Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategy in Forex Trading (2019)

100 thoughts on “Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategy in Forex Trading (2019)

  1. Absolutely love your simplicity. Totally rocked the Ichimoku. Would love to see more on it from you… strategies, etc! Excellent job, partner!!!

  2. Nice vidéo ! I was wondering about the reliability of the Tekan-sen and Kijun-sen crossing strategy, do you use it ?

  3. I have just watched a list of videos on Ichimoku trading. This is the one! Well done mate, fantastic!

  4. I'm happy for this kind of videos, because there are so many little things we skip in the process of trading. Sometimes as a beginner who wouldn't even know where the problem is coming from.

  5. The best Ichimoku video ever and ever !! I saw other video and just saying line cross then the signals come but after this video, Oh my GOD! Before that i really mis using Ichimoku trading system

  6. Great job, I really enjoyed it. Just wondering though how much of this applies to stock trading which is where I'm at right now. I'm a total newb and trying to develop a system using Ichimoku. I could really use some help with setup and entry and which time frames to use. Thanks so much for some excellent information in this vid!

  7. I really like this Ichimoku video. Very helpful and understandable. Just one question: How do you regard the situation where the following cloud has not yet developed? In other words, if you're looking long and the conversion and base lines are converging but not yet completely crossed to form a following green cloud, what do you do with that?

  8. I am a forex trader who is trading with BPRIMES. The way I am trading is before entering a trade, I make sure I do my homework. I am not only aware of upcoming events that could affect my trade but also I try to forecast which way these events could swing the markets. I pay attention to what my technical indicators are telling me which are providing by my broker and which is reliable.

  9. My left ear thoroughly enjoyed this. It was very informative and the way he simply explained it make it easy to understand.

  10. Success is not new when trading with Mr Reid strategy. It is very effective and unique, awesome i call it?. If you can follow his training and tutorship, there is nothing that can make you lose your money.

  11. Much respect! I learned so much more about the ichimoku cloud today than I have ever before.

  12. Does anyone know of good videos using the ichimoku in a buy or sell stop?

  13. This is great thanks! Just by including the lagging span, this works so much better 🙂

  14. If it's it was created on a 6 day trading system y is it relevant to a 5 day trading system..shouldn't the parameters be changed to suit

  15. Best video out there. Congrats and thank you! Do you believe it is reliable to use it on renko=3 ticks?

  16. Super helpful! Especially incorporating the Lagging Line (which I never really understood).

    Question: you say don't change the default input values (9, 26, 52, 26). However, I've heard from others these values work best as (20, 60, 120, 30) which apparently is called a "double cloud." Thoughts? Have I been misinformed?

  17. i’m on the go so I trade from my phone and the ichimoku indicator doesn’t give the displacement option just conversion base line and lagging span any suggestions on how I can still use this strategy

  18. Thanks for the great video
    Please upload in 1080p and try to increase the volume

  19. Thanks a lot for your knowledgeable and honest insight into great, but still underrated trading tool! ALL THE BEST!!!

  20. Thank you so much, you made everything easier to understand, god bless you.

  21. if you do this on your phone or even your computer, is this an " instant execution" type of trade? or can you predict for example a sell stop, buy stop etc…

  22. Awesome info but you should have shown where to place the stop loss and Take profit would have been amazing👏👏👏

  23. good video!
    but with which timeframe do you study the graphs to find the signals?

    h4? h1 ?

    or the study is valid for all time frames


    good job

  24. Mr Reid Hoffman is an awesome trader and has the most accurate signals, I appreciate all the hard work he puts in to acquire maximum wins in all his trades

  25. Where is the advanced part? IMHO this is just an introduction 😒

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  28. Thanks a lot for your contribution. Very clear and easy to follow.Do you know if there is an EA with this rules?

  29. Really happy I came across this video. Thanks a bunch. Helped me understand how to use the lagging span more effectively

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  31. Thanks John, you made it simple but full of goodies. Any ideas on using the system for stop loss positions?

  32. So here is my confusion/question. I like to do top down analysis of price to get the longer pic of the trend. Lets say on the Daily, price is retracing/correcting upwards in a downtrend. Say price is somewhere between the conversion line and edge of the cloud on the Daily. But if you go down to a lower TF (say below the 4 hour), price may be actually showing above the cloud and in an uptrend. While I realize that uptrend is actually most likely a correction to the downtrend, would you consider taking the long if the conditions are met on the lower TF even though the Daily is in a downtrend or should I wait for the downtrend to continue on the Daily? No one seems to address that issue. You even run into that in the last minute of the video while looking at different time frames.

