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– [Ray] Welcome to SRG Insights, where
we answer questions about sales, sales management, and sales training.
And today’s question is… – Kenneth Vogt, owner at Vera
Claritas asks, what do you cover in your weekly sales meetings? If you have a
weekly meeting with your sales team, what is regular on the agenda? What
is useful to you as a manager? And what is useful to your salespeople? – Well, I love that question because I
think oftentimes, sales meetings get a bad rap. And what happens is it’s used more as
the opportunity for the sales manager to kind of scrutinize the activities of
the sales team for that week, and, you know, frankly sometimes beat
them up on where they’re deficient. As opposed to, I’d like to take a
different approach to the sales meeting, which is thinking about, it’s not about
the manager, it should be about the sales team. It should be about motivating, it should
be about improving their performance, training, and really solving…hoping
to solve their problems as opposed to using it as a replacement for reviewing
a report, or maybe for a one-on-one, which should be handled separately and
addressing more of those sticky issues in a more sensitive, personal setting. So,
some of the things I’d want to include on my agenda is really, what are the
highlights for the week? So, having each individual come prepared, and you can do
this in advance, but having them come prepared with, what was a high point? What
was the best thing that happened with a customer that week? So, sharing a success
story and then maybe sharing a challenge. You know, what was the biggest pushback?
What was the biggest objection? What was a challenge that they ran into?
Let’s socialize and talk about those, those are useful, those are productive
conversations. It really gets the team engaged. A second item, I’d certainly
want to address the pipeline, what are the key opportunities, the
largest opportunities in the pipeline? And have people comment on how they’re
pursuing and proceeding with those opportunities. But, you know, depending
on the team size and the size of the pipeline, there isn’t time to go through
every single opportunity and I think we often get bogged down just essentially
reading what’s in the pipeline. Again, that can be done in advance or
offline, but what I’d particularly want to look at is the largest opportunities,
also those that have been in the pipeline or in the stage the longest. So,
looking at a little pipeline hygiene, and kind of what’s stuck? Let’s focus on
those and maybe as a group, again, we can ask some questions, we can
brainstorm, we can talk about, what can we do to help those opportunities
move forward? Or maybe we need to set up a separate pursuit meeting to really take
on that challenging opportunity, but again, focusing on what’s most
important, what’s going to make the most difference to hitting our numbers and our
team hitting their numbers each month and each quarter? And I also like, on the
agenda, to have a training topic. So, this may be something that came up
during the week or a running list that the manager can collect, so that we
always have an opportunity to, and it may be sharing a video, a blog
post, a key discussion topic amongst the team, you know, something as simple
as, “Here are two objections, let’s talk about how we’re going to
address and handle those objections.” Or, “Let’s go through the competition, maybe
we look at the competition’s website,” competitor’s website that day and do a
little preview of what they’re doing. So, just an opportunity to sharpen
the saw, to keep skills top of mind, and the fact that training is not
an event but an ongoing effort, and I believe every sales meeting should
have some opportunity to improve those skills. Another agenda item I’d like to
have is just a quick opportunity for walk on items, any issues or challenges that
may have come up, and I think we need to manage this carefully. You know, we don’t
obviously want to derail the conversation, and sometimes they’re much larger than
we have time for. So, that’s great, we’ll put them on a parking lot or put
them on a follow up item to be addressed, but at least we want to give the sales
team a chance to bring those issues up that may be affecting their performance or
those roadblocks that may be getting in their way, that as a manager, really, we
should be focused on trying to help them and trying to address those. And then the
final piece and I really would like to end in the meeting on this note, is a
motivational or upbeat topic. So, that may be a celebration of a win,
that may be recognition for a great job done, you know, a key milestone, or, you
know, I love sharing a customer quote or testimonial, maybe it’s feedback from a
survey we’ve gotten. Something that shares the expertise, the competency, the
successes we’re having, not just as a team but as a company, and ends the
meeting on that upbeat takeaway that they can feel good about what they’re doing.
So, just some ideas for the agenda, obviously it varies by your team size,
the amount of time that you have, and detail to get into, but again, I would
take the philosophy that this meeting should be about the team, about engaging
them and having them motivated as opposed to the manager telling or presenting
during the entire meeting. It also makes it more fun and much more
engaging. Those are my thoughts on the sales meeting. Thank you.

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