I’m gonna roll up my sleeves ’cause it’s hot
in here even though it’s October. Alright let’s get down to it! Hello sunshines! I’m Mara and it’s Oc-to-ber, all the pumpkin spice
stuff is about to come in! also halloween? yes! It’s the perfect time to dress up a a sugar skull that is deadly
and it’s pretty, and it’s perfect and it’s harmless, right? except when it’s not. And
it’s cultural appropriation and stuff like that
I am making this video because I wanna talk about something that really bothers me and
that is white girls painting their faces like sugar skulls
Maybe some of you didn’t know but I am Mexican like 100% Mexican I was born in Mexico, my
parents are mexican, my grandparents are mexican and pretty much everyone I know is mexican.
So this is really something that concerns me
Now the things that I’m going to tell you that are fact are taken from the museum of
death and La Catrina which is in Saltillo I was given a tour of the museum two years
ago on my birthday so the facts that I tell you are from a real source, the rest of them
that are opinions are going to be mine I DON’T SPEAK FOR EVERYONE I speak for me, taken from
my experience because that’s pretty much all I know and if you think differently please
leave a comment down bellow we can talk about it and I’ll be really glad to have a conversation
with you. Oh! Also, this video has captioning in english
and in spanish because that’s all the languages I know, and if you know anything else, please
please please help me translate it so more people can understand what’s going on and
yeah! thank you Alright let’s get down to it!
So about el Día de los muertos which is the day of the dead We do this celebration to
celebrate (duh) not only death in general, but also our dead, the people that have passed
away and that we knew and loved and respected and to celebrate their lives and to guide
them to the other side vía altares de muertos which are death altars
Now if someone dies in your family you can’t make them an altar right away you have to
wait five years for them to begin the process of going to the other side. we make this altars
to guide the people to the other side is kinda like a rest stop or something, we put their
clothes, things that they liked, food that they liked, water and stuff to clean up and
get ready some flowers that are kinda like this but orange a cross with salt and they
have lots and lots of different things and among them are sugar skulls these are, well,
literal skulls made of sugar. They’re normally this size or there are smaller ones like this
size and they are are representation of La Catrina which is the death, some countries
have the grim reaper, we have La Catrina to represent death and yes the death that we
have is a woman. So yeah! this is a party that we celebrate on the second of November
in most of the Mexican Republic in some places it lasts a week, in some places it lasts two
weeks, in some places is just one day or two days it really depends on where you are in
Mexico it’s different in every place. So yeah! That is a really deep part of our
culture and that we hold very dear and that’s basically all you need to know about why we
don’t want you wearing any sugar skull makeup but there are some people that think that
this is just sharing culture but I’m going to give a little example So you know why it
feels so personal and like such an attack so imagine you’re in a relative’s funeral
and someone your family doesn’t know and you have never met and you know that didn’t met
your relative just walks in and takes some flowers, because they look pretty. That’s
basically what it is and it’s not really taking away anything from you because there’s more
flowers and of course you can just buy more and it’s really not that big of a issue about
them taking something away from you, but it’s a celebration that is not meant for them,
like yeah, the flowers are pretty and yeah you can take flowers but these are for my
person, the person that has gone away and this is for them and this is for my dead,
my people that have passed away, not for you and your aesthetic needs and of course I’m
just talking from my experience and from what I feel, but it is like this for most people
and it really isn’t cool that you just wear whatever you want just cause you want to and
just cause you like it and of course if you like the whole “making the altar” thing and
celebrating the life of someone that has passed away, sharing this bit of culture that is
the whole thing it’s cool. and if someone that is latino, that is from Mexico, tells
you: “hey! we are celebrating this, do you want to be a part of it?” then that’s completely
fine and its okay but when it’s not yours and its not sharing but stealing and just
taking, and when someone tries to correct you and tell you why that is not right and
you get angry then you kinda are an asshole. So yeah
Anyway, sorry for all these dense stuff but I just really needed to talk about it because
it’s something that affects me every year and I’m kinda growing tired of it and I know
many people are not trying to offend anyone, many people are not trying to appropriate
someone’s culture, many people are just trying to enjoy the things that they find pretty
and are not aware that this is something that is not right so this is why this video is
about. It’s not about telling you that you’re wrong or that you’re an asshole, it’s about
making you avoid being an asshloe by learning So yeah, this halloween. Don’t be an asshole,
don’t dress like this, just you know, be a cool ghost or something. There are many many
many halloween costumes you can choose from that are not offensive so, why be an asshole?
So yeah! That’s been all for this week, thank you so much for watching It’s super cool if
you’d share it, subscribe cause great things are coming and I’ll see you next week Bye!
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  1. you shouldn't worship the dead or try to contact them…they are with God/Jesus and have met their final destiny….contacting/worshiping only opens doors to demonic activity….many cultures are decieved into similar practices and are being cursed by the demonic influence it brings……