  33. How the hell is this “Advanced” ichimoku trading? This is like Ichimoku for dummies created for and by a 10 year old

  34. Very helpful … thanks dood

    I think taht if laggeing span setting were changed to be below 26 it may give better setups ..cuz nowadays we are trading 22 days a month ..
    So might be a good approach
    I will do my own review ,reset & testing
    Thanks again

  35. You made Ichimoku strategy easy by listing the Long and Short rules. Thx.

  36. Very very helpful! Thank you I have a much better understanding on it now

  37. Thank you. Great teaching, excellent delivery and clear explanation. I need a 2nd and 3rd listening and practice to succeed with the Ichimoku. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Finally, I found a video that shows me how to use Ichimoku. Thank you very much

  39. Do you only set the trade as all indicators follow the rules or if you look at a chart and the 4 rules have already been met a week earlier can you still make the trade.

  40. Best Ichimoku explanation with examples I have found. May I ask if it is reliable for commodities on lower time frames, where the volume changes over time greatly? Thanks.

  41. I have paid a lifetime membership for your service but i have not recieved any signal in months. You havent answered any messages but i see you are active here? I know every trade is not a winner, which you have had a very large loss rate, which doesnt really bother me because i call my own trades anyway. But just the fact you dont answer any messages and send no signals after spending over $200. Whether you you know what you are doing or not i should recieve what i pay for

  42. Great video!! Hit all the right and key points!! I was debating on adding it to my algorithm and this video sealed it!

  43. Finding a demo like you have in this video? – First off thanks for posting this – i found it very informative! I found out from Questrade that they don't offer the time laps feature in their demo platform. I would like to practice what you are showing here in a demo that allows me to stop/pause/play – so that i don't have the time pressure to make my decisions. Can you point me in the right direction?


  44. At 22:18
    I don't understand what the lagging span shows weakening signal?
    Because the line is pointing downward? Or the cloud below the lagging span is red, thus even the lagging span is above the cloud, it does not give a bullish signal?

    Thank you

  45. Good Video @Forexlens
    A lot of people seem to take one look at the ichmoko and run. They think it’s so complicated, but it’s Not! It’s very easy to understand & implement, if they take the time to learn it & use it. Thanks again 👍✅🎯

  46. Sir, I've been trying to learn a working trade strategy for a whole damn week. This one video cleared the Ichimoku usage for me. I'll use this and start my 2-month demo training right away. Thanks!

    Here's what the others didn't tell me
    1) Clear checklist-style rules for long and short (or at least a list this short). Even my own list compilations had about 7.
    2) Which charts are most suitable for Ichimoku.
    3) Cloud ahead (either I wasn't paying attention or this is the first time I've heard it)
    4) Detailed implications of the lagging span locations.

    Thanks again, I'm going swing trading on the 4H chart!

  47. When trading with Advanced Ichimuko chart patterns, the smallest details make the difference. In this case, while it seems unusual for price not to pierce the trendlines, that’s what makes such triangles powerful.
    This feature matters because the resulting price action forms a pattern. First, the price breaks the triangle. Second, there is NO retesting.It might take a while, but eventually you can beat it. Trading is the same way in many respects. To learn more i highly recommend you visit google and make research on IQD Momentum Strategy by *LUKASZ WILHELM*.

  48. Nothing as mentioned advanced …. change the topic to learning of indicator … so people would never waste their 25 mins time

  49. wonderful ⚡️ i was waiting forvthis & searching for long2 time i love ichimoku trading & noe i know the importance of chikou span the lagging span , thank u very very much

  50. I have seen tons of videos for strategy but no one has explained it so clearly thank you very much it's great

  51. Very well articulated. I trade IKH successfully. Very similar to my strategy but I use CS slightly differently. One of the best IKH videos out there! Well done! Keep the IKH videos coming!

  52. This is not an advanced Ichimoku strategy! This is misleading to new Ichimoku traders! This is basic Ichimoku. Advanced Ichimoku has nothing to do with the 5 lines on the chart but instead time, wave and observation, that would be advanced Ichimoku.

  53. just watched your video , really good content 😀 A little detail to add is that ichimoku numbers for the cloud settings are based on numerology like gann did and not based on the trading days like many peoples outside of japan think .

  54. Really great video, although I dont know much about ichimoku trading strategy, I have been able to thrive on my tradings thanks to Expertjoefx on telegram.

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