♪ (Industrial music) ♪ – Man, I might just chill tonight. – (creature) Puppy Monkey Baby.
– This is a commercial? – Oh, is this for the Mountain Dew? (shaking rattle) – (creature) Puppy Monkey Baby. Puppy. Monkey.
– Ew. – What the hell is this? – (snickering) This thing is so ugly! – (creature) ♪ Puppy Monkey Baby ♪ – Individually, I like
all three of these things. Together, I despise this entire commercial. – (voice-over) Mountain Dew Kickstart. Dew. Juice. Caffeine. – (laughing)
– (creature) Puppy Monkey Baby. – Yeah, I saw that one in the Super Bowl.
It was pretty nice. – I’m okay with weird,
but that was weird for me. – That doesn’t make me want to drink that. – ♪ No, I can’t forget this evening ♪ – I saw this one on the Super Bowl. – I’ve seen this one.
This is the best one. – ♪ But I guess that’s… ♪ – I like dogs in costumes, so I thought this was really cute. – I don’t do the pets in costume thing. – ♪ You always smile ♪
– Hot diggity dog. ♪ (touching music builds) ♪ – ♪ I can’t live… ♪
– (tsks) I just really want a hot dog right now. – Like, “(mocks singing).” – Are they getting ready to eat them? – (cooing) – (voice-over) It’s hard
to resist great taste. – How cute! – They got me on that, man. – (voice-over) Meet the ketchups.
– ♪ (soulful singing) ♪ – I need some Heinz, man. – That’s the best one. That was the best one I saw. – And there’s your beautiful baby.
– Oh god. – (doctor) Any day now.
– (loud munching) – (wife) Really? – This would be me as a father. – (wife) You see what I have to deal with?
– (doctor) I know. – (husband snickers) – Ah, that’s freaky. – (husband chuckles) (husbands laughs loudly)
– (wife) No! G-Give me that!
(Dorito falls to floor) – Uh-oh.
– (baby wails) – (wife screams)
– Ooh, damn! – (baby wails)
– (wife screams) – (doctor and husband scream)
– Oh my god. – No!
– (baby wails) (wife screams) – (doctor screams)
– (husband screams) – (cracks up) It’s not that easy, just so you know. – He was just like, “You know what? This is my time.
It’s my birthday today!’ – Those are pretty good commercials. – These are gnarly. (laughs) Those were pretty great. ♪ (Industrial music) ♪ – (Finebros) So what did we just show you? – A bunch of weird and crazy commercials. – Three commercials. Uh, were those Super Bowl commercials,
all three of them? – Those were Super Bowl commercials. – We just watched Super Bowl commercials. – (Finebros) So those were a few commercials from the Super Bowl this year.
– Oh! I was gonna check YouTube later and just look up the commercials. – (Finebros) Did you watch the Super Bowl?
– I did! – Yes. I did. I’m very disappointed in the outcome. – I did. I was a Carolina Panthers fan,
so I was disappointed. – I didn’t care about either team this year, but I always have to see the commercials. – I was at a Super Bowl party. Every time something crazy would happen, all the people who were
watching would be like, “YEAH!!!” And then I’d turn and be like, “YEAH!!!” And then go back to talk to my friends. – Something about the Super Bowl,
it’s like an event. It’s very American. – It’s almost like an unofficial holiday ’cause everybody is pretty much
watching that event. – (Finebros) The Super Bowl
is a pretty big deal here in the US. What is it about football
that this country likes so much? – Oh, I don’t know! It’s a manly sport. It’s fun for me to see
my dad watch it or something and yell at the TV
because he actually does care about who’s playing. – It just has a draw for
so many people on so many levels. The physicality, the gamesmanship. – It’s kind of violence,
it’s kind of clashing of the titans, you know, and just that
competitive spirit is at play. – (Finebros) Okay, so let’s
talk about the commercials. The first one we showed you
was for the Puppy Monkey Baby, by Mountain Dew.
