9th Wonder Defends Bruno Mars Amid Cultural Appropriation Claims | Billboard News

You may have been surprised to see Bruno Mars treading heavily online over the weekend, but it wasn’t because of a new release. A great debate stretched across the Twitterverse on whether Bruno Mars gets away with the appropriation of black culture. Well, he may have found an ally and supporter in producer 9th Wonder who went on a Twitter rant to defend the “24K Magic” artist. In a thought-provoking and super relevant tweet, he compared the protection of black culture and music to the fictional, cultural phenomenon aka Disney-Marvel’s ‘Black Panther.’ “So…we have Vibranium and all of this wonderful technology and art… should we keep it in Wakanda? Or….” You know what, nice reference there. Wakanda forever! He went on to explain, ”So…the most powerful cultural element in the world…. black culture….some of y’all want it to be mainstreamed but not to influence…. you want it to be RECOGNIZED and BLASTED for everyone to see, but not thinking about its casualties?” The producer who is known for “Boom Beats” and old school sounding 90s hip-hop continues to make that type of music and believes that influence is different than appropriation. To read 9th Wonder’s full set of tweets and his breakdown of influence versus appropriation, check the article on Billboard.com. Do you feel that Bruno Mars is taking advantage of his racial ambiguity or has he paid enough homage and respect to the culture? Don’t sleep, stay woke and let’s break it down in the comments. For Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.

10 thoughts on “9th Wonder Defends Bruno Mars Amid Cultural Appropriation Claims | Billboard News

  1. I cant believe people are still actually running with that dumb ass slogan "racial ambiguity" LMAO he's more like a Congenital Chamaeleon 😂😂

  2. Bruno is obviously curly hair like that of black…. adopt him….. love not hate people.. … peace!

  3. Bruno makes unbelievable music my whole life l have listened to all kinds of music never asking what color they were. Please just enjoy the music stop judging .

  4. This is a very RACIST COMMENT:

    Bruno Mars's mother is a Filipina. According to the National Geographic Genographic Project, the largest percentage of Filipinoes' ancestral DNA is Negrito, followed by Austronesian, Iberian (Spanish), and Native American (Aztec, Mayan). If you look at her mother, she belongs to the MORENO/ MORENA (brown) beauties. Negritos have curly hair and probably that explains why Bruno's hair isn't as straight as any other ordinary Asian American. Negritos are the group of humans who migrated from Africa to South and Southeast Asia to Australia. Their ancestors left Africa 10,000 years after the other wave of migrations to Western Africa, the origin of most blacks in the Americas.

    Filipinos are very mixed. I and my eldest brother are the mestizo-looking among the siblings. My eldest sister looks very Oriental Asian (Chinese) and my other brother is dark-skinned and has curly hair esp during his childhood.

  5. As a member of the racial ambiguity community let me tell you that there is nothing to take advantage of. People will attack you from all sides.

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