A Toast to 15 Years

Nice to see you guys
I’m going to play Free Bird now. Everyone!
A toast. To 15 years of
World of WarCraft. We met many years ago on a dusty road. You, a humble priest and me a feeble rogue. We were the weakest of the weak the lowest of the low. But when we fought together a legend did grow. We battled our way from
Blackrock Spire to Molten Core. Took 40 hours for Ragnaros
and only wanted more. Our days of being weak
are firmly in the past. And now our shields are stronger our bonds are built to last. So, whether you’re for the Alliance or if you’re for the Horde. It’s time to toast to 15 years everyone raise your sword! No enemy can defeat us there’s no battle we can’t win. when we crunch the numbers
stand together and f…
there’s no battle we can’t win. when we crunch the numbers
stand together and f… LEEEROOOY JENKINS! Damn it, Leroy! Now, I have a little news for you something of a treat. Are you ready to travel
all Azeroth on your own two feet? We’re going back to a place where anything can kill ya. So polish your shield
sharpen you axe we’re going back to Vanilla!

95 thoughts on “A Toast to 15 Years

  1. 15 years and ogre still isnt a playable race, yet furry fox people are. nuff said

  2. Thank you Blizzard for many happy years with you. I’m hope you will be forever. #ThanksBlizzard

  3. What is the song title title? I’m finding the partiture to play it with my harmonica 😅

  4. after seeing riot rewarding its fans for 10 years with more than just several unpainted mounts, and money, money, money, while the other is releasing tons of new contents for "free"…i think blizz is very undervaluing its fan for 15 years anniversary if it did not beat riots'. we been more loyal to a sub game for many years than any other game and i dont feel this anniversary taking place as it should be. WOW is a legendary game it needs its proper celebration and decent rewards for its fans.

  5. Hong kong: we want freedom and human rights.

    Blizzard: you think you do, but you don't.

    This message is approved by the people's republic of China.

  6. Activision Blizzard must be toasting themselves. I am surely not toasting them, I just smell them being toasted. I think I smell bacon.

  7. I played Wow for a few years but I felt it was constant grind and that's why I gave up.

  8. just wondering where Pilav, Swifty and Preach are, really thought they should have put them in the video.

  9. Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times

    “Not every voice matters.”


  10. how many "famous" poeople can you name without google it ?!?! honestly for me without watching "tutorial" the guy from Game of Thrones… after that i was whaaaa….and ofc Leeroy

  11. You should all come play Oldschool Runescape instead of sucking the Chinese mealworm! Long live Jagex!

  12. I need this song in karaoke version! I love it 😀 now I play and sing this song 😀

  13. That “LEEEEEERRRRROY JENKINS!!” made my day hahahahahahaahha 😻😻😻😻😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Really shameful that Bajheera a "Wrathbaby" is in this video, but not Swifty who was big in vanilla. Well, I guess being a Blizzard bootlicker pays off.

  15. 15 years together, I can’t believe how time flies, will always fight along side you

  16. We are going back to the place where everything can kill ya… so true indeed…

  17. Too bad taverns are so underused in this game… some alliance ones musics are masterpieces

  18. i still say they should have used this as the announcement for classic coming out instead of chromie

  19. “Are you ready to travel Azeroth on your on two feet? We’re going back to a place where anything can kill ya!”
    Got that is the truest line

  20. 2 bad itemization and nerfing made it all so easy that those that played original Vanilla just left the game finding it to much made for easy gaming ..fast lvling and super easy raiding with all the nerfs…so the sad part is…this what they released is not even close to original Classic…and this is very well understood now…2 bad so many younger players will never experience hard gaming and gear requirement to enter some raid…healers will never experience what does it mean to learn to save mana…all in all…a very soft version of original..

  21. 1:25 yes no joke on the anything can kill you part. Havent hit 40 yet on my main and I am positive I've died more times in classic since release then several on and off years of retail. Also having more fun right now, never played vanilla.

  22. I've never played classic but as I was considering it something went wrong with my PC's DVI and haven't had time to fix it…

  23. ходят слухи что актер Андуина Ринна крикнул здесь : -За Орду!

  24. I’m as old as the game World of Warcraft originally came out when I was only 5 months old

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