Americans Get Henna For The First Time

– (gasps) Holy (bleep), I didn’t know
what we were doing today. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Monica Patel and I’ll
be practising henna artwork on a few of Buzzfeed employees here. Henna use originates from Pakistan, India, Middle East and Egypt,
but actually is used for weddings, special
religious occasions, birthdays and things of that sort. Although henna is used
in the Indian culture, it can be used by anyone and I’m excited to show this with everyone here. – I didn’t know, going into
this, what this was going to be. The only henna I’ve seen is
just like on the boardwalk, just like little designs of like a sun. – [Monica] Traditional henna
is more detailed and intricate. Westernized henna is more simple. Is there anything specific
that you had in mind? – I think it’d be cool to just have you do whatever you feel like doing. – You just make it up? We’re just going for it?
– Yup. – If I could get it on my back. – Sure, yeah. We can do that. – It smells really good. – You would’ve think I
would’ve gotten a henna tattoo before a real tattoo. – [Monica] How do you like it so far? – This is nice. It’s really relaxing. – Feels like somebody”s
decorating me like a cake. But, I kind of feel like I
should’ve shaved my arms. – It would be cool if this became more wide-spread though. – Is westernized henna
almost like disrespectful? – [Monica] No, it’s not. It’s not. Henna is used for a traditional
way in Indian culture, but it can be used by anybody. – [Blonde Woman] How
long does it last for? – [Monica] Depending on how often you wash your hands, it can last up to two weeks. – Well, I won’t wash my hands then. – [Monica] We’re mixing
water, sugar and lemon. What this does is it intensifies
the color of the stain. – It’s like when you have
a cut that crusts over, but I know that it’ll be worth the wait. Just the fact that I watched her do this, it makes me want it to
last as long as it can. – You wanna see it? – Yeah.
(laughs) Ah! Oh, my god. (laughs) Oh, my god. I love it. – Oh, fun. I’m glad you do. (laughs) – This is like the coolest
thing that’s ever happened to me, maybe. (laughs) I’m not even joking. It’s so awesome. It’s so beautiful. I don’t even know what to say right now. – Even though this
design is just on my arm, I think there’s something
about taking the time to do all of this for
yourself that will make you feel just intrinsically
more beautiful in your entirety. I’m really happy with how it looks. I used to think this was for
only a particular religion, but I’m really glad to know
that it’s for everybody. – I was able to kind of start
new dialogues with people. I learned that it’s something
that’s really inclusive. – I think it’s really fun to
learn about other cultures and experience them and
find out about new things that you had no idea
existed and had no idea that millions of people did all the time. For me, it’s this fun new
thing that I got to experience. It was really special to
be able to try that out.

100 thoughts on “Americans Get Henna For The First Time

  1. I love henna it's so much fun but on eid when I get it if always gets ruined!

  2. Oh it is used in wedding I love henna on pakistan and India it is known as mehndi
    As much time u don't wash the real black henna the other colour will be nice

  3. The heena wasnt of good quality that's why the colours came out to be dull

  4. Ew.. she put it so disgustingly.I could have put it more good.Well i am an Indian

  5. Just saying I would use henna specifically on special occasions we have a henna party for a reason

  6. I love putting on henna the designs are so cool and it feel good on ur skin cause it's cold and the designs are amazing

  7. Gives me memories of my neighbour climbing my fence and we would sit in the cubby house and she gave me a henna tattoo!

  8. Wonderful 👏👏
    Hey friends
    👈please visit Kirti's Mehndi Designs Channel and subscribe to this 🙏☺

  9. Indians are always stealing stuff from the Arabs , like it can be anything ( belly dancing , henna …) l-😑

  10. You just have to keep it for 30 mins. & Just squeeze some lemon juice on it then wash it. It looks amazing 💗

  11. Henna is mostly used in Arab ,afghan weddings and mehendi is used a lot in Pakistan and Indian weddings but they’re the same

  12. lol i washed my Mehendi after 30 mins and it still came out darker than theirs! maybe the quality wasnt that good

  13. I got my first henna at my cousin's wedding when I was 3. I went and smashed my hands against the wall while it was wet 😂😂😂

    The imprints are still on the wall to this day 🤣

  14. Boys apply henna but the that particular design is for girls, so yeah………………………………………

    Very weird.

  15. very nice ☺but I saw Sudanese henna designs and I think it is way more beautiful than indean

  16. I’m American and where I used to live there would be places to get henna all over the place

  17. It's not only done on occasions. You can get it applied whenever you want. Also while Henna and Mehendi are the same thing, the designs are entirely different.

  18. Henna is a big part of traditions for Arabic people, and Indian people

  19. Why does everyone say that Henna is usually for Desis???? Arabs do henna too uk???

  20. It’s my sisters mehendi tomorrow I’m so excited yay

  21. It's not just an Indian thing it's also used a LOT in Pakistan also mainly in weddings and before a wedding it's basically a part of our culture for a brid to wear it and so do a lot of people attending the occasion😊💖

    Just wanted to make it clear😊💖

  22. So one time I had got a henna and a few days later, I found a little piece of what looked like chocolate. So I ate it….

  23. I think henna tattoo (mehandi) is a way more better choice than permanent tattoos.

  24. I love hena putting it on and the design I'm Afghan by the way

  25. My mom said henna is for girls. Is that true because I really hope not and if this was mentioned in the vid, my dad was near me talking to me mum

  26. Hey guess what

    Henna is dangerous be careful people also black henna is the worst

  27. You are only supposed to apply henna at your hands and feet

  28. Well in my country this thing comes in different colour such as white and black
    I have tried it before and it looked gorgeous as heck

  29. My friends are pro in henna well we call it mehendi and eid is coming soon and im very exited for henna and im from india 🤗

  30. The fact that she is professional henna artist and can't do the triangle right, hmmm
    Im like 'oooookayy'. That's cool 😅🤣

  31. I LOVE THEIR REACTIONS ed is tomorrow and today I'm GETTING hennah on my hand too so I decided to watch these vids!

  32. Well most people here (Pakistan) do mehandi or henna in Eid its super fun 😁

  33. I mean I am 11 and my cousins is from Pakistan she did it for me my was like a suntset but with flowers

  34. Salam alechum! (idk if I spelled that correct) I do this at weddings all the time for my little cousins!

  35. How to make any videos related to India? Get some slow speaking Indians, make them talk and start playing sitar and tabla in the background. And then you will be left with a beat like dudumm dudumm in your ear for the rest of the day with flute playing in the background

  36. I love putting henna on Eid in my country it's called Mehendi and Especially on like few days before the wedding the bride puts on Henna!!

  37. Henna is gorgeous, and about to get it soon. And BTW most of these comments are just warming my heart ❤️

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