A complete supermarket software for sales & accounting | Newlys Supermarket, Angola | GOFRUGAL

Hello, My name is Samir Adat. I am here from Organizacoes Saza. I have started in Angola since 1999.
I was in the service business. Around 2010-11, I have started my own
business and I heard about GOFRUGAL We tried to get in contact with them
and they were kind enough to talk with us and tell us about the program and their software And we found it interesting and quite helpful We started with 2 stores and, today I own
6 stores and my business is going very well Hopefully, by next year I will be opening 2 more stores GOFRUGAL has helped me a lot in my business The staff is really helpful and their online 24*7 support. I am really grateful to their program for my progress. It helps in all the ways, in managing your stock,
your accounting and in sales also. Really grateful to GOFRUGAL.

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