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Hello Cosmic Souls In this section of books I will tell you and give my opinion about the book of “Twin Souls” by Deepak Chopra The book is a suggestion of Joan (subscriber) who in a comment said he recommended this book. About the author … I already made a recommendation to another book of him, which is the book of the 7 spiritual laws If you have not read or seen the video, I leave a link to that video. This book is a 2002 novel I have it in digital version and it is an easy book to find and get It is in several languages, so I don’t think they have a problem being able to read it, if they haven’t read it yet. the theme is the Twin Souls and Love what do you think? you who think about soulmates ?, exist ?, we all have one? Or do we have more than one? what is your opinion about it? Let me down in the comments you think … or if you are one of the lucky ones who have already found your Soulmate … tell me how was that moment or how is it today? The book itself tells us about what Souls are and how everyone, like Cosmic Souls we are, what we want is to be seen. and that the force, which is more than a floating feeling, the most powerful force and that unites us all in this, in other lives, and across all lives, times and dimensions, It is LOVE, it is the most powerful force … and nothing can destroy it, and it is not a simple emotion, or a crush … It is strength if it is Love and it feels. It is really a very beautiful novel, which puts you to reflect and that also reminds you of the strength that LOVE has in us, in our lives and the reason why you sometimes we decided to be born, and how we too are not a single soul, floating for life that we have a great team that are our Twin Souls that they have not seen through lives. And that we are not just our beliefs, and thoughts, that there is something behind it, something more than the Ego, that I also leave here a link to the video of the Ego, if you have not seen it yet. There is something behind all that there is a stronger and more powerful light and it is our soul and it is love I invite you to read this book, if you have not read it yet and thank you very much to Joan for recommending this book, also if you want to recommend some other book to read together, we leave here in the comments more book suggestions for this section and it really is a very enjoyable book to read and to reflect and reminds us that we all want to be seen as Souls and we all deserve to be seen, and we all deserve love, I particularly believe that we all have more than one Soulmate and we deserve to find her, and many times we find it but we pass by, precisely because of barriers that we create and we do not take the opportunity to see that Soul, beyond physical appearance o what… We see beyond beliefs, fears, diseases, see the Soul as it is. It really is a beautiful, bright, hopeful novel despite the conflicts that the characters go through And that is how our life is. Our life is not completely beautiful, perfect, or completely negative, our life is … life is a rhythm and it’s a game, and you have to enjoy that game, and above all remember that the most important law, and the most important force in this game and in everything, It is Love, and we all deserve that Love and be seen And find, meet that Soulmate, I hope that if you have not read it, you will read it, and if you have already read it, leave me your opinion in the comments If you liked this video I invite you to like it If you have not subscribed to the channel, and consider that what it offers is useful, I invite you to subscribe and activate the notification bell, it’s totally free … Let me in the comments more suggestions of books … and tell me you believe in the Twin Souls? Are there soulmates? Or do you think that Love works in another way and we don’t have that special Love? I invite you to reflect on the subject, are there or do not exist the Soulmates? Be careful … I do not mean a half orange, because we are already complete It doesn’t come to complete you, nor to complete us, it is a very different and very powerful force and energy, and it is the force that Love has … Anyway … Thanks and until the next video .. Cosmic Souls.

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