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I want you to come up with a picture in your
mind… An image of a successful trader. Let me guess.
Probably male, degree educated, in their twenties, fast car, hectic lifestyle, millionaire, maybe,
burned out at 30 or soon after? At least, that’s the stereotype.
What about the reality? Just take a look in the mirror.
In the UK alone, there are thousands and thousands of private traders just like YOU.
And trading is a global business. I’m Mark Walas, the founder of Plan B Trading.
I spent much of my working life running IT training businesses.
A few years ago, aged 51, I was looking for an alternative way to provide an income. I
decided to try trading. I’d always had an interest in the stock market, but had no trading
experience. I’m not degree educated, but you don’t need
to be to become a trader. But I am hard working and determined, qualities which will help
you succeed, whatever you do. I attended my first training course back in
2006 and started trading from home with £2000 in my trading account.
After dinner each evening, I used to commandeer the dining room for trading, where I wouldn’t
be disturbed. This is the laptop I started trading from.
It looks quite clunky now. Quite heavy too. When I started, I spent about 45 minutes to
an hour each night trading. I remember the feeling of elation when I closed that first
profitable trade. Quickly followed by disappointment when the next one didn’t come in.
I didn’t always find it easy and I certainly took my share of losing trades for the cause.
At times, rather than two steps forward and one step back, it seemed more like one step
forwards and two steps back. With my modest account, I kept my risk low. As the weeks
passed, I could start to see progress. My confidence was up and down like my trading
account in those early days. But even then, I could appreciate the possibilities, even
in those first few weeks. I’ve always felt that investing in yourself
is a smart thing to do, so I invested in further training and coaching.
Every now and then, I’d make some silly mistakes, like clicking BUY instead of SELL. Mistakes
are sometimes a good way of learning and getting better. I learnt a lot about the emotions
and psychology of trading. I met more traders and my trading skills improved
as I traded with them. As I got better, I added further funds to my trading account.
I learnt more strategies to use at different times of the day.
For me personally, the best progress came from a private training session organised
for a small group of us, by one of the traders I’d met. The day included live trading.
My transition into trading for a living came through an opportunity to work with a trader
training company where in a four year period, I taught several thousand people how to start
trading. So that’s a potted history of my journey to
become a trader. If I can do it, so can you. I’ve been a customer of several training companies
now and worked with one of them, so I know their standards.
I believe teaching people to trade can be done better, higher standards of education,
provision of practical experience and real live trading. And of course, better on-going
support after the training. I recall the time I made the most progress,
being trained by a trader in a small group in a day which included live trading. The
idea for Plan B evolved and the company was formed in 2011.
Through providing the strategic direction for Plan B, you’re getting my 25 years of
training expertise and more than six years of trading skills working together to create
a better trader training environment for you. I hope to meet you on a Plan B training programme

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