Anthony Davis on Lakers Trade, LeBron James & Space Jam

100 thoughts on “Anthony Davis on Lakers Trade, LeBron James & Space Jam

  1. Anthony Davis got tattoos too and Lebron's tattoos are excessive. Tattoos are cancerous it's not healthy and wounding yourself to get tattoos is bad really bad we should always take care of our body. Please stop putting tattoos on your bodies so that people won't think that your like a Gansta or villain

  2. Clippers and Lakers share the same stadium…. so JV starts at 5:30 and you showtime varsity lakers start at 7:30. You are welcome

  3. This dude is a chomp! He ran to L.A. to feel important! What a punk move. It's not even about a title, he just wanted to play in a big market! Listen up. Chicago wasn't nothing before MJ!

  4. If he doesn’t like the pelicans why does he have a tattoo of on flying on his forehead

  5. Damn thought he was going to sound like a dumb 1 eyed bloke, thinking in my head that his physical athletism gotta have a catch. But, he's way more sophisticated than most, including myself.

  6. Nba gon be fire.

  7. Good luck AD thanks for the 7 years in da N.O ….chop wood

  8. Before being a laker, LaVar Ball has more followers than AD. Crazy how being in LA makes you popular.

  9. Eventhough Lakers is becoming a super team but they still not gonna win championships mark my word..

  10. Davis is awesome, Kimmel is in a booster seat for this interview apparently.

  11. Hate to say it, he will not work with the Lakers..
    I'm clairvoyant and he's not it at all….
    He's big, but he's weak.
    He doesn't have a championship in him.

  12. Jimmy Kimmel trying creat a new thing like the PG13 one 😂😂 80 is good if he chooses it

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  14. If AD wins a Championship with the Lakers..His statue would be side by side with Lakers Big Greats Jabbar n Shaq!

  15. Gotta win first. AD one of my favorite players in the league but they gotta win.

  16. I’m a pelicans fan, and I respect AD and have no hate for him. Yet, how come he hasn’t said anything about the pelicans on Instagram or anything like that.

  17. I still think that Anthony Davis could dress up like Ceasar Romero’s Joker from 60s and 70s Batman. His smile is just that wide.

  18. Expectation: "its gonna be a battle", reality: everyone is either injured or in load management

  19. Anthony Davis Is Going To Be Great For The Lakers…I See Nothing But Tremendous Success For As Long As He Is There!

  20. Thank God he’s out of NOLA…. LAs so happy he’s there they gonna be sad when he’s hurt 3/4 of the season lol

  21. There’s 23k likes currently! Jesus! Praise God for this brother man. He has a good spirit.

  22. "Oh I dunno about 80… that's too big of a number it probably wouldn't fit on a jersey or something…."


  23. Last time they got a big man superstar it was Howard …. yeah…

  24. Anthony Davis looking soo happy, Ive never heard him talk this much in his whole carrer, Im happy for him!

  25. Davis may start the season as the best player on the Lakers. He’s that good. I don’t think fans have any legit reasons to complain about the owners or the management. They’ve pulled off Lebron and then snagged the 2nd biggest move in the offseason.

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  27. Just imagine if Anthony Davis just played the best chess move on basketball ever …..

    1. He knows he will be a free agent after this year

    2. He Ask for a trade…

    3. Gets traded to Lakers for lonzo ball, Ingram, josh hart and 3 or more first round picks …

    4. Knows the pelicans have the Number 1 pick and draft Zion Williams …

    5. After trade is done he doesn't resign a long term deal with the Lakers and will still become free agent next year ….

    6. Still could win a ring with LeBron and the Lakers in 1 year or if they fail he leaves the Lakers…

    7. He can go back to new Orleans And have
    Anthony Davis
    Zion Williams
    lonzo ball
    Brandon Ingram
    josh hart
    J.J redick and a lot of 1st round picks from the Lakers …

    8. Or he can go to a new team like the clippers with kawhi Leonard and Paul George …

    9. He can sign with Houston with James harden and Russel Westbrook …

    10. He can sign with the nets with Durant and kyrie Irving and Durant would be coming back next year healthy …

    11. He can sign with the warriors and play center and have a lineup of

    PG- Curry
    SG- D-LO
    SF- Thompson
    PF- Green
    C- Anthony Davis
    And the warriors trade D-Lo for a few young players or Draft picks

    And the dynasty is not over but just beginning ..

    Which option do you thing he will choose ???
    comment with the number you thing he will do or if you think he will do something different like go to the Knicks and start his own team…. or go to Boston or Philly or to Miami with jimmy butler ???

  28. I played 2k with ad he trash asf. Cnt make a wide open jumpshot headass boy😒

  29. Let me get this straight, everyone is talking oh how is unfair for the warriors ruin basketball, now but now the Lakers are trying to pickup everybody and their mamas…

  30. Laker fans complaining about trading Lonzo, Ingram, Hart, and a bunch of meaningless picks for this guy! Crazy!?!!
    Those are players that MIGHT be good. Davis is a once in a generation type of player. Can't wait for the season to start. Early August & I'm going through Laker basketball withdrawals! Need my Lakers!

  31. Damn Lebron texted AD "we finally got u" that's very disrespectful to Lonzo and Ingram😂

  32. Lebron is going to win his 4th title and AD 1st if healthy if they make the NBA Finals 🏆🏀

  33. Sorry that your a SORE LOSER… NOLA DOSENT MISS YOU! Win or Lose, we dont need players like you. Goodluck bending over to take Jabron Lame's black mamba hahah!

  34. Anthony Davis sounds like Kermit the frog and Ray Romano had a kid and was given speech therapy by Aiden English.

  35. Has anyone seen beetlejuice? THis guy looks like the dude with the small head at the end of the movie,

  36. LeBron and at Anthony Davis are good show off type of players, they can make a good run. But they are not tough players. They seem like players that get to the spot and the Gang become easy to them. But when it's time to buckle down and box other teammates out to me they don't do that well. Even though they share the ball Easley but sometimes let's be a hard player and I don't think Anthony Davis or LeBron James it's that type of player I believe the Clippers will easy win over the Lakers.

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