Apparel Design and Merchandising: Generation Next

Hi, we are the students of Seattle Pacific University’s Apparel Design and Merchandising program. And we are excited to invite you to our 2016 Annual Professional Showcase Generation Next We are the “Generation Next” because of our determination to transform the fashion industry through hard work, innovative solutions, and our commitment to “Engage the Culture and Change the World”. Being a student of Seattle Pacific University has prepared us to be successful as we transition into our corporate roles. Some of the most valuable lessons we have learned are: Number one, be resourceful. When I am lost and don’t always know the answer, I know how to find a solution. Two, add value, take advantage of every possible opportunity to make an organization better. You never know what idea will be a solution to an ongoing challenge. Number three, be a team player. Difficult group dynamics can be handled with grace, understanding, and staying focused on the objectives of the task so synergy is achieved. Four, have high standards. Mediocrity is a stumbling block to success. So, do not shy away from rigorous tasks. Just exceed expectations. Number five, be resilient. While making mistakes is disappointing, it is often times the fastest way to learn. Take ownership and focus on your future successes There are so many other valuable lessons we have learned throughout our time here at SPU from our Professors, the curriculum, and internship that we are excited to share with you. So, we invite you to come out to Upper Gwinn on Tuesday, June 7th, from 4 to 7 pm. To hear our academic journeys, future aspirations, and how we intend to be the “Generation Next” for your esteemed corporation.

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