
someone actually got opened. And I’m not talking about
the emails that you send, the marketing emails from
your Constant Contact or your A-Web or wherever, I’m talking about the emails
that you send directly from you to someone else. It tells you whether
it was actually opened. And Yesware also has a bunch of other awesome little features like you can send out a batch of emails using a template or canned emails to a bunch of people all at one time and you can interact that
with your CRM like SalesForce. It’s a really incredible service, we love using it at our organization, and it’s a no-brainer, I think they have a free
offering for individuals where you can at least find out whether someone actually opened your email. Now I will say there are a lot
of other services out there that do something kind of similar, but we personally love to use Yesware. Number seven: Quickmail. Quickmail is one of the coolest tools for people that are actual email ninjas, this tool is a game-changer. So what Quickmail does is you upload a lot of key contacts
that you wanna be emailing, sending cold emails to, so
these are people that you probably don’t know, of course they could be
people that you do know but most likely these are
gonna be cold email campaigns, you upload the contacts with their emails, and then you create templates of what you want the email
to say to the person, so it might say, hi George, blah blah blah,
wanted to send you something that I think would be
relevant to your company, ABC Company, and you can create
a customized canned email that goes directly to that person, and then you can create
follow-up sequences depending on whether they respond or
whether they don’t respond, where you reply back to them, and so you can create
pretty complex sequences, or simple sequences, that allow you to be emailing people when you’re not doing anything. All you do is upload
it, send the schedule of how many emails you
want to go out each day, and it just does it for you
at the time that you say. What we love about Quickmail is that it doesn’t just blast out a
bunch of emails all at one time. It’s basically sending out one email every thirty seconds
or every fifty seconds, whatever it is, you set that setting, and it’s coming from your direct email, or you create another email address, and so what it does is it
allows you to keep that email from ever being perceived as spam, because it’s basically
modeling the behavior of a real human being sending
out individual emails. But what it’s doing is it’s
giving you massive leverage because it’s allowing
you to do this in bulk, and so for a relatively low
monthly fee you can be sending individual emails to
prospects on a schedule, and I mean we love this stuff,
when we were launching my book we were using Quickmail
to send my book to CEOs, and it is so incredibly effective. It’s so powerful, it’s so simple, and it basically allows
you to double yourself as a salesperson. Really really amazing tool. Number eight: Loom. We love Loom. We’ve come across it recently, and we’ve been using it like crazy. And so what Loom does is
it allows you to create a personalized video to send to a prospect that is really really easy to do. So it’s literally a video of
you standing in front your, or sitting in front of your webcam, and you can be saying
a personalized message to a particular prospect and then you can email them that video. And what’s really cool is
that it makes it so simple, it’s got a cool little Chrome plugin, it’s free to use for an individual, and what it allows you to do is you can, let’s say you have ten prospects that are really key prospects, and you wanna do something
that gets in front of them. And so video, the data shows, video is one of the most
effective ways to get someone to actually engage with your message, and so you’ll send them a
video that basically says, “Hey George, I’ve actually
just created a customized “video for you, here, check it out.” And so in the video you can say, “Hey George, “my name’s Mark Wayshak and
the reason I put together “this video is I wanted
to show you exactly “what we could be doing
to improve your marketing. “Lemme show you the three
things on your marketing “that I think you could be
doing better right now.” And they’re thinking wow,
this is incredibly good value. And you can bang out those
videos so quickly using Loom. There’s no downloading or uploading, it’s not a whole process, it’s instantaneous, it
immediately gives you a link that you can send to the prospect, or with a video or whatever it is, it is so so simple, and the open rate and the
click-through rate on Looms are really high. So once you’ve identified
that someone is a good fit, you use Loom to just get in there, to engage their attention, and you’re going to have a
much higher response rate. We love that very simple little tool, I imagine that in a couple of
years everyone’s going to be doing it and it won’t maybe
work as well, but right now, video really really works on email. So there are the eight tools
to send better sales emails. I wanna hear from you: Which of these ideas did
you find most useful? Be sure to share down below
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