  2. I always wondered about this. I was taught Halloween and Dia de los Muertos were to totally different holidays. I mean I know there are similar elements and origins in each holiday. Even for me, seeing sugar skull decorations in the Halloween section doesn't make sense.
    I mean could you imagine going to a "white" family's funeral in a Halloween costume? No that'd be flat out rude. (I'm white btw)
    To be fair I have no idea if that's even comparable, but that's what I think of.

  3. Me gustó tu opinión. Cómo mexicano y estudiante de historia y sociedad contemporánea en México me encanta saber más sobre mi pasado y compartirlo con el mundo, pero lo que más molesta en cuando deforman nuestra cultura y no piensan los antecedentes culturales (si, te estoy hablando a ti "5 de mayo y taco Bell") los mexicanos nos enorgullece nuestra cultura pero odiamos que los gringos lo tomen y deformen.
    Saludos desde la Ciudad de México

  4. Graciaaas!
    Yo siempre me siento super incómoda cuando gente que no tiene nada que ver con la cultura y que no sabe lo que significa se maquillan de calaverita de azucar y la Catrina en Hallowen,aparte de que lo hacen de manera super ofensiva y si les intentas decir que esta mal se enojan.

  5. I understand…. but i dont. Some people just do this for the look and mean no harm. It doesnt have to be bad that people just use a look. Why can't the look be used for more than one thing? It isnt like is being taken cuz they arent limiting the amount of sugar skull makeup. If it doesnt have malicious intent then i dont think it should be made a big deal of. If you can please explain to me (reply) the big deal i woud appreciate it cuz i don't get it. I mean no harm i just dont understand.

  6. I'm going to show this video to my mom tomorrow. She has always been racist, has never celebrated dia de los muertos, but watched Coco (sigh) and now suddenly wants to nail a sugar skull mask to my dad's grave (who passed away exactly a year ago) I keep trying to explain to her why this is ridiculous and disrespectful and what cultural appropriation is, but she gets huffy and mad with me and just tells me I'm "being too sensitive"… trying to phone-in spirituality to make herself feel more in touch, but not putting the research forth and just cherry-picking the colorful imagery she likes. I hope seeing this video will help her understand these things!!

  7. I celebrated day of the dead last year with my family and it just bothers me how people just misinterpet the day.

  8. Meh, que se pinten. Se me hace gracioso que te quejes de blanquitas pintándose y hablando de la garbancera como si fuera la mismísima huesuda, cuando la garbancera usa un sombrero simulando ser de la alta sociedad

  9. 1:40 Are you saying "El Día de los Muertos"? It sounds as if you are just saying "El Día los Muertos"

  10. As Mexicans I find that we do not mind people being a part of our culture and traditions but Dia De Los Muertos is one where I find many of us are sensitive about. I myself am split on the matter. I don't like people profiting off of it. But I feel that as long as someone is respecting it then I am fine with them taking part. I mean we all have loved ones that have passed onto the next life.

  11. Yo no siento que sea entrar a el funeral de otra persona y tomar las flores de su altar, sino de que es mas como ver en el cementerio una flores bonitas e ir al mercado el dia siguiente y comprar flores similares, es mas copiar mas que robar, si yo hago algo un dia y al siguiente me dicen que hacen algo similar por que me vieron haciendolo y les pareció algo entretenido no me molestaría en lo absoluto , me alegraría que yo haya generado ese pequeño cambio. así que aun que la gente no lo entienda de verdad o no vea la gran profundidad que tiene para mi o para otros, me gusta que lo aprecien aun que sea por motivos, digamos banales, por que ese pequeño motivo puede hacer que aprendan mas del tema, que les interese y de verdad llegar a apreciarlo tanto o mas que yo u otra persona. solo mi opinion claro.

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