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– Everyone has heard
of the Hamptons. It’s where New York’s rich and
famous get their summer on. But these past few months, the Hamptons has also been
the home of a major dispute. Michael Kosta has more. – When you think
of the Hamptons, you think of pristine
beaches, cold rose, and dressing up as a caterer to sneak into Billy
Joel’s Labor Day party. But the Hamptons also
have a dark side, an ancient conflict between
the white man and his mansions and the Shinnecock, a Native
tribe who live next door on their ancestral lands. Now the conflict
is erupting again as the Shinnecock have erected
a giant tribal monument on the only road
into the Hamptons. I went to find out how
an Indigenous symbol could raise tensions in a place with the world’s highest
concentration of NPR tote bags. – It is kind of an eyesore. You know, you come here
for its beautiful nature and environment and to see
that, it’s just out of place. – Very obtrusive
and distracting. – Okay– – It’s so big. There’s so much to kinda
cover, from top to bottom. – It’s distracting and so it
could be potentially dangerous for any of the drivers. – [Michael] Okay,
it’s potentially
dangerous for drivers, but that’s not the
main objection. – I believe that it doesn’t
allow you to maintain the purity of an enclave here. – When white people start
talking about purity, even I get a little creeped out. But many of these Hamptonites
really believe the monument infringes on their spiritual
connection to the land. To get the tribe’s perspective, I met with Chairman
Bryan Polite. And no, I’m not gonna
make fun of his name, that would be rude. Bryan, thank you
for sitting down. I know you’ve had some bad
experiences with the white man, but I come in peace. – Hey man, we’re
all about peace. – The people of
Southampton are saying that due to your monument, their way of life
is under attack. (laughs) You’re laughing, okay. – That’s just laughable. We’re a sovereign nation
and they have no authority to tell us what we can and
cannot do on our tribal land. – What was the reaction
within the tribe when the monument went up? – Very happy. We’re the forgotten
people of the Hamptons, so now we have our marker on
the Gateway to the Hamptons, reminding people that they’re
all visitors on our land. – Clearly, the monument
is a source of pride, but what is it? Could it be a totem, a rock carving or an
ancient burial mound? I couldn’t wait to experience this mysterious tribal
monument for myself. (suspenseful music) Holy shit, it’s a billboard. (dramatic instrumental music) I’ve never seen anything so big. I mean, I have, but
it’s pretty big. So these Natives
are using capitalism to ruin the white man’s sacred
way of living with nature. Talk about cultural
appropriation. This tribal monument looks a lot like an
electronic billboard. – If you ask anybody on
the Shinnecock Nation, we’ll say it’s a monument. – Let’s call it what it is, this monument is
your side hustle. You’re making some
extra money on the side. – It’s a monument to
our overcoming adversity and saying that
we’re still here. But also we need money for
education, police department, playgrounds, social programs, so it’ll have an immediate
economic impact to the Nation. – How much of this monument
is economics for the tribe and how much of it is kind of a fuck you to
the Hampton residents? – Well, I think it’s
a little bit of both. – Now, you see that’s
not very polite. – Every time somebody builds a McMansion on our
ancestor’s bones or plays golf on our
ancestor’s bones, that’s a big F you to us,
so if we can feed our people and at the same time
stick it to a town that’s stuck it to us
for the last 375 years, so much the better. – Okay, so I just want you to
know that no more golf for me. – Thank you. – [Michael] In response
to the monument, white people have been sharing an important part of
their culture, lawsuits. Members of the tribal see these as part of a long
pattern of oppression. – There’s some restitution and reparations
that have to be made and this sign is pointing
to it, the time is now. – It’s horrible, the way
we’ve been treated since 1640. Yeah, I can go into town
and I can mow your lawn and I can scrub your toilet and I can pretend
like it’s okay. No more. Come to my reservation and see why this is so
important to make a stand. – [Michael] As a white man, facing a 400 year legacy of
injustice, racism, and poverty made me feel like a
total piece of shit. But gazing across the
bay at Calvin Klein’s $75 million
mega-mansion, it hit me. Maybe I could be the guy
in that Kevin Costner movie and bring a message of
peace to the palefaces and I knew the perfect
way to reach ’em. (mellow jazz music) Problem solved. (audience applauds)
(audience cheers) – Michael Kosta, everyone. (upbeat jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “A Monumental Dispute in the Hamptons | The Daily Show

  1. Halfway through I was waiting for them to show the monument straddling the road with a huge set of balls hanging down obstructing views to the road ahead and the obtrusive mansions in the distance..

  2. I'm from that area and still keep in touch with many of the people I grew up with and I can tell you most of the locals are good with the monument/billboard. It's the second homeowners and weekenders that have a problem with it.

  3. Did the first lady just say the native's, emphasis on "native's", monument is out of place?? The tribes were here first. 😒 Disrespectful.