– It’s so ugly. (laughs) – (Finebros) Would you say
that was a good ad or a bad ad? – Here’s the thing– I hated it. – It was good. – I’ve seen better. – It’s a good advertisement. – Can I say it was both? – Do I consider that good?
No, not really. – It was good in almost a viral sense. – It was good because it
got me interested in the product. – It was really catchy. ♪ Puppy Monkey Baby ♪ ♪ Puppy Monkey Baby ♪ – For quality and comedy,
or what you expect a Super Bowl commercial to be,
it was kinda just like… random, like, “what the [bleep]?” – (Finebros) And what about the second one, where the wiener dogs
were running to the condiments for Heinz?
– Cute ad. – It’s a good ad. – Best one. – I liked that. – It was cute. – It was pretty good. – I just think that commercial
was a little too slow for me. – Thumbs up to those guys.
That was a pretty good one. – That’s a ten out of ten ad. – I did not like it. I just didn’t really think
it was a great ad at all. – (Finebros) And, finally,
we showed you the Doritos one, where, for a decade,
a fan gets to win and have their ad on TV. – Was that fan made? (shocked) What?! – (Finebros) This year’s was
The Baby and the Dorito. Was it a good ad or a bad ad? – I thought it was really funny. – It was good. – It was a good ad. – I liked it a lot. – I thought it was so funny. – I think it was hilarious. – That one, I did like. – It was pretty funny. – Too far. Mainly because I’m a girl, and so in my mind
I’m picturing, like, “Ugh! That would hurt!” – I liked it. Doritos, I mean, from
the past few Super Bowls I’ve seen, those are the most prime,
funny commercials. – (Finebros) A lot of the time,
people will fast-forward through commercials,
but when it comes to Super Bowl commercials there’s something that people
actually look forward to. What makes them so much better
than regular commercials? – Honestly, I think it’s the fact
that you have to pay a lot of money for that slot, so you’re gonna make it a good commercial. – They have to put something
that’s gonna really grab the people, rather than
just put their normal stuff that’s been going on
throughout the whole year. – It’s a lot more higher budget. They use celebrities. It’s almost like a short film, rather than an advertisement. – (Finebros) Do you think people
are more likely to buy a product they see advertised
during the Super Bowl than they would a product
advertised at another time? – Um, I think they have a greater chance because more people sit down
to watch the Super Bowl. – I don’t know, man.
Consumers are so fickle. A month from now, or whatever, probably not gonna stick in their mind like, “Oh, heh, heh.
I’m shopping for a car. That Hyundai ad was pretty sick.” – I don’t think Super Bowl commercials make us wanna buy the product more, but I think it’s more they want us
to remember their brand more. – When you watch the Super Bowl,
it’s mom, dad, kids of all ages, grandma and grandpa,
so they’re just hitting these different demographics with their ads, so for them I’m sure it’s worth it. – (Finebros) Finally, would you say
you watch the Super Bowl every year for the game or the commercials? – I watch it for the movie commercials. – I watch it more for the game. – I honestly think I’d say the game. – It’s a lot more for the commercials. – Football first, and then,
you know, the ads are second. – For the game.
Yeah, I’m a football guy. 49ers, baby.
In case you didn’t know. We’ll be back next year. – You always gotta watch the game, but the commercials
are the spices on the side. – Definitely commercials. They’ve tried to explain football
to me for over 20 years and I’m just like,
“Mmm… meh. I don’t get it.” – Just the commercials. You can see all the ads online. It’s not like back in the day,
when you kinda had to watch it if you wanted to see them all, but there’s still something about
just getting together and seeing it while they’re live. – For the game. Definitely. Usually I have money on it. That’s why. (chuckles) – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React! – If you liked what you saw, hit subscribe! – Goodbye, everyone. – Congrats to Peyton,
but I was hoping my boy Cam would get one, so have a good one guys. ♪ (Industrial music) ♪



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