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Music playing ♪ [WAVES CRASHING] On this particular day,
I finally got up, and I was flying
above the water. I got quite a ways out there and it ended
in a spectacular crash. I’m trying to figure out
why it would make sense for a thirteen-year-old
to need a watch like this. Jim’s like, this is going
to give him an edge in being able to train
and get ready for his sports. I was on my way home
with my son Parker. At the time he was
nine months old. There was one morning I had
these incredible heart pains, and I was short of breath, and we were walking
up this hill. My watch just kept dinging
at me, and it was like, “You have
an elevated heart rate. What’s going on?” I’m like, “I’m just walking,”
you know? That heart rate alert just kept
going off, off, and off, and I was like, “OK. This isn’t normal,”
you know? [LAUGHS] I was probably
about a mile offshore. This kite is, you know,
bobbing underwater, and the lines are underwater, and it’s all wrapped
around the fin. So I sort of swallowed my pride
and began to gather my gear to do what’s called
a self-rescue. ♪ Jim had come downstairs
and told me that, you know, “Hey, Dad. This is really
weird, but look at my watch. It’s showing my heart rate
is 150 beats per minute.” So we called his doctor. She said, “You need to just
take him to the hospital.” We were stopped at a red light. Out of nowhere,
completely blindsided, Parker and I got hit
by a drunk driver going 62 miles an hour. I go get the scan,
and sure enough, they find a bunch of clots
in my left lung. And they rush me out
of there immediately. They’re like,
“Stay put. Don’t move.” Like… [LAUGHS] “These things can dislodge
at any second.” I kept swimming,
and I kept swimming, and it didn’t seem like
I got any closer. And I looked at my watch
and thought, “Wow, I’m going
to try this out.” I hadn’t even tried
a call from the water. Called my son. He was able to text me
the number for the rescue boat. It was weird, they just started
filling the room. So I go from having two nurses
and a cardiologist and the attending emergency room
doctor in there to suddenly more and more people
are getting in there. By this point, his heart rate
was just going 175, 180 beats per minute, and it’s just steadily
staying there. The only thing that I could
comprehend was sound. And in that moment, I grabbed
down and I felt my wrist, and I felt my watch. And I immediately said,
“Siri, call 911.” The ambulance was able
to ping where I was at, and the police officer was able
to hand us over to the medical team. [EXHALES] Yeah, so when I found out
that I had the clots, my entire life flashed
in front of my eyes. The main doctor
at the ER was like, “If you waited a couple days, you probably would
not have made it.” They were getting ready
to push another medication, and then the cardiologist
comes in there. He looked at me,
he says, “I just want you to be prepared, if this does not work,
you’re going to be airlifted.” And it just kind of hit me
how serious this was. Everybody in that room
was just quiet, I mean, just watching that
monitor, all staring at it. And then all of a sudden,
it… [CRYING] …it came down. And he was —
he was OK. The Apple Watch enabled me
to take control of my situation, whereas previously,
I wasn’t able to do that. It saved my life,
it saved Parker’s life. That was hard,
the idea that I almost lost him makes me appreciate him
a little bit more. ♪

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