ADP Sales Career Insights – Tom

My name is Tom and I work in small business sales on our franchise team. What is unique about working in ADP Sales? ADP is unique in the fact that you can actually work an 8:30 to 5 day in sales. In other companies the sales role is a little bit more cutthroat. ADP gives
you the opportunity to grow, they give you the training to help you grow, and they
give you the mentorship and leadership to be successful. How did ADP set you up for a successful sales career? When I first walked in I just
really was given an opportunity and a list of names and I didn’t know what to
do it. But then came our formal training, a six-week program, which was awesome, the in-person training which was also
great and then a mentor-mentee relationship where you have somebody who is experienced in the role, kind of walking through the steps, helping you prospect,
helping you build your business. Since then I’ve been able to build
relationships with key decision-makers in different industries. I’ve been able to go
out to their conventions, go to trade shows, go out locally to different
businesses. So while i’m at the desk mostly I can get out in the field. How have you been able to grow in your role? The ground-level experience you gain
with the small business owners, with all the different products that we have, can
really lead you anywhere you want to go. I’ve been able to expand my role to do other things I
wanted to do by being successful. I do know that I can keep growing whether it’s in this role or the next
role or the next role. I see people in the cafeteria here that have been here for
35, 40 years so it’s not a bad place to stay. Ready to put your skills to the test?


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