A Day in the Life of a Trade Mark Examiner

We get applications in from all over
Australia and the world and we decide whether the trade marks are in line
with the Trade Mark Act. My name is Alexandra and I am a trade mark examiner
at IP Australia. Currently I’m a trainee at IP Australia. I’m learning all the
skills required to become a trade mark examiner. I’m going through extensive
training that involves learning each part of the Trade Mark Act. My name’s Alex
Murray and I work at IP Australia as a trade mark examiner. A typical day at IP
Australia examining trade marks would be looking at what tasks you have for the
day, looking at emails if you have any all staff meetings or any activities
that are going around in the organisation. My name is Era and I’m a
trade mark examiner at IP Australia. While the process of examination remains the
same the content is different in terms of
what the trade mark is, what the claim is for and how we go about researching it.
My name is Marc O’Neill and I’m a trade mark examiner at IP Australia. You
have some black and white decisions for example, checking if the owner is able to
legally hold property but then there are subjective decisions as well which are
which are somewhat grey. We’re asking questions like is this trade mark
descriptive? Do other traders need to genuinely use this trade mark in the
course of trade? Does someone else already have this trade mark out there or a
trade mark that’s that’s quite similar to this one?
After completing the assessment we communicate the results of the trade mark
examination to the applicants. We do that either on the phone or we do it in
writing. Analysis and decision making is such a big part of this job. We do a lot
of consultation and we do a lot of meetings and sessions with other
examiners, with some of the subject matter experts.
There’s actually a real-life application to what we’re doing here so I find it
really cool when I go to the shops and I actually see a trade mark that I might
have examined and approved the other week there on the shelf and it kind of
makes me remember that there actually is somebody behind the screen who is
applying for these trade marks and I actually have been part of their journey.
What I like most about my job is probably the people and just being able to bounce
ideas off other people that I work with. We have a great team culture, you have a
group around you, you have a trade mark family, if you will, that will help you
and you can consult with them on a difficult decisions that you have. I
really like the environment and the people that I’ve come to know to work
with here have been great from start to present. The relationships that are formed here have
been fantastic. It’s intellectually challenging, there’s also a collaborative
aspect which I really enjoy. It’s great being a trade mark examiner because
you’re a part of a very unique team that’s well trained and it’s well

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