  4. They need to get over themselves its a billboard basically or monument which ever floats your boat.

  5. First off Daily Show, if you're going to do a piece on the Hamptons and Shinnecock, at least spell SOUTHAMPTON right. Second off, can the monument be 100% the right of the Shinnecock people, which it is, and also distracting? Which it is…

  6. Just call it a dam billboard & stop looking to cause sh*t, the guy swinging in the huge leather chair just can't remind me of anything but a billionaire supervillain! & you've got to be kidding me talking about nature etc when there's shops with people walking their dogs whilst drinking stupid drinks in plastic cups! I live in the city, so when I want to get into nature, I take a holiday to a rural area (eg. game park), stay in a motel or bungalow, make fires etc. I'm not saying you have to go full bear grills, but come on women… cut the b/s. Also can people stop calling it my/our/their land, it's the ducking planet & humans aren't the only things living here, so nobody should technically "OWN" it; cause guess what, when we die in the next few decades, there won't be a shinnok, or 'hampton, China, africa, nothing…

  7. Mr Polite, I love you!
    Those Hamptonites are an embarrassment who deserve a healthy dose of FU

  8. I can’t even believe we’re allowing Any justification to be upset about this fucking billboard.

  9. Fuck rich white people. We poor white people are all about wanting people to shut up about krap we build on our land.

  10. American are Asshole Rascist. Everyone in this world loves America hence converted to asshole Rascist.

  11. This monument is their ‘casino’. Love this Tribe. Besides, the sign … I mean Monument, is Fine.

  12. How are you gonna be mad about a damn BILLBOARD. I see billboards everywhere but somehow THIS is a problem. Gtfoh. They had me thinking there’s a giant sculpture in the middle of the road

  13. Let's recall that in the Hamptons, at LEAST 85% of these rich white people are liberals who constantly virtue signal about how woke they are and accuse Republicans of being racist

  14. How 'bout a redo on all that extermination and forced assimilation, but this time we get the fake Americans instead of the real ones???

  15. Native Americans: Puts electronic billboard up.
    White People: We took your land & we'll take your billboard too. Only because we didn't think of promoting The Hamptons like that first.

  16. What's truly sad is that the tribe is in need of money in the first place with the Hamptons right there. Talk about economic inequality…

  17. Get over bitches. Be proud of what you are/have. Live, laugh love!

  18. Those Hamptonites really need a lesson in ' get over it.' It's just a sign on the side of the road that takes a second to pass. No one says you have to look at it, anyway and if that sign is a distraction to drivers then they shouldn't have a license to begin with. How petty.

  19. talking about rosé while holding a glass of white wine… Anyway I really didn't get this and I don't think it's because of english not being my mother tongue. Like white people aren't happy with a billboard that tries to sell real estate ? And pretend it's dangerous ? Isn't it a place filled with rich douchebags ? They should get a life… Wow… Priviledge definitely doesn't make people smart…

  20. When will native American realize that protesting won't work. Get some guns and stand your ground.

  21. Rich people are always right. They know more then everybody else 😂😂😂. Stick to your penthouse & outdoors balcony

  22. if I cant be reminded of the shinnecock and their tribe, I don't want to be reminded about Robert Moses either or his destruction of many homes people lived in. Im not complaining about all the white names on all the parkways and bridges that were forced to cross with an ez pass or pay a ridiculous fine for in the same state of travel. Selfish Thieves.

  23. Time for whites in the Hamptons to get over their white privilege and for the tribes to put up a real monument.

  24. Racist make up excuses for shit all the fkin time. Hey you stupid pieces of garbage You don't even belong there.

  25. Did you hear about the new Wisconsin white wine?
    (Said in a whiny voice) Why can't we have a casino?

  26. is it just me or do the natives look washed out, they are barely 5% of the "native" they claim what happens to the real native people, They look different the minute you look at them. They look like mostly europeans or asian descendants . We need real native peeps

  27. I'm confused, how did mixed race black and Native people get to have there own nation! I'm curious about this history…

  28. I was accepted into a grad program in Southampton, but after visiting the campus I gotta say: it’s boring as fuck there. Plus, you’re like this close to NYC, yet it takes over an hour to get there by train. Also, I literally had no cell phone service the whole time and I needed to make an emergency call home my final night there. The Hamptons get a 2/10, would not recommend.

  29. You don't like it move!
    It's their land anyway.
    What da hell are you doing here anyway white people?

  30. What’s sad is that some people don’t know the effects of living on a reservation.

  31. Did they really put up that sign "Relax and enjoy your stolen land"? How long did they leave? That is awesome.

  32. man the Hampton is full of some disgusting hateful people complaining about a harmless sign

  33. why am i not surprised that you can only get racist comment about the 'monument' from old white folks?i bet costa asked the younger one,and i bet that they gave their support to the 'monument' ie: not funny enough to be put in this segment.

  34. why are these people bitching about a billboard? especially one that has a significant meaning. bet you none of them mind a giant billboard with a fake McDonald's burger on it!

  35. Whether conservative or liberal this is the kind of thing that reminds people rich folks generally are giant pricks.

  36. Wtf? These white people were being dramatic about a fucking billboard? There are huge billboards every where. They need to just be honest and say they dont like the fact that natives are doing this.

  37. Well technically, all of the US is stolen land. From the Natives, from Mexico, from Spain, from the Hawaiians, from Alaska natives…

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