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OK, so who among you are earning
in foreign currencies? or maybe who among you receive remittances in foreign currencies? A lot of us have relatives or parents who works
abroad right? So did you guys know that you can actually earn
from Forex Exchange currencies? Sometimes when you are about to
exchange your dollars You’re going to check first Whether or not the exchange rate is high or low? Maybe You’ll wait a day or two
before changing them to peso Since the forex market and
currency amount is fluctuating Then it’s somehow difficult and challenging for people to predict whether it will go up or down So guys if you are interested in currency trading There’s actually a powerful tool that you can use to predict whether or not the value of your
foreign trades will go up or down And that’s what I will share with you today hi guys, my name is Mimi and
welcome to my homebased story So for today’s video, I will share with you a tool that you can use on your phone if you are into currency or forex trading It’s something that I’ve always
wanted to try myself like, how does this trading work? Is this something where I can earn extra? Of course, if you are working from home the you are already earning in dollars most usually, right? So, instead of saving it up, there is actually bigger returns if you are going to invest your money And one of these is through
Forex Trading But like I said earlier, it’s hard for us to
predict whether or not the market will go up or down
So today I will introduce you to a signal service that you can use on your phone which is called the Smart Trader So what is Smart Trader Smart Trader is a forex signal service provider They are the one who does the hard
work of analyzing the market of foreign exchange and they will send signals or messages that you can receive via email
or in this case, chat Whether or nor it’s time for you to exit or enter a specific market or If, you need to sell, sell or buy new forex trades Smart Trader has a high success rate of 73% OK, so how does it work? You can actually try this for
free for an unlimited time guys You can check out the link below and then It will get you to a page like this where you will see there a link for you to click on WhatsApp And then Just send the link and then they will verify your account either
by texting or calling your number
You will be asked to install an application called Telegram That’s where their channel is where they send the signals And you will see here the signals that I have already received from my trial subscription So you will see there guys where it says Sell now because the amount’s going to go down and you will see there they share some charts or buy and sell values that you can use to help and guide you in your forex trading
If you are already ready to invest, you can go for their VIP signal by depositing an amount to their preferred broker Just create an account there Screenshot your dashboard and send it to the channel and there, you will start receiving signals whether or not to invest, or hold off, or back off for a while whether to buy or to sell then you can use this powerful tool, Smart Trader to direct you and guide you in your forex trading You already know that it’s very challenging to predict the foreign exchange market and Smart Trader will be there for you to help you and guide you So guys, I hope you have learned something new in this video
And if you like this video Please give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to share it with your friends and families for those who are also interested in earning from home And I will see you guys again on our next video

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  1. Check out Smart Trader here: http://smart-trader-fx.com/lp-ml/
    Earn from eWallets: https://youtu.be/qEE61v8FR78
    Earn from Phone Apps: https://youtu.be/Ijj6HLm2uKc

  2. miss mimi, magkano po ang required minimum capital trading funds?

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    Go on hope u get what u dream

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  6. Can't find their community link? How do I open account with their link?

  7. Ma'am yung sa akin po. Bakit di sila nag lalabas ng link para doon sa refferal broker nila.? Pa tulong po. Salamat

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  9. mas ok pa ata mam yung copy trade kesa jan.pero for me the best pa din study technical analysis para alam mo ginagawa mo hindi ka basta mahhype.

  10. hello madam ang ganda ng content, hehe, anyway baka gusto mo matuto ng forex trading, pwede ka sa sumalit sa group namin, aaralin natin ang forex from basic to advance, and wag masyado magrely sa signal provider, hehe… mas okay aralin mabuti para talagang kikita sa ganitong business.. kpg okay sa iyo, pwede ko ba malaman FB name mo para masali kita sa group.
    thank you, Jesus loves you

  11. smart trader is a signal provider therefore targets non smart traders..its an oxymoron if u think critically.

  12. Hi ma'am wala pong link ng broker nila, yung sa telegram yung signals lang po nandon…pano po ba yun?

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  14. I use fundamental and technical analysis. Also worked as a signal provider for a forex community, mahirap at Di madali mag trading. If you want low stress trading, then use low lot size and have a strict trading plan. Di ka yayaman agad agad dito, kaya dapat ready na kayo masunugan ng account.

  15. Ingat ingat. May disclaimer dapat to. Trading forex, bitcoin or stock can damage your emotions. Top traders managed their emotions by having personalized risk management system. Tapos tayo gagamit lang ng app signals to buy and sell even following somebody to buy or sell is fatal.

  16. 2 years in forex. Simple pero di siya madali. Mag masyado mag depend sa apps, gawin lang suplement sa iyong forex trading.

  17. cold reality of trading is that every trade has an uncertain outcome. – Mark Douglas

  18. yng mga ganitong video blog sana ang maraming views kaso napaka liit ng population ng forex trader sa pinas. keep it up mimi ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Never po akong gumamit ng forex signals, iโ€™ve been trading for 3 yrs now, most forex signals are using demo accounts only, kya mag ingat po kayo kc pwede mawala capital nyo lalo pa at di nyo alam ang risk management. Madami pong youtube videos kung pano matutunan ang forex trading, mas mabuti pong pag aralan nyo muna ang proseso ng forex trading by setting up demo account on MT4 app kesa bumili ng forex signals at least pag naturunan nyo mas magiging profitable pa kyo, hundreds of free indicators ang pwede nyong pag aralan. I am a fan of price action or support and resistance. Goodluck po๐Ÿ™

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  21. Ma'am please you should not doing this! Commission is good for giving traffic to there apps. But you should do the disclaimer and risk management advise, sa mga newbie research research muna kayu at try on demo baka mabigla kayu kapag na loss real money niu.

  22. my sincere gratitude goes to mr gabe that expert has done a lot for me since he started handling my account

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  25. Recommended ng Smart Trader ang BDSwiss. Kaya lang hindi pwede ang BDSwiss sa MT4???